Happy Halloween from the Asian Art Museum! There are far too many spooky works of art in our collection, we couldn’t choose! Try visiting our collection site and using search terms like “ghosts,” “spirits,” “witch,” etc – you’ll see. It’s great fun. 

So here’s a timely book from our store. Where is this guy “head”ing? He sure does have a mouthful! 


Anatomy also started appearing more frequently in Japanese art in the early 18th century, influenced by the Dutch anatomy studies that were imported in. Beforehand, any information about the internal organs had been taken from the studies of the Chinese and was quite primitive.  In 1754, Japan had its first recorded human dissection with the reference of a Dutch anatomy book. The new found interest in anatomy and western medicine produced Japanese copies of these studies. Kaitai shinsho (1774) by Odano Naotake was the first fully translated western anatomy book to be used in Japan.

Historical Anatomies on the Web http://www.nlm.nih.gov/exhibition/historicalanatomies/kulmus_home.html

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A few more views of Daphne’s Dragon. This is part of my ‪#‎bluttiefdruck‬ project. One more session to go and the first one of the nine sleeve series is done. Thank you Daphne.
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“Everything is on the move,” Ad Reinhardt declared. “Art should be still.” Reinhardt’s concept of Buddhist aesthetics supported his logic of the black paintings as objects of ritualized, specific attention. In the way his acclaimed black paintings function, Reinhardt could be considered the prophet of slow art.

In Kyoto, Reinhardt wrote a list in his notebook titled, “Eleven Elements – Zen Elements?” juxtaposed with seven attributes of his black paintings. You can delve further into the distinct formulations of Reinhardt’s art here:http://bit.ly/AlexandraMunroe_PerpetualExperience

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