This didn’t turn out as planned… (T▽T) I do not like the end product… But oh well…

So this is an AU inspired by the anime Beyond the Boundary.

Naruto is a half Japanese (half demon) exchange student who houses a demon inside him and Hinata is the heiress of a clan set out to eliminate the said demon.

Hinata follows Naruto everywhere looking for an opportunity to eleminate him but ends up falling in love with him.


This is what uni students are like #jobhuntingthings 〜 Season

1st year: Weaaay!

2nd year: Weaaay!

3rd year: Weaaay!

4th year: I learned many things during my time at univer - 


Gymnastics bowling #japanese #hsstudent #hashtag #bowling 〜 ​ブルポーク 《OMG PORK》

》studying Japanese, I have a mid-term this week (actually two, one is for listening comprehension and the other is written test). Reviewing everything from last year and also all the lessons from this year 💪