Finally some new Jason Reeves music. He’s just now in a band with his wife, Nelly Joy. High Dive Heart - Vintage .

If time was moving backwards
The smoke would turn to trees
And ice would melt from water
And rivers run from seas

The fall would follow winter
And summer would turn to spring
And you’d be back with me

If I’d paid more attention
Heard every word you said
If I thought about you more
And me a little less

And if I would have noticed
The things I didn’t see
Then you’d be back with me

Back in these arms
That are empty without you
Back in my world
That revolved around you
Tears run back to my eyes
And rain would fall up to the sky

Hearts Are Magnets
Jason Reeves
Hearts Are Magnets

Day #35 -;;

Hearts Are Magnets - Jason Reeves

It’s not your fault I can never get you off my mind
But still you’re gonna have to pay for it
Because all I ever see is your smile
And it’s obvious that this is beyond both of us
Because hearts are magnets pulling us together
And out of nowhere our fingers turn to feathers
And all that I want is so simply
Just to see you when you wake up with no make up
And your sweatpants with your hair undone