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Could you do one where the seven find out about how powerful Percy is, like how he turned down being a god and helped Annabeth hold the sky? Like I would love to see that. I imagine them being in awe of both them, but like they mention it during a meeting like "immortality would make this a lot easier"

  • Everyone was gathered around, having breakfast for the first time after getting Annabeth and Percy back. They were trying to discuss what to do about the war ahead of them.
  • “Immortality would make this a lot easier.” Percy mumbled as Annabeth rubbed the back of his hand with her thumb.
  • “Immortality?” Piper asked. 
  • “Yeah. After the Titan war, the gods offered me the gift of immortality but I turned it down.”
  • “What? Why would you do that?” Leo asked then looked at Annabeth for a moment. “I mean, the gods thought you were worthy of immortality?” 
  • “Yeah.” Percy replied. “I mean I held up the sky and survived.”
  • “Holding up the sky?” Hazel asked. “You mean like the titan Atlas?”
  • “Yeah.” Percy replied. “I took it from Artemis after she took it from Annabeth.”
  • “And you didn’t die?” Leo asked in awe. “How heavy was it? How didn’t you die?”
  • “It was extremely heavy. Probably the weight of a hundred blue whales or so.” Annabeth replied. “There was so much strain that we both had matching gray streak in out hair.”
  • The other five were staring at the two of them in awe and slight fear. Percy and Annabeth were probably the two strongest demigods in the world. And Percy, with being offered immortality, was the most powerful demigod in the world.
  • Percy looked at everyone who was staring at him awe. He didn’t want everyone to be afraid of him. He just wanted to be friends.
  • “Let’s just figure out a plan.” Percy said, trying to get everyone to focus. “We can do this.”

I couldn’t resist. Also please watch Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Piper and Leo get their own playlists, too, so don’t worry.

Jason Grace //// Spotify Link

  1. Behind Blue Eyes / The Who
  2. Fly Away / Lenny Kravitz
  3. Duality / Bayside
  4. Memory / Sugarcult
  5. Paper Planes / M.I.A.
  6. Spirit in the Sky / Norman Greenbaum
  7. Degausser / Brand New
  8. Nothing Personal / Night Riots
  9. Damage / Fit For Rivals
  10. Again, Again and Again / Blaqk Audio
  11. Never Let You Go / Third Eye Blind
  12. Equal Rights / The Lonely Island
  13. Megalomaniac / Incubus
  14. Purple Haze / Jimi Hendrix
  15. Goody Two Shoes / Adam Ant
  16. Stylo / Gorillaz
  17. Aerials / System of a Down
  18. You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid / The Offspring
  19. I Want To Break Free / Queen
  20. Electric Eye / Judas Priest
  21. House of Wolves / My Chemical Romance
  22. All I Want / A Day To Remember
  23. Thunderstruck / AC/DC
  24. Electric Chapel / Lady Gaga
  25. I Still Remember / Bloc Party

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Ooh any headcanons about the big three kids?

Thalia - oh my goooood. I have a bigger crush on her then on Piper fucking McLean which is Saying Something. Homegirl is an expert at leading your local moon girls gang. Secretly the mom friend (courtesy of Jason age 1-3, and later due to finding a dirty Annabeth hiding in a moldy cardboard box) but is incredibly aggressive about. She finds out you haven’t eaten yet today? Will slam down a plate and glare at you until it’s basically licked clean. Has threatened her fellow Artemis girls into pulling out their winter boots weeks early. Has a crayon drawing down by the renowned artist Jason Grace. age 2 somewhere around the Zeus cabin (under one of the floorboards - it wasn’t a great reminder when she briefly lived there alone)

Jason - Such. a. goddamn. nerd. how the fuck did this loser score piper “babe” mclean?? science is still discussing. checks in on di Angelo once a week, has meetings with Solace about Nico’s slowly improving health. President of the di Angelo protection squad. Will sneak out of camp to get his girl a vegan-whatever-the-hell smoothie from the local jumba juice (around an two hour walk from camp, half hour fly) just because she’s craving it. breaks his glasses 2x a month, they have duplicates automatically shipped to camp now. Once saw an Ares kid bullying one of the new campers and Saw. Red. When he came to, he had bruised knuckles, Nico was laughing hysterically, and Will was checking the guys vitals. Dude was fine, but Nico retold the story for weeks and dude never messed with anyone again while Jason was around. 

