KH3 News!!!

Hey, just a heads up, but this interview stated the following:

-Nomura stated that gameplay footage featuring “only the Hercules world” (Olympus Coliseum) would only reveal a very small portion of the game as a whole!

-A Japanese version of the trailer and an English version of the trailer will be released simultaneously. Because combat cannot be directly transferred across the platforms because of language barrier, the combat was recorded separately, but made to look awfully similar to each other. Hard core fans should notice the differences!

-Next month’s trailer is being finalized as you read this! It’s supposed to be much longer than the Orchestra trailer and will feature several new elements that will meet MANY fans’ expectations!

-There is a possibility of a KH3 demo being at D23!


New Nonary Games Japanese trailer! Shows off some more of how it plays! The 999 animations look so nice.


These are so cute, esp Joker + family vacay in Japan anyone?
basically the Japanese Lego Batman Twitter is a blessing… also PLEASE WATCH THE JAPANESE TRAILER I’M DYING BC OF THE VOICES https://twitter.com/legobatmanjp/status/811862982627987456

Villa/ Gallery in Karuizawa, Makoto Yamaguchi Design


Video trailer for a free online course that was offered in 2015, by Tokyo University. The programme was taught by Kengo Kuma and Usuke Obuchi, with input from several other well-known Japanese Architects. It included several short films featuring lectures and project visits, some of which are still available online. (Photograph by Mikael Olsson via NY Times)


Brand new trailer for ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable’ live action movie. With stands!


Trailer: Arrietty & Marnie Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi Launches New Studio and New Feature Film: Mary And The Witch Flower (2017)

Studio Ponoc, the anime studio founded by former Studio Ghibli producer Yoshiaki Nishimura, announced its first feature length anime film Mary and the Witch’s Flower (Mary to Majo no Hana) on Thursday. The anime will debut in summer 2017. The film is based on Mary Stewart’s book The Little Broomstick.

Studio Ponoc posted both a Japanese and an English trailer. While the Japanese trailer reveals a summer 2017 debut, the English trailer just lists a 2017 debut.

Yonebayashi previously stated that he wanted his next film to be the “opposite” of When Marnie Was There.

Translations for trailer ( my japanese sucks tho )

The first piece of text says: fairy tail ending arc (take my translations with a grain of salt)

The voice says: a decade or 10 years after the beginning of the series.

Writer Hiro Mashima his own story

Text says with more than 60 million copies

Text says created by Hiro Mashima

Text and voice say: its finally drawing to its end! Its climax! (One of the two)

Text says: executive prodcucer Hiro Mashima

Natsu: I dont care what happens to me! My blood, my flesh, my bones. All of it together!

Lucy says: Natsu stop it!

Natsu says: for my friends!

Lucy: natsu! open your eyes or natsu! Wake up.

Text says: all of this power… Is it (something i cant understand i think it says hope) or destruction.


short japanese tv trailer for laytons mystery journey

I need sleep...

I didn’t even know what the title should be, just to say in advanced i am not sure if I’m being over dramatic over this. I maybe am since it’s 1 in the fucking morning and I’m watching BTS MV’s, trying to decipher some things and holy shit i was kinda happy when i found this.

This shouldn’t be too long, sorry if I’m wasting your time with this i honestly don’t know how I’m even breathing normally now.

So lets get started *Rolls up sleeves like Jungkook*

I am pretty sure everyone has watched the Blood Sweat and Tears Japanese version/Teaser trailer right? If not then here (X).

Now since Hobie (J-Hope) is my bias i was loyal and mostly payed attention to him…That was the biggest lie i told ever.

Anyways while looking through the BST video i noticed Hobie doing this weird hand spin thingy (Just look at the gif).

Yesterday while seeing this in the video i thought it looked familiar, but after some rather *cough* perverted jokes i made about it with my friend, i forgot about the part.

A couple of minutes ago i was looking through some theories about the wings album i stumbled upon the Boy Meets Evil comeback trailer. And i swear to you i screamed.

I Fucking knew it looked familiar, i knew it , needless to say i started acting like a 4 year old on a sugar rush.

Now i wanna know what you guys think, do you think I’m completely stupid and over reacting.

Also before i go,my friend and I thought about a theory of BTS going as the 7 deadly sins on the Blood Sweat and Tears (Japanese trailer). V being Lust (Seductive stares and surrounded by silky sheets) , Jin being Sorrow (Hence the shattering glass), Suga being Wrath ( Pushing/Hitting Jungkook). Not sure yet it’s just a beginning of a theory.

Let me know what you guys think, message me if you want to talk about it.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this! 

I am a grown woman fangirling about a dance move that might not even mean anything, ah Jesus…

gifs are mine… wow that sounded possessive.


This scene was the main difference from the Japanese Makoto reveal trailer and the NA/EU Makoto reveal trailer 

It was supposed to be Futaba where Akira cocks his head when they removed the towel in her head. But this was the edit from the reveal trailer. I wonder why Jap version has it in the first place? 

(Maybe I’m in too deep with QueenJoker ship, and I desperately want them to be canon, like the rest of my Makoto trash people tbh. I mean they both have hand guns as weapons and their call signs are the only card deck themed ones. Heck even in the Catherine DLC, Makoto is Katherine uggggh teeease!)