Prince's 'bizarre' influence on Japanese anime - LA Times

Artists the world over counted him as an influence and mentor, and Japan is no exception. When news of Prince’s death broke, Japanese musicians, from pop idols to rappers, tweeted their goodbyes. 

But what a lot of people may not realize is that Prince also had  profoundly affected one of the most bizarre comic and anime franchises Japan has ever produced – a series called, appropriately enough, “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.” The series isn’t quite as popular as titles like “One Piece” or “Dragon Ball Z,” but it has been running since 1985, spawned video game and novel spinoffs and produced a serious cult following. 

And the series creator, Hirohiko Araki, is an indisputable Prince fan. If you’re a fan of “Jojo,” you already know what I’m talking about. The series, which has been running since 1985, has an indescribable funkiness to it – characters stand in amazing poses, the dialogue is always somehow off-kilter, and the costumes look like something right out of a Prince stage set. 

But it’s probably easier to talk about the main character, Josuke, who actually looks a bit like Prince. Josuke also seems to have a fondness for purple and has two symbols pinned to his collar: the “peace” symbol Prince used in the title of his movie “Sign o’ the Times,” and another symbol that looks suspiciously like the one Prince used when he changed his name.

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Yesterday I’ve finished the pencil drawing of the wohle image. (On the quiet I would call it “Three Kings”, hehe) ୧( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )૭

It’s meassures are 29,7cm x 36cm and up until now it took me ~20 hours of work.
The next step will be outlining and colouring. I’m a little bit afraid of it since I don’t want to destroy it in case I would fail…



Steps of my current artwork in prosess of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’S Hiro.
It’s the first motive for VOICES calendar 2017.

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A new [DARKNESS] is born~

Finally I’ve drawn Ruki in DOGMA-style, too. There are already so many amazing fanarts out that I’m feeling a little bit ashamed to share mine…