Percy - oh my GOD. Percy fucking Jackson. Leans against walls to look cool but completely misses them. Tries to pick flowers for Annabeth and accidentally causes a passive-aggressive turf war with the local nymphs (and has to send Grover in with a peace present of soil enhancer packets Sally found for him) 10000% cried the first time he met his little sister. When she’s old enough, she’ll trace the many, many scars that adorn our boy and ask about them and he won’t hesitate to pull out the most elaborate, most creative heroic tales on how he got them (which….happen to be completely false. not because our boy isn’t a hero, hell no, but because sometimes you can’t explain some things to a child, much less to a child who looks at you with stars in her eyes when you hold up water bubbles during bath time. but dont worry - when she’s older, Annabeth will not hesitate to inform Percy’s family on how much of a hero our boy is) 

Nico - my bb. my son. getting better but still has his angst days where someone will whisk him off into the sunset. usually works but hey, sometimes you just need to sit in the dark for awhile, and he doesn’t even fight it anymore when Will will join him and nap or Jason will play on his DS or Hazel draws quietly in the corner or even Percy occasionally will just sit with him in the dark (because….yeah. after tartarus, sometimes you just need…..quiet. you need to hold you hands over your eyes and breath and listen to the sounds of a summer camp outside and just keep reminding yourself that you’re here, not there, and the coolness on your skin is from darkness and air conditioning and not from death). it’s…nice. knowing he’s not alone. knowing that Jason cursing over the bright screen of his game, or Hazel smiling softly as her pencil slides over paper, or Will’s soft snores and heavy breathing at his side, or just Percy’s quiet presence at his side, that this, that them isn’t something that’s going to disappear when he wakes up in a cold sweat tomorrow morning. 

Hazel - Jason may be the president of the di Angelo protection squad but Hazel’s the goddamn founder. Spends any & all free time in the stables, either just grooming or sometimes drawing the animals. Drags Percy in there to talk to them for her, because yeah, that’s still so cool. Frank brings her PBJs whenever she misses lunch in order to finish a drawing and she honestly thinks it’s the sweetest thing ever even if she doesn’t even like peanut butter that much, she beams while she eats the entire thing. Cries when it’s time to return to New Rome, makes Nico promise on bi-weekly messages (and Nico swears to teach her how to Iris-message even? though? it’s? literally? just? a? rainbow?) I have this weird thought that she really enjoys mood-changing colored nail polish idk


Holiday icons!!!

from top to bottom: Jason, Reyna, Will, Hazel, Leo, Percy, Nico, Annabeth, Piper and Frank

Multilingual Nico though
  • Like I have this hc that Nico knows like 9 languages
  • There’s a new, really young camper who’s native language is Korean and can only speak a little English. Everyone’s like “Oh no, how we gonna explain everything???? Nico just rocks up and speaks to them fluently 
  • People are like???? When??? How???? 
  • And he’s just so casual about it “When I was figuring out how to shadow travel I ended up in a lot of places ya know” 
  • “Do you watch anime subbed or dubbed?” “Neither, the dubs are normally wrong so I just watch it in Japanese” “Uhhhh…” 
  • He likes a lot of foreign punk bands pass it on
  • Him and Piper have conversations in French to annoy Jason
  • Frank can sort of follow along (He’s Canadian guys) and his Grandma also taught him a little Mandarin so they try and chat in that and it’s just funny
  • He overhears Leo talking about how pretty Calypso is in Spanish, or cussing out his project that just won’t work and he’s there like… “You know I speak Spanish right?” 
  • Percy feels superior because Nico can’t speak fish but he’s just “Yeah, it’s not my type” 
  • Will loves it