5 Things Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful @war-of-hormoan (I haven’t done this one yet! Thanks for tagging me Rams!!)

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. My lame yet adorable Pikachu wallet
  2. Headphones
  3. My keys with entirely too many nerdy keychains
  4. Deodorant
  5. Japanese rice crackers

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. A wall filled with a LOT of Funko Pop! figures
  2. An overflowing bookcase
  3. A tv and an xbox
  4. My embarrassing build a bear collection (I work there so…)
  5. A really messy bed because I can’t be bothered to make it most days

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. Leave the United States
  2. Learn a different language
  3. Get over my fear of driving
  4. Get the solar system tattooed along my spine
  5. Finally decide what I want to do with my life

Five things that make me happy:

  1. Reading and getting lost in another world
  2. When my favorite barista is working and I get to drink the perfect caramel macchiato
  3. Putting my headphones on and drowning out the world after a long day
  4. When a stranger’s dog pulls on their leash because they want to come say hi to me
  5. Hobi

Five things I’m currently into:

  1. KHH
  2. Dancing
  3. Cooking and baking
  4. Descendants of the Sun
  5. Champagne gummy bears

Five things on my to do list:

  1. Make dinner
  2. Folding and hanging up laundry
  3. Plan my outfit for the Babymetal concert on Sunday (because I am that person…)
  4. Start a few moodboards
  5. Sleep

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Fluff Battle Goes Video!

This is for my next attack on @onepieceimagines ;3

Since I couldn’t send a link in an ask to her, I make a post instead and tags her in it so she can see the video ^^ Jessie, I hope you’re ready ;3


Just insert Zoro/Sanji in here, or both if you like ^^ I have these thoughts for the steps in the video:


He sees you and gets worried, even if he doesn’t show it so clearly, then follows these steps:

1. Uses a deep green blanket, like his haramaki, or even his big coat

2. Picks you up in his strong arms, holding you close

3. Puts you down with a surprising gentleness

4. Makes a very loose, cozy coccoon for you ^^

5. Then he places you in the corner of the sofa with some soft pillows

6. He then sits beside you, hugging you close to him with one arm, his head against yours, slightly playing with your hair

7. Zoro puts on something that you both enjoy watching, or something that you like more than he does, just so that he can see you smile

8. There would be typical Japanese snacks, like pocky, crackers or similar things. He would go for some jerky himself and offer you if you wanted

9. Since you don’t drink sake, he would give you some soda, or anything else that you wanted at the moment

When you’re back to your usual self again, he would give you a rare smile, kiss your forehead and tell you that whatever or whoever that made you like this will be taken care of tomorrow- for the moment, he just want you to keep your smile since it makes him happy to see


He will be worried in an instant as he sees you, almost getting a panic attack as he thinks that you’re like this because of him. Then he does this:

1. Takes the softest, biggest blanket that he can find, maybe even using one of his own hoodies that he knows that you like

2. Gently picks you up, kissing your forehead as he carries you

3. Puts you down very gently, like he’s afraid of breaking you when you’re already fragile in his eyes

4. Makes the softest, most cuddly coccoon that he can- if it’s not perfect, he’ll remake it

5. You get the best corner in the sofa with lots of pillows so you’re nesting on a pillow throne ^^

6. He cuddles beside you, hugging you soft with your head against his chest, his hands stroking your back and playing with your hair, gently combs it with his fingers to help you relax

7. Sanji will put on something he knows that will make you smile, no matter your mood- he even asks you what you would like to watch so he doesn’t pick something wrong. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it makes you feel better, he’ll watch it with you

8. He’ll make your favorite snacks in a heartbeat- and if you don’t have everything he needs at home, he’ll rush out and buy it so he can make something for you. For himself, he’ll go with some tea and lighter snacks

9. Same with drinks, if you want a soda, he’ll give it to you- if you want juice, he’ll get some fruit and make his own juice so it’s as fresh as possible. Even when he’s cheering you up, he thinks of the good things food and drinks does

After seeing you smile again, Sanji will be cooing you, telling you how beautiful you are when you smile and whatever happened that made you feel like you were earlier will pay later. Right now, the most important thing is you and that you keep being happy

So, what did you think about this? ;3

Watch on jpnvines.tumblr.com

「クラッカーが怖い」だなんて、言えないでいる人たちの誕生日会 w/innolifetachiいのらいふ, さぷり 〜 腹ぺこリリィ

The birthday party of people who can’t say “I’m scared of crackers” w/innolifetachiいのらいふ, さぷり 〜 腹ぺこリリィ

Happy birthday!

