It’s super important that we talk about all the reasons that Ezra should not have been involved in this film and the flawed rhetoric he consistently used to explain the film, but I think it’s pretty hilarious that people are using this as an excuse to pretend like the dceu projects he’s involved in aren’t exciting and groundbreaking in the genre. Like if you wanna skip them, whatever, you do you, but you’re gonna realize eventually that everyone is kind of a peice of shit in one way or another.

There are people who are literally mad at Cavill for asking a few honest questions about misogyny and racism in an interview one time, and an off-the-cuff remark Momoa made, and Gadot for being… born in Isreal?

I guess. If that’s what you want to do. I just wish I could get in a time machine and go back to tell my younger self that people are complicated and disappointing.

PSA: Let’s not give a flying fuck about haters of the DCCU and it’s actors. You love them, good for you. I know I do.

You hate them? Good for you, do you.

You have an opinion, everyone has opinions! Opinions aren’t facts hooray!


Even when the DC Fandom gets a break and actually gets to be happy and rejoice over something together, we always have those people who start extra fucking drama and ruin the mood.

What’s new.


So just ignore the hate. Don’t let it get to you. O and before I forget. Do some fucking research first before you rag on someone.

Just focus your attention on Batdad(dy😉) and his quest to make/adopt super friends/children in the upcoming Justice League movie.


And also focus your attention on AcidTripAquaMan™ pictured above.

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I don't know if it is whitewashing per se.. I think it was done as part of the design to make his tattoos stand out more. Although I think they should have done it in reverse and made the details darker instead of keep the details as color and lighten his skin.

I’m really frustrated by the response to this, and I feel too white to be having a discussion of what is and isn’t whitewashing, like maybe I’m gonna step where I don’t belong, but also…I just think this is so clearly whitewashing?

He’s whiter than one of the whitest men in the MCU, come on.

And given that Jason Momoa has talked about the fact that “there’s not too many brown superheroes” and he’s looking forward to “representing the Polynesians, the natives,” I think it’s something that we have to accept matters. Jason Momoa’s brown skin and Polynesian heritage matter (if nothing else, it matters to him), and when that’s erased from depictions of his Aquaman, that’s a problem.

Does Funko obviously work from a very limited palette of skintones? Yes. (That’s a problem they need to address, btw, a symptom of the larger problem here and not an excuse.) Were they thinking about making the detail of his tattoos stand out? I dunno, but very probably?

But the problem is the end result.

“Whitewashing” doesn’t mean making someone’s skin lighter with malevolent, thoughtful, racist intent. It means making someone’s skin lighter than it should be. The fact that it can be so easily done and so easily explained away (by white folks, anyways) is indicative of structural racism and colorism, of colorblind racism that fails to understand why brown superheroes matter, and of (mostly) white folks failing to understand why erasing brownness and blackness and color is a problem.

When people do it in art or in making figures like this, it’s usually about something design-y, or not thinking about how the end result would come out, or something that generally makes sense to them. It’s not about some person having evil in their heart and setting out to do something terrible, it’s about a system that favors lighter skintones in art (because it looks “better,” because the tattoos will stand out, because we can see more detail). Because artists are raised in the same culture as the rest of us, where this is all in the air, and where it’s easier to throw out those excuses than just do better at representing people.

But those reasons are all based in structural racism, and the excuses are all based on structural racism, and when we get official representations of people of color that are whitewashed, it helps feed into our larger cultural narratives that prize lighter skin as more attractive/better/etc. And a company like Funko, where there are presumably a lot of people who have a chance to veto a design, absolutely has no excuse for not catching something like this. 

tl;dr: Still whitewashing.

(Can someone tell me if I’m sticking my fucking foot in my mouth here, please?)

I don’t know what’s gonna happen in Aquaman, but in it’s inevitable sequel, I’m gonna need Keahu Kahuanui as Garth and Roman Reigns as Ocean Master. I’m also gonna need the cast both main and supportive and background with loads of coastal and islanders of varied skin tones.

Fair warning

Tomorrow is gonna be another Sebastian Stan day on my dash. The time has come once again to feature his beautiful visage for one and all. If you don’t wanna participate, I shall still worry for your life choices, but will still love you; just blacklist “sebstanday” and you should be good.