OneNation by Jason Reeves

“ONENATION is a five-issue limited series featuring the hero Paragon, the first superhuman the world has ever seen, whose idealistic views of being a superhero and doing good for mankind is challenged when the reality of changing the world hits.

At first harkening in name, design and deed to the likes of Captain America or Superman, as the series progresses Paragon; along with a rising generation of superhumans called Keramats, find the trappings of being a superhero ill-fitting when it comes to his larger role of saving the world…from itself.”

Story: Alverne Ball / Art: Jason Reeves / Colors: Luis Guerrero 

On sale in digital & print at 133artcomicshop


Richard and I’s Christmas present to my mom

All she wanted was a cover of her favorite song

Perfectly by Chelsea Lee and Jason Reeves

You know, you know I need you
Nobody else could be you
I know I’m lost and crazy
But you are the one that saves me
Every wall I’ve built you’ve broken
Every door I closed you’ve open
You know, you know I need you
Nobody else could be you, no…

And I could never really run away
Cause you’re the heart I know I can’t replace…

—  Jason Reeves

Someone somewhere - Jason Reeves

maybe that someone’s me
maybe it’s meant to be lovers, strangers
sometimes bombs fall quietly
maybe it’s chemistry
maybe it’s hard to see that someone is the right one
I hope that someone is me