Thank you!

[You mustn’t run you mustn’t run]

Ohmiya twitter translations

Brushing up on my Japanese by translating Ohmiya hehe. Some of them might be a little off because Japanese doesn’t perfectly translate to English(or because I messed up “ x ”), so I’m sorry in advance~ All of these tweets were found on @Ohmiyasan_bot’s twitter <3

Jr.時代 O「よくホテルで話すのは、二宮かなぁ。アイツ、気がつくと横に座ってるの。ちょこんって。それで、『大野クンってふだん、何やってるんですか』とか、質問ぜめにあってる。」

  • Johnny’s Jr. period: O [The one who I talk to most in the hotel is probably Ninomiya. The next thing I know, that guy is sat right next to me. All silent and cute. And he would ask “Ohno-kun, what do you usually do,” and ask a whole bunch of other questions like that.]


  • N [Ikuta said “When we were Johnny’s Jrs., Ohno-kun never got agitated so he had a charismatic nature,”? For me, I didn’t think he had a charismatic nature (lol) I mean, we are always together. But as for his drawings and his figures and fishing–the stuff he likes–he has freedom and fun over those things, which is really nice.]


  • A [Do you guys have a birthday present you want to give to Nino?]  S [Maybe a stuffed bear.] A [Then I’ll go with an aroma candle.] M [Caramel.] O [I’ll give senbei(Japanese rice cracker).] N [….]

S「俺、ケータイの裏に“I<3SK”ってシール貼 ってあるんだ」N「“大宮”好きだね~」O「 俺、もらってないよ?」N「スタッフが遊び で作ったのを翔くんが欲しいって言ったから 、くれたんだよ。それしかないの」S「マジで?すげ~。俺すげ~(笑)」

  • S [I have a seal on the back of my cell phone that says “I <3 SK.” N [You sure do like Ohmiya~.] O [I didn’t get one?] N [The staff made one for fun and Sho said he wanted it, so I gave it to him. That’s the only one of it’s kind.] S [Seriously? Wow~. I’m amazing~ (lol)]

NとOの関係 M「10周年でカミングアウトしてもいいよ」N「どうすんだよ本気だったら?(笑)」S「別れろ!って話もヘンじゃん。皆で説得するとかさ」M「嵐の初めてのケンカの理由がコレだったら超ウケる」S「別れてくれ!っていう話を」M「ずっと朝までしたんですって(笑)」(一同爆笑)

  • M [It is okay if you guys come out(announce their love) on our 10 year anniversary.] N [What are you going to do if we actually did? (lol)] S [It’d be weird if we just said “break up!” All of us will probably persuade you, I guess.] M [If this was the reason for Arashi’s first fight, that would be totally popular.] S [If we said “break up!”] M [We would say “we’ve been trying to sort this out all morning!” (lol)]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ☆ JINYOUNG / Bana Japan Diary 151108

It seems that Jinyoung’s naivety power is increasing year by year since you can know where he was if you see the amount of wrappers of *Happy Turn kkk

Inside the leader’s head that is owner of an amazing talent but is surprisingly simple and has a wonder power that makes people who are around be happy is always full with music ^^

We are sure that he will continue giving birth the masterpieces.

“Happy Days” is a song by Jinyoung dedicated to Bana Japan.

We want it to be very, very heard by you all.

We wish B1A4, BANA and people from all over the world to have every day… “Happy Days”

Jinyoung “ I don’t need anything, If BANAs are here, I’m fine”

Please continue supporting them ^^

*Happy Turn is a Japanese snack (Rice cracker with happy powder)