Hoshino Katsura talks about the Noah Family!

1st disciple of the Noah Family
Millennium Earl

I already decided on what the Millennium Earl’s human face would look like before the series started running. That’s why I’m happy that I finally got to show his face. I remember creating him after thinking that having a tired older man as the final boss would be interesting considering grief is one of d.gray-man’s themes. I modelled his face after the editor of the JUMP J-books editorial department. My taste is completely reflected. I have something to say because people often have the wrong idea: while the Earl’s human version has a sweet tooth, he’s not fat…! He’s not 
!! I want to make that perfectly clear (laughs). I’ll reveal the secret of his outward appearance later down the story. I can’t say much yet, but that plumpness is very important (laughs).

2nd disciple of the Noah Family
Representation: Judge
Noah Name: Tryde

In the large Noah family his role is to make sure there are no betrayals. I made eyes cold and look like he’s killed countless people, because I wanted to make Tryde the most difficult to handle character. He’s like the Noah’s death god. But I removed parts of his outfit and gave him short pants, because if I make him too bloodthirsty it’d be harder for me to draw him (laughs). His outfit is changing considerably from the way it looked in early sketches…

3rd disciple of the Noah Family
Representation: Pleasure
Noah Name: Joyd
Human Name: Tyki Mikk

I wanted to give Tyki short hair at first for his re-appearance in Night #187. I gave up on that idea afterwards, so this is a phantasmal Tyki (laughs). I want to cut his hair because the long hair is bothersome but… the readers might be shocked if I suddenly shorten his hair (smiles wryly). It’s probably obvious just by looking at the rough sketch, but his clothes were black at first. I discussed with my editor whether to make the Noah’s clothes white or black until the last minute. Because black is ultimately the color of the Exorcists, I decided on white in the end just before I started writing the official series.

4th disciple of the Noah Family
Representation: Desire
Noah Name: Desires
Human Name: Sheril Kamelot

It was really easy to create Sheril. I totally understand his ideas (laughs). I wanted to make each Noah wear clothes that fit his or her personality. It was easy to give him a fitting outfit because he seems to like perverted things and what not. He has a snake-like image, maybe because he’s very persistent.

5th disciple of the Noah Family
Representation: Wisdom
Noah Name: Wisely

Wisely has the image of a mountain hermit sage. I originally made his hair black because the Noah’s hair is normally black. But, wanting to give him a ‘tired’ feel because his powers require using his head, I made his hair white on the monochrome draft. I’ll agonize over what official hair color I should give him in the future. I love his turban. I thought about giving it a more elaborate design but gave up on that idea due to various reasons. Wisely might be my favorite Noah. He’s the liveliest one.

6th disciple of the Noah Family
Representation: Corrosion
Noah Name: Fiddler

Because he’s a Noah that has harmful microbes inside his body, I wanted him to leave an impact visually as well. I made the hair on top a poisonous-looking light blue to showcase his strangeness. But I gave him knee trousers because I wanted to show that he’s juvenile… or should I say, foolish on the inside (laughs). There are swirly decorations attached to the cuffs of his trousers in the sketch but I got rid of those. Furthermore, his triangular earrings stand out. Without the earrings he’d be pretty dull from a visual point of view (smiles wryly).

7th disciple of the Noah Family
Representation: Mercy
Noah Name: Mercyma

I wanted to make Mercyma look like someone who doesn't mind trading blows. That’s why I made his shirt barely cover his nipples and made it look like hitting him would be painful. In any case, I just wanted to show his six-pack abs (laughs). Most Noah have good looks, but I wanted Mercyma’s face to look wilder. His hairstyle, clothes and sunglasses look different in the actual story so the rough sketch is completely useless now (smiles wryly).

9th disciple of the Noah Family
Representation: Dreams
Noah Name: Road
Human Name: Road Kamelot

Road gives off a strong Gothic Lolita impression. Because of this, I made sure that her new clothes aren't too different from the clothes she has worn so far. That’s why she has hardly changed (smiles wryly). But she only shows a bit more chest now. I wonder whether she looks less childish and more feminine now.

10th & 11th disciple of the Noah Family
Representation: Jasdevi
Noah Name: Bonds
Human Name: Bondomu

The only thing that I was certain of was that they should both have bandages on their left arms. Actually, it’s due to the Innocence that Krory infected them with… it’s still affecting them and their wounds haven’t healed yet. Because they were revived while suffering from those wounds, they’re burning with hatred towards Krory and their personalities have grown considerably darker. Rather than giving off childishness, they’re now giving off danger. I thought about giving them matching clothes because they’re twins, but I changed my mind because they’re completely different on the inside. Devit is wearing punk-rock clothes and Jasdero is manlier than before. I removed Jasdero’s stitches to show that time has passed.  

13th disciple of the Noah Family
Representation: Ability
Noah Name: Mightra

Mightra a really inconspicuous Noah. He takes cares of everything behind the scenes: he’s like a lentigo. That’s why I felt like “he’s needs no individuality!” and made him wear alien-like clothes (laughs). People seem to think that the Earl created the Ark but Mightra created the Ark and the scull, etc. Mightra didn’t appear at all during the fights on the Ark because he worked behind the scenes (smiles wryly). He works hard in unseen places as the person in charge of the Noah’s technology. Please look forward to the day when he takes off his mask.

(T/N: The Japanese text doesn't specify whether Mightra is male or female. I just used ‘he’ for convenience’s sake.)

              -Translations by: Verduister