The infamous ‘Gayne Wetsky’

A new beginning...
Five years ago, four friends decided to make music together and a special bond was formed.  Out of its wake came the band that you have come to know and love as Honor Society.  These men have become brothers, confidants and individuals that I will cherish in my life forever.  The exhilarating ride that took us from rehearsing in our basements to playing stadiums has been nothing short of a fairy tale come true.  I will forever cherish the memories we made, people we have met and art we have created.  

I have decided to move on from Honor Society.  While my departure from the band is a redefining moment in my life, I have nothing in my heart but love for the past and excitement for the future.  I have learned that life is short and taking chances is what makes us feel alive.  And with this in mind, it is my deepest honor to introduce you to the new chapter in my book: Smoke Season.  I invite you to join us at smokeseason.com to learn more about the art, the story and what we have in store.  Most importantly, I’m proud to present you with a free download of our debut single, Soleil at soundcloud.com/smoke-season/soleil.  Feel free to share, send and comment to whomever you like.  It is my gift to you.

I want to thank all of you for coming along with me on this journey.  The Honor Society guys and I are so lucky and continuously grateful to have our loyal, supportive and dedicated fans.  Your continued support for the gentlemen (after dark) of Honor Society and new support of Smoke Season mean the absolute world to me.  I hope that you find that your family of favorite bands just got a little bigger. It is my priority to make you proud as fans and continue bringing beautiful music into the world.

Jason Rosen 



…it’ll be on the new EP, hitting iTunes September 18th.


Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to pay attention.

Different photographs, music, people, (anything really) has the potential to give us a feeling that can inspire songs or new musical directions. In the case of A TALE OF RISKY BUSINESS PART 2 there was an image I came across early in the demo-ing phase that really hit me.

A had seen a picture of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss from when they were dating in the early 90’s and just thought how beautiful and cool she looked. She was really in her prime. That led me to another picture of her taken by famous photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. The photo was incredible. A little bit past her prime, probably heavy into drugs at the time, with a hint of Marilyn Monroe or Madonna. The way it was framed made you wonder what else was going on outside the frame. Just a brilliant photo. Without romanticizing it, it really was an inspiration for the style and vibe of some of the songs on the record.

In a creative meeting with the guys, discussing album title and artwork, we started discussing the Kate Moss picture and how provocative it was. We couldn’t stop staring at it. It was in that meeting one of us suggested to effect the image to take it to another level (keep in mind we knew full well were probably not going to be able to retain the rights to the photo without paying a huge amount of money, BUT were going with the inspiration and had our lawyers looking into it). The suggestion was the black bar over her eyes and “HONOR SOCIETY” in the bar. Ahhhhh yes. The image was now perfect. The album had artwork and a tile: “KATE MOSS”.  As certain realities set in, like the HUGE amount of money it actually WOULD have taken to retain the use of the photo, we had to go back to the drawing board. We did agree though that there was no photograph better than that one of Kate, dear Kate. Which is what brought us to the pink and black motif (that we also love) and the continuation title of the A TALE OF RISKY BUSINESS series, but that’s another story for another blog. -MB 1.16.12 Los Angeles


About 2 years ago for my birthday at the peak of my HS obsession I got this drum head as a gift. As years passed I never really did anything with it. It just kind of sat around. It has been in my closet for the past year and a half so I though why not give it away to someone who would love it. It is not in perfect condition. Some of the white paint they put on it has chipped,but not very bad at all. I will use a random number generator to choose the winner is!

Here are the rules:

  1. 10 reblogs and 1 like per person (yes I will check)
  2. I will only ship to the USA (if you really want it and you are not in the USA message me and we will talk)
  3. You just have your ask box open (that is how I will inform you that you have won) If you do not answer within 5 days I will pick another winner
  4. You do not have to be following me.
  5. I will pick the winner on Feb.9th
  6. Good luck

If you have any questions just message me. My ask box is always open and I will try to answer all the questions as soon as possible! :) Thanks guys!

Just a hint guys! When I try to win give aways that only have a cretin number of reblogs for entry I try spacing it out over the time of the contest! Just a hint from me to you! :)!


Before you skim through this, this is not just another reminder to keep voting. Please continue reading….

I feel that some people have just given up on this contest (not accusing). One thing is if you know or forgot to vote one day, know you could ask someone and of course me to use your email and cast in your votes. Honor Society hasn’t moved since the top 5 was announced. Frankly the only ones that have moved are Megan & Liz and the 7 idk whats. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this whole thing is sketchy. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about try looking at the acts number of twitter followers, that’s just a hunch for me. But that doesn’t mean we can give up now. We’ve already gotten them this far so why stop now? Even if we can’t get them to number one, don’t you at least want to say “hey I tried.” Even if one email, 25 votes, is all you can do per day that’s 25 more than they had before. 

This could be something really big. It IS something really big. We all have our own stories as to why we love Honor Society, why they are important to us. What do they mean to you? What impact have they had on your life? Think about the answers to those questions and you should understand how amazing this opportunity is for them as a band. They do so much for us as fans, sometimes I even think too much. The free music, the funny videos, tweeting back fans all day, facebooking, formspring, constantly recording new music, begging to perform no matter the size of the crowd, all the live chats and so much more. ALL of those have brought us together near and far. They have said countless times that this contest is FOR US. We all know of course they want to win but they’ve said numerous times since this started “this contest would be such a big win for OUR FANS.” That’s us. They do so much for us. I’ve personally been in positions where they’ve wanted to stay somewhere longer or never want to leave. That’s passion for us. I don’t even care how sappy I’m making all this sound because it is all true. They don’t have to do live chats, they don’t have to answer our funny questions or funny replies, but they do! This family is so big and important and I don’t know what I’d do without everyone I’ve met since I’ve met those guys. 

So here’s what’s going down, we’re going to have a massive voting spree this Thursday 5/10/12. Yes in reference to Thursdays With Honor Society, but this is going to be Thursday FOR Honor Society. I think a good time would be 4:00pm PST/7:00pm EST. When we’ll all just vote at that time nonstop and see if we can bump them ahead. If that time is inconvenient for you, PLEASE try and see if you can just vote for an hour or so nonstop. BUT also try and get as many votes in this whole week. Sunday is the last day. Hopefully this mission will cause an impact with the standings, but we ALL have to participate. Spread this around. ReTweet, reblog, facebook, even fancorps. Get as many emails as you can and let people know what’s going on. Do whatever it takes because I’m at that point. WE CAN DO THIS!

Just know that no matter what happens we’re still not going anywhere. The guys aren’t going to be mad at us and we shouldn’t be discouraged. Getting them in to the top 5 was is a huge accomplishment. We’re still going to love them and they’re still going to do what they do best.

Any questions, just ask me on tumblr, twitter, my personal twitter

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