Japanese poster for HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP aka MONSTER (Barbara Peeters, USA, 1980)

Artist: uncredited

Poster source: Heritage Auctions

“A company called Canco has announced plans to build a huge cannery near Noyo. It turns out that the murderous, sex-hungry mutations are apparently the result of Canco’s experimentation with a growth hormone they had earlier administered to salmon. The salmon escaped from the laboratory facilities into the ocean during a storm, and were then eaten by other larger fish who proceeded to mutate into the brutal and depraved humanoids who have begun to terrorize the village.” –Wikipedia

“Barbara Peeters was one of two female directors working for New World Pictures in the 1970s… She returned to directing with the 1980 film, Humanoids from the Deep, which was taken out of her hands and greatly changed by Roger Corman, including the addition of several rape sequences. Peeters asked for her name to be taken off the film but this was not done. After this experience she stopped working for New World and directed TV for the next decade.” –Wiki