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THE BATS OF GOTHAM (for @aelin)

Starting today, we fight ideas with better ideas. The idea of crime with the idea of Batman. From today on, Batman will be everywhere it’s dark, no place to hide.

The “mutt” conversation from earlier.

Before anyone says I’m helping to “ruin his life” realize that I’m literally pointing out the exact words he said and how he said them. You can’t just say anything you want to say in the public eye and expect no one to to question it, or call it out.  If there are repercussions it won’t be because of me.

me: *takes a deep breath*
me: i lo-

anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you’re excited for Friday the 13th, we know, you’re so excited, he’s the light of your life, you love Friday the 13th so much, you just love Jason Vorhees, we KNOW, you love Jason you fucking love Jason ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE Jason. WE GET IT.

BBS Heathers AU

Okay, so me and a really close friend of mine @leajamjam have been working on a Heathers AU centered around the BBS Squad (with some other YouTubers thrown in there too ;~)) called “Screamers”. We even have a rendition of “Beautiful” done. I wanted to put it out there not only to help get some support, but also to ask if we should start an ask blog for it. I honestly want to know you guys opinions on the AU and whether you’d want to see an ask blog for it.

I’ll go ahead and just show you guys the cast here and then I’ll go:

Veronica Sawyer: Evan Vanoss (Vanoss)

JD (Jason Dean): JD (Jonathon Delirious) (H20 Delirious)

Heather Chandler: Tyler Wildcat (I Am Wildcat)

Heather Duke: Marcel Basically (BasicallyIDoWrk)

Heather McNamara: Craig Thompson (MiniLadd)

Martha Dunnstock: Brock Moosnuckel (Moosnuckel)

Kurt Kelly: Brian Terrorizer (Terrorizer)

Ram: Ohm Wrecker (Ohmwrecker)

Kurt’s Dad: Scotty (fourzeroseven)

Ram’s Dad: Smii7y

Miss Pauline Fleming: Mr. Bryce McQuaid (Bryce McQuaid)

There y’all go.


IT IS HERE!!! Please be sure to tag Mini and Jay on Twitter (now, as of March 6 2017 8pm PST) and put in the #AskMini tag!! I do hope they see this <3

I want to thank everyone (will be in a cut below) who joined this collaboration. It honestly put me to tears just creating this and I am so honored to have joined such a wonderful community to make this amazing video. 

And to Mini and Jay, we love you sooooo much <3333

And now, the thank you’s 

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