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Renee French’s latest release Baby Bjornstrand has scored a four star review at the Comics Bulletin.

“There’s a sense of menace here, but there’s also a sense of peace and joy, kids having fun, perhaps despite the obstacles that they face. Kids abide, after all, and part of the charm of French’s Bjornstrand is in the way that it feels like a child’s dream come alive in an oblique way.” — Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin

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Classic Comics Cavalcade: Foolbert Funnies

Classic Comics Cavalcade: Foolbert Funnies

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One of the most interesting cartoonists of the underground era is Frank Stack, a.k.a Foolbert Sturgeon. You may know his work as illustrator of Harvey Pekar’s Our Cancer Year, or from his underground comics classic The New Adventures of Jesus, and if you’ve read either book you’ve seen Stack’s rather unique drawing style. Foolbert-slash-Frank draws like nobody else in comics, in blobby abstract…

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Tiny Pages Made of Ashes 12/5/2014: Zombies, and the Horror of Ennui

Tiny Pages Made of Ashes 12/5/2014: Zombies, and the Horror of Ennui

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Tiny Pages Made of Ashes is Comics Bulletin’s small press review column

Cold Crew

(Patrick Dean)

Why aren’t there a bunch of comics that mash up crime and horror? It seems such a natural fit to insert zombies into a noir crime story where everything inevitably goes wrong.

Maybe I feel that idea sparks because I loved Patrick Dean’s wonderful Cold Crew, a thrilling crime-slash-zombie-slash noir…

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