Ace Japanese promo poster/DVD art for Bronson that I’ve never seen before. This is from back in 2015, when Bronson opened for a special one-week showing at a theatre in Tokyo.

015.10.20 ~ “So far in Japan, this work was not in theaters only available on DVD releases. A lot of voices saying ‘I want to see it on the screen’ were received from the movie-going audience, so a late show in Shinjuku Cinema Carité from 7th to 13th November was set up.“ ~ Source: Cinemas by Shochiku 

And a kind of adorable review from someone who saw it [google transl.]: "Other people will also appear, but basically it was a movie named Tomhu Hardy One Man Show, whose stage as it was. Tomhu Hardy is awesome. The last grinning voice. Although it was funny that Tomhu of a beard smiled a lot by laughing a lot as brawling with himself. Even though there is nothing I can not tell you why the color is beautiful and strange.”