Others have raised serious concerns about Canada’s ability to deliver justice to indigenous communities at all… 

[…] The socio-political realities that make it possible for indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people (who are almost always left out of reports), to be murdered and disappeared in Canada originates in the colonial violence that enabled the creation of the settler state and the expansion of capitalism. Canada could not have been built without it. Colonial acquisition of lands was enacted through targeted gender violence to destroy indigenous peoples’ connection to their territory by attacking those at the heart of that connection: indigenous women. It also served to debase their power and autonomy, fragment societies and curtail indigenous nations’ ability to create life.

[…] So how can the Canadian state be held accountable for its complicity in colonial gender violence – both past and present – when it is the driving force behind this inquiry? It is crucial that we demand an answer to this question. The indigenous affairs minister, Carolyn Bennett, has said: “The end goal of the inquiry is to find concrete action that will be able to stop this national tragedy.” If there is to be any hope of this goal being met, the inquiry must be held to account and made to confront the deepest root causes of the crisis. Anything short of this is an affront, will add further injury to indigenous peoples, and is a denial of state culpability.

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