Dear Evan Hansen AU where Connor’s suicide attempt fails and he actually goes into therapy and sees a f*cking doctor for all his drug abuse and psychological needs and Evan and Jared help him with his anger management enough that he can actually apologize to Zoe for being such a dick and to his parents and he can make it through high school and just OH MY GOD LET CONNOR GET THE HELP HE F*CKING DESERVES

You need to stop crying because if you start crying then I’m gonna start crying, and you’re gonna start crying even harder!
—  Jared Kleinman to Evan Hansen, in the D.C. production of Dear Evan Hansen, during “Sincerely, Me”

reupload bc i wanted to fix some timing errors!!

evan: the stars are so beautiful

jared: they’re just giant balls of gas

evan: don’t ruin the momen-

jared: and yet none of them are as huge as my love for you

evan, choking up: oh,,