Japanese archery


I’ve always wanted to draw them doing traditional Japanese sports…? I like drawing these outfits. Also it’s like two in the morning and I have nothing else to do so Why not, right?

Sooooo a random AU… where Victor does kendo and Yuuri does kyudo (Japanese archery), and their dojos (training halls) are right next to each other and Victor just happens to see Yuuri at practice one day and just falls for this bespectacled beauty. And he starts skipping his own practice to go see Yuuri everyday


Kyudo is all about concentration but having Victor around doesn’t help much

☆  Sports Vocabulary List  ☆ 

Aikido あいきどう (合気道)
Archery アーチェリー
(Japanese) Archery きゅうどう (弓道)
Badminton バドミントン
Baseball やきゅう(野球)
Basketball バスケットボール
Bowling ボーリング
Boxing ボクシング
Competitive eating はやぐい (早食い) / おおぐい (大食い)
Cricket クリケット
Croquet クロッケー
Curling カーリング
Cycling サイクリング
Darts ダーツ
Diving ダイビング
Dodgeball ドッジボール
Fishing つり (釣り)
Football フットボール
Golf ゴルフ
Gymnastics たいそう (体操)
Hockey ホッケー
Horseback riding じょうば (乗馬)
Jogging ジョギング
Judo じゅうどう (柔道)
Karate からて (空手)
Kendo けんどう (剣道)
Quidditch クィディッチ
Racquetball ラケットボール
Rugby ラグビー
Running ランニング
Shooting しゃげき (射撃)
Skating スケート
Skiing スキー
Snowboarding スノーボーディング
Soccer サッカー
Softball ソフトボール
