• Percy: But there's still a month left for Christmas.
  • Jason: Between the time it takes me to think of good gifts for all of you, to buy them, wrap them, not leak any spoilers, decorate, get into the festive mood, try and ignore the crippling fear of the upcoming year, and maintain a positive outlook on life, I NEED an extra month to prepare.
  • Nico: I'll help with the Christmas lights.

Re-reading Son of Neptune, and I’ve noticed that nobody seems to talk about Percy’s wolf stare–the one he learned from Lupa–which scared the shit out of local gang members. Even Percy’s look scare other people, and he radiated power and just. I always knew our dork in the PJO series was a powerful being.

Will: I may not be Spider-Man or Superman but guess what I can be?

Nico: What?

Will: Yourman


Annabeth: Piper and I are the best friends on this planet

Percy: Well that’s cute ‘cause Grover and I are the best friends in all of existence, which includes your little crummy planet

To the boys: What would be your ideal date?
  • Percy: A picnic on the beach, with Annabeth on my shoulder.
  • Jason: Sitting on a cliff, holding the hand of the most beautiful girl in the world, whilst we take in the view.
  • Percy: But how is that possible when she has her head on my shoulder?
  • Jason: Oh no, we aren't having this argument again.
  • Frank: Mine would be a hearty meal, followed by snuggling on the couch whilst watching... whatever it is Hazel wants to watch.
  • Nico: For me, I'd go with sitting in the field, with Will by my side.
  • Will: Aww... Nico I-
  • Nico: The field of punishment, that is. Whilst watching the brutal torture of dead souls, I sit with my ray of sunshine by my side, as the souls of the dead endure their eternal dismay... that, is my dream date.
  • Will: Or, just, I don't know, sitting on half-blood hill, watching the world go by... with me?
  • Nico: That sounds good too.
  • Leo: Well, for me, I would go to... Paris? Italy? I would take Calypso somewhere beautiful, maybe somewhere I haven't been either. Our options are almost limitless with a flying dragon.
  • Percy: That's nice.
  • Leo: *Dreamily* Yea... and we would sit there, somewhere... anywhere we wanted, together. Maybe I could even get her to sing... she has such a nice voice.
  • Percy: *Sighs* I know...
  • Leo: What?
  • Percy: I said, um... don't go all sappy on us.
  • Leo: Exactly... what about you, Grover?
  • Grover: Sitting by the fire in the wilderness with Juniper, doing ab-so-lute-ly nothing.
  • Octavian: What about me?
  • Jason: What? You don't even have a girlfriend, in fact, you're dead.
  • Luke: Do I get to give my input or...
  • Percy: Yea, we're cool.
  • Luke: Just one more day at half-blood, sitting at the hearth, all alone, with... her.
  • Leo: Who?
  • Percy: Shut up.
  • Tyson: What about me?
  • Jason: Go on.
  • Tyson: Smashing monsters with Ella encouraging me.
  • Percy: ... I can honestly say that that is probably a close second for most of us here.
  • Me: You’re so cute. Just so cute. *cup fictional character’s face with my hands* You must be protected at all costs.
  • Fictional character: ...I’m a trained assassin.

only 90’s kids will remember the days grover was considered percy’s bestfriend

so i’ve just seen a college student walk by carrying his little sister while she was telling him about her day at kindergarten and honestly? that’s gonna be percy