• What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Do you ever think about how Ariana chose to sing “Getting Out” out of all of Jason Robert Brown’s songs at his concert in front of all these Broadway people who probably think of her as a superficial pop artist? A song about how nobody is actually talented or making good music anymore, but at least they’re pretty and rich and nobody complains that the music sucks because at least it’s entertaining? That means that either she is aware that the audience may consider her one of these pop stars who sold their soul for fame and that’s why she is choosing to sing this song as a sort of “in your face” gesture of confidence and self-awareness, or she genuinely doesn’t realize that some people lump her in that category and is naive to that fact, as she sings her heart out to a song she has no idea could be interpreted to be about her. What is it? What does she know that we don't?

02. 24. Ariana Grande - Jason’s Song (Gave It Away) [Live at Dangerous Woman Tour]

By: Lilla


Jeremy Jordan singing ‘How Can I Call This Home’ from the Parade Concert at Lincoln Center


“I thought today wasn’t going to go over very well, and then I realized that I could do this show because I felt the exact same way every single night of performing it as I felt tonight…which is absolute and complete gratitude; and I will never feel any other way, and I have never worked with more sincere, uncynical, beautifully talented people in my entire life and I don’t know that I will again.“ - Kelli O'Hara’s closing night speech for The Bridges of Madison County


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