Exposed: What happened at Coachella 2015? What was Justin’s reply to Selena’s instagram comments? And what’s going on with Kendall/Hailey? (Throwback with Jendall in 2010 included!)

What a long title, but everything will be answered.

Lets start off with a little background history. 

Back in early 2014, the Jenners and Selena were set up as PR. 

There was talk about Kris Jenner signing Selena, but that never happened. So the Jenners and Selena were basically hanging out all the time and making sure everyone knows it. They had a huge fallout because Selena cut them off. Her team told everyone it was because they influenced her to do drugs, but our source told you guys otherwise and 2 days later, we got proven right. 

April 28..

Everything we just said is explained here, with proof and great detail. So then Justin and the Jenners started getting close again.

 Now that, is all explained here. Coachella 2014 was a mess in general. Selena was high as a kite and Justin was there babysitting her.

Everything about Coachella 2014 is explained here

There order I linked the posts, are the correct order and you should read them before continuing on to read this post. 

So that’s a summary of The Jenners and Jelena. A couple months alter, Selena and Cara were singing Happy Birthday to Kendall. We’ve explained that in our end of the year video that you can watch down below. 

Selena and Kendall hanging out again is basically to patch up Selena’s image before she released anything new.

Again, this is all a summary so if you want the dots to connect, you need to read all the other posts and watch the video before coming at us and calling us liars. 

Now as for New Years, we discussed that here in great detail. Blindgossip said that Kendall and Gigi took Selena to Dubai with them so Hailey and Justin could get closer. Fast forward to today where my source told me that she thinks they’re trying to get Hailey and Justin together. 

We’ll get to Justin’s reply in a second. But if you don’t believe Blindgossip saying they took Selena to Dubai to get Justin and Hailey closer, explain to me how Hailey NOW doesn’t like Selena and clearly she likes Justin. 

She retweeted that and unretweeted it. 

Here’s a different screenshot if you think that’s fake. 

And another one

I’ll get to the retweet about Justin and her dating in a moment. The reason it says “1h” “48m” and “43m” is not because it was up that long. It means that the person’s phone that this happened on, didn’t check it till later on.

But here’s the tweet. As you can see, people are replying to the tweeting saying “Hailey retweeted and unretweeted”

So CLEARLY, Hailey must have a reason not to like her since she’s close to Justin and everyone close to Justin knows how horrible she is. Also, if Kendall and Selena were on good terms, Hailey wouldn't’ retweet a tweet saying both her and Kendall should fight Selena. And it’s clear how close Kendall and Hailey are and have been close for a while. 

Now, last time we talked about Justin and Hailey, was here

These are the messages from that post

That was over two months ago. 

Now, Hailey and Justin did have some sort of fallout at his 21st birthday when they were celebrating on the island, but we DON’T KNOW what happened. We assume jealousy got in the way and that’s why Hailey left the party early. But now everyone is back on good terms. 

But are Justin and Hailey dating? WE DON’T KNOW. Yes he jokingly said he was in love with her and yes they’re always so flirty with each other in pictures, but that’s Justin with girls in general. 

Maybe you guys don’t have much close guy friends or aren’t used to a mixed environment, but that’s how most of my guy friends act around girls. 

It’s normal my dear friends. Selena does the same, and even more, and no one assumes she’s dating those guys. 

But here’s what my source has to say about them when I asked her if they were dating

So to summarize Hailey and Justin:

  • We’re not sure if they’re dating. 
  • They ARE very flirty with each other.
  • You should expect more flirty pictures of them two.
  • Personally, I don’t think they’re dating. Like we just stated, he’s flirty and extra nice with everyone. He’s not sleeping with every girl he sets his eyes on if that’s what you’re thinking. Does Hailey like him? YES. 
  • We think that Kendall is trying to get them together. 
  • Is Justin ready for another relationship? No. Even though him and Selena ending in Novemeber 2012, she was still in his life for two full years afterwards. 

So along with with what she retweeted about Selena, she also retweeted this

And those are three different screenshots, so it’s not fake. She was also not hacked because no hacker retweets two things and then logs off lol. 

So are they secretly dating? Again, we don’t think so. If they are dating, word would definitely get back to my source. Even if they are “Secretly dating”, they wouldn’t keep it from their friends who wouldn’t keep it from my source. Hailey likes him, so she obviously wants to be dating him. 

She also recently favorited this

Now put yourself in Hailey’s shoes. 

You like this guy. 

You and this guy are very close. 

You’re also lying if you're’re going to say you won't’t be posting pictures of you two. Is she using him? NO. What would she even be using him for???

And yes every girl tends to fall for Justin and you would all fall for him as well. He’s not perfect, but he’s a good guy. Some people think he’s some walking fuckboy or something, just because he’s close with a lot of girls. He goes from being called gay, to a fuckboy. He cannot win with people. He’s doing what normal people his age do. Party, have fun, etc etc. Maybe it’s foreign to see him doing that for people who don't’t experience that. Oh well.

