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Killer Asks Pt. II
  • Albert Fish:Do you have a fetish/kink nobody knows about?
  • James Holmes:Have you ever dyed your hair, and if so, what color?
  • Edmund Kemper:How tall are you?
  • Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka:Are you currently in a relationship?
  • Aileen Wuornos:Have you ever smoked a cigarette?
  • David Berkowitz:What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you?
  • Seung-Hui Cho:Were you born someplace other than where you live now?
  • TJ Lane:When is your birthday?
  • Jared Loughner:Your political affiliation(s)?
  • Ted Kaczynski:Math: Love it or fuck it?
  • Andrei Chikatilo:Something you're really good at?
  • Ian Brady and Myra Hindley:All time favorite picture you've ever taken with someone? (Can post or describe, whichever you're comfortable with!)

JUST IN: Man sentenced to 7 life terms, 140 years in Arizona shooting

Tucson News Now: Convicted mass shooter Jared Loughner has been sentenced to 7 life terms in prison plus 140 years in the Arizona shooting that killed 6 and wounded 13, including former US Rep Gabrielle Giffords.

Giffords stood next to her husband Mark Kelly at the sentencing, as he read a statement. “For the first and last time, you’re going to hear from Gabby and me,” Kelly said. “Pay attention.”

Photo: Former US Rep Gabrielle Giffords. (Saul Loeb / EPA)


When people look back to when the sweet, caring (and maybe slightly awkward) Jared Loughner they knew, turned into…well, someone else, they always come back to the time, where his high school girlfriend broke up with him.

As most High School romances, it started fairly innocent. Both went to a football game at Mountain View High School, because they wanted to see their friends there. When they were introduced by each other by a friend, they quickly realized that they had several mutual interests, including classic rock and playing saxophone. They both were very shy and had never been in a relationship before.

“I liked his personality. He was nice, attentive. He was never rude. He had no interest in drugs or alcohol. He was respectful. He would give me compliments and never ignore me” recalled Kelsey Hawkes later. When she asked him if he would like to be her boyfriend, he replied: “"I was going to ask you!”

They started eating lunch with each other and playing saxophone together at their houses. Later, Jared would teach her clarinet, too.

Friends later remembered that Jared started to act more confident and extrovert when he got with Kelsey, but also withdrew from his friends.

In hindsight however, Kelsey can clearly see that their relationship wouldn’t last: “He was definitely in love with me but I’m not sure if I could say I was in love with him – it was typical teenage stuff.”

Over the last summer of their relationship, she realized that she wanted to be single- and broke up with Jared shortly before the start of the new school year.
“I remember his face clearly – he just looked like he had nothing to live for. (…) Jared used to care about everything, his grades, school, his friends. That was when Jared was a normal person. It all stopped when we broke up.”

In the following months, Jared started to engage in alcohol and drug abuse. His world view appeared more and more bizarre to his friends. Jared became obsessed with the practice of lucid dreaming and the meaninglessness of words.  He also developed an intense hate for Gabrielle Giffords after once attending a meeting of her and asking “What is government if words have no meaning”. Appeareantly, Giffords replied “Thanks for your question, next question please.”

Kelsey Hawkes would later state: “My breaking up with him was not the cause of him going off the rails but it was definitely the start of it”.

The fine print reads: “It is estimated that as many as 40% of people in this country with mental illness are not receiving treatment. Some are prone to substance abuse or disorderly conduct, while others may become serious or dangerous offenders. Only about 1/3 of offenders with mental illness receive treatment. Due to the stigma mental illness has received over time, many people are less likely to seek medical attention when necessary and fewer can afford it because insurance companies offer little to no coverage.”

Why doesn’t this make more people angry? Why doesn’t this make more people want to change?

I’ve tried to avoid talking about this because in general I try and keep this blog as a place for positive energy, but fuck that for a second.

I don’t understand how anyone sides with the police over the protestors in Baltimore.

I don’t understand how you can see a group of unarmed citizens standing against what can only be described as a fucking militia of cops with riot shield and weaponry and decide to side with the cops.

Property damage? You want to complain about fucking property damage? A man had his spine severed with brute force and somehow a couple of broken windows at a CVS is more important to you than someone’s life.

Do you remember James Holmes? The psychotic white boy fuckstick who shot 70 people and killed 12 of them during a movie premiere? He was taken alive, and has been described as “mentally ill.”

Do you remember Jared Loughner? Who shot and killed 19 people near Tuscon Arizona? He was taken alive, and described as having “personality changes” and “substance abuse” problems prior to the MASS MURDER.

Meanwhile, Tamir Rice, a 12 year old child with a BB gun was killed moments after being spotted.

Meanwhile, Eric Garner, an unarmed 43 year old man was killed for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, AND was killed by a police officer using a chokehold which was made illegal in 1993 because it was considered deadly force.

Meanwhile, Rumain Brisbon, an unarmed 34 year old man was shot down by police officers after the reportedly MISTOOK HIS BOTTLE OF PILLS FOR A GUN


If James Holmes were black, they would have shot him down in a moment.

