Okay, can I just say I fucking love Rick Riordan.

At first I may have been a little wary of Sam. I didn’t understand why she often took off her scarf or places her scarf on at different times because people I know don’t choose to take it off or on whenever they feel like it. I don’t wear a scarf. I chose that. People wear scarves/hijabs and they chose that. But then I understood - it’s kind of a gateway. It reminds her who she actually is.

Even though she knows the gods exists, she chooses still to believe in her religion, she still has faith. Rick Riordan has shown how religion can heavily impact someone, even if they are surrounded by people who don’t believe in religion! She keeps her scarf around her even if she doesn’t wear it all the time. It’s not about seeing to believe, even when here she has proof! It’s about faith and she has it. It doesn’t make her less of a Muslim.

“But they are no more than creations of Allah, the only god, just like you and I are.“ - Sam

This is why I love Rick Riordan. He is representing me. And many others. Just recently, I was wondering if we as Muslims believed in evolution. I was brought up to say no. No I don’t believe in it. But I gradually started to believe in it because science taught us in school and I FELT GUILTY. But I did some digging, and I don’t feel guilty anymore because I can say that it’s because Allah intended that to happen. Because he created us. He made this happen. This is what I believe. I just recently went through this before Hammer of Thor came out. This is what Sam believes and she is surrounded by Norse demigods!

Thank you Rick Riordan for taking a step forward and representing us.

I don’t know. A side quest where these three go undercover as young offenders in order to find an item/save someone. In which Percy and Leo are in their element as delinquents and Jason is struggling internally and cannot get into character to save his life.

Or maybe I just want a straight-up Holes AU.


jason: do u see me as a father figure, nico??
nico: i see you as a BOTHER figure ‘cause yOU’RE ALWAYS BOTHERING ME

this is honestly the dumbest thing i’ve ever doodled