This concludes Hailey and Justin. 

Now lets move on to Kendall and Justin. 

Here you have Kendall Jenner with a homeless person. 

Just kidding.

Justin and Kendall are very close. They have a brother sister relationship even though Justin and her get really close at times (but so do Kylie and Kendall.. even though it’s weird since they’re actually sisters).

They’re not dating. 

But if you're’re interested in a throwback story between them in like 2010, keep reading. 


Thank god he grew lol (yes I know that photo is from 2011).

So in 2010, Kendall asked Justin out. He got mad because she asked him out. We don’t know why he got so angry. 

Here’s what I think.

In 2010, Justin obviously had a thing with Jasmine V. 

Which was most likely ruined thanks to his upcoming PR thing he had to do with Selena which we all learned about here

Selena ruining relationships from right to left. Lol don't you just love her? 

Anyways, so I think he got mad because 1. She asked him out even though he was with Jasmine or 2. So much was going on with him and he was under pressure because if you read the post I just linked above, he was practically forced into choosing Selena over Jasmine because of their deal. 

So we should be clear on Kendall and Justin by now. 

Moving onto Coachella and my boo Selena. 

Selena does NOT like the fact that Justin is now in a good place and with HIS OWN FRIENDS. She thinks she owns him (yes I know you all hate me for promising to get the post about why she thinks that up, but so much has been happening lately, it makes sense to post about the recent drama rather than something else).

When Justin and Selena were together, 98% of the time, it was Justin, SELENA’S FRIENDS, and friends that SELENA approved of. So now that he’s off living his own life, she’s not happy. 

When have we seen Justin with HIS friends when they were together? It was always some of his guy friends and usually her friends. 

And “ironically” after the breakup, is when he started hanging out with his old friends again. So Selena isn’t happy that Justin isn’t the sad, weak, human, he used to be and who would only rely on her, and only wanted her. He’s his own person, and she’s not happy.

So Selena was going to go to Coachella, but she didn’t want to be around “THEM”. 

God, Selena is so funny. I literally cracked out laughing when my source told me that, but I kinda feel bad for her.

So she flew to Texas. 

Selena probably gonna cut Priscilla’s arms off for posting that picture of her looking like a homeless man. 

I wanna ask why she looks like that, but lets not kid ourselves. We all know why she looks horriD and like she Really hasn’t been Under a nice Great Shower hose.

Anyways, so you’d think that since she’s in Texas, she’ll be spending time with her family that she never sees. Nope! You thought wrong!

Instead, she up here shading what seems to be, her ex-friends, on Instagram. The funny part is my source was told before Selena did anything, that she’s up on instagram stalking everyone. 

And then Selena shows us once again, how bitter she really is. 

This reminds me of when she was in Nepal, and she was up here on instagram talking about how Justin prefers models. You can check it out here if you’d like.

So first, Selena comments on this photo.

As you can tell from the comments, everyone has seen that Selena already commented, but I’ll have proof. 

She first said “Lol”

Here’s another screenshot, from a different phone, and different time frame for anyone who thinks that this is photoshopped. 

Then she commented, “Quick, real quick”

And here’s another screenshot

She’s very bitter as you can tell. She’s not happy that everyone has moved on from her. She has no REAL friends. Everyone hates her because of the way she is. What a wonderful time to see everyone turn on her. 

The saga continues

And here’s a different screenshot

So Selenators came up with this THEORY to explain their immature idol’s recent actions. 



Where is your proof that Alredo and Ashley are dating? Where is your proof that Alfredo cheating on her with Kendall?

Wait, is this your proof?

Oh okay! So this must mean that Selena cheated on Justin then

Yall need to get a grip and admit that your fave is bitter af. 

I crossed out the twitter name because exposingsmg don’t give out no free promo to haters! But here’s the tweet and the dates seem correct, plus it’s coming from a fan, so they’re not going to write bad things about Selena if it isn’t true

Here’s the video

Her bitterness stays with her throughout the years I see. 

Back to what I was saying. 

So what was Justin’s comment on Selena’s recent actions?

Wait for it…..

“She’s just mad she can't hang with us.”

Selena can fume until she pops a vain if she likes.

Selenators and Selena can stay mad 

over Kendall and Hailey

over For You’s debut

over the fact that the majority of Beliebers would rather have Justin hang out with any girl instead of Selena

over Ariana

over Miley

over Selena’s plummeting career, her dilated pupils, her struggle to sell anything, ME, etc etc. 

Ain’t nobody mad but you guys!

I hope everyone had a lovely time reading this post! 

Here’s just the rest of the messages between my source and I

I cut something off there so I’m just telling you guys so you don’t get confused. 

Ta ta angels, till next time ♥ Stay awesome. And Selenators/Selena, stay mad.


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