If he were muslim, they would’ve called him a fucking terrorist.

Don’t try and say this isn’t about race. When it comes to issues of police brutality, it’s basically always about race.

Don’t try and say protestors are being “savages” because there is nothing savage about reacting strongly to the unjust death of an unarmed man.

Don’t try and pull the fucking MLK card and say “Martin Luther King would be so upset if he were here right now” because he isn’t here right now. Because he tried to speak up, and to fight back, and they fucking shot and KILLED him.

Support the underdogs. The unarmed. The citizens. The people trying to fight for their right to fucking EXIST. 

These people are rioting and protesting and fighting back with purpose, with outrage and with pain in their hearts because they know that any one of them could be next Eric Garner or Trayvon Martin. Their kids could be the next Tamir Rice. 

I’d respond with anger if I felt that way too.

There’s good cops. Of course there are good cops. But even the good cops are part of an organization built on systematic oppression on POC, especially black people, and you have to understand that shouting “NOT ALL COPS” is not helping anyone. 

“Not ALL cops are racist and violent” but definitely e-fucking-nough are to respond violently to protestors and kill so many.

Stand behind the people who need you, who are trying to fight the system,who are trying to bring about another revolution.

Jared Lee Loughner found incompetent: The gunman in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting is unable to stand trial, a federal judge announced today, in the wake of a courtroom outburst by Loughner. Doctors say that he’s mentally unstable and schizophrenic. He is to be hospitalized for four months, then reevaluated to see if he can stand trial. source

“I am a sleepwalker- who turns off the alarm clock”
Jared Loughner

During the time, Jared withdrew from his friends, started to use drugs and behaved somewhat strangely, he also became fascinated with the practice of lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming means that the dreamer is not only aware of the fact that he is dreaming, but can also change the dream to his wishes. Physical roles don’t apply to the dream world and according to people who practice lucid dreaming, all you senses are full active during the dream (means whatever you are going to do in the dream, it will feel like in reality….I can almost hear the naughty thoughts plopping up in your heads).
Jared told his friends about his interest and that he would try to spend a lot of the time sleeping. “I’m so into it because I can create things and fly. I’m everything I’m not in this world“, he once explained his fascination. Jared also wrote a dream diary (which is recommended by many Lucid Dreamers, because it leads to a higher likeliness that lucid dreaming will occur).

The movie “Waking Life”, one of Jared’s favourites, explains the typical tactics for dreamers to be sure if they are dreaming: trying to turn the light on or off- if it is not possible, then you’re dreaming. Try to read a book or the time on a clock- if it is not possible, then you’re dreaming.
The movie also touches some other topics, often mentioned by Loughner: the meaninglessness of words, Paranoia against the Government and Nihilism.

Breanna Castle, a former friend of Jared, remembers that they both got interested in the subject of dreams during High School: “It started off with dream interpretation, but then he delved into the idea of accessing different parts of your mind and trying to control your entire brain at all times,” she said. “He was troubled that we only use part of our brain, and he thought that he could unlock his entire brain through lucid dreaming.”
Jareds friends would later recall, that Jared used to tell them, that reality didn’t exist.

Apparently, Loughner also wrote down some of his dreams in his emails. Since his account was hacked some weeks after the incident, we have access to these documents, which I will post later. His friends however, definitive recall seeing a physical dream diary, too.

Some of the comments posted by Jared in the weeks before the attack might indicate that he thought he was dreaming even when he was awake: "All conscience dreaming at this moment is asleep. Jared Loughner is conscience dreaming at this moment. Thus, Jared Loughner is asleep,”
This was followed by an eerie threat: “In a few days, you know I’m conscience (sic!) dreaming!”
Based on this, some people have speculated that Jared might have thought he was in a dream, when he carried out the attack.  


These are photos of right-wing haters in recent years – the first three terrorists actually killed people; the last guy only threatened to kill when he attended an Obama health care reform meeting in New Hampshire.

What’s appalling about what people like this do doesn’t end with the massacres they commit.  What’s appalling continues with how the media treat them.  The basic story line is: they are mentally disturbed individuals.  Evidence is trotted out to prove the point.  (In America, there’s the additional rush to prove the killer didn’t buy his gun legally, as if that actually matters or makes a difference.)  In the greater scheme of things, terrorists like this all get to be seen as tragic but random perpetrators with no connection to each other.

Yes, the terrorists who shoot children and Congresswomen and blow up buildings and assassinate doctors providing legal abortions etc. etc. etc. generally have some form of mental illness, but they share something else as well – a right-wing ideology of hate. They hate government, liberals, immigrants, Muslims… and they kill what they hate. 

When Muslim terrorists kill, they are said to be part of an organized world-wide enemy, or maybe members of independent cells who share a world-wide Islamic ideology.  Little if any discussion of whether they might be disturbed individuals as well.  But these white, right-wing Christian (or Western) terrorists like the ones shown above are just disturbed individuals, with little or no discussion of the right-wing extremism they all share in one form or another. 

And the carnage they commit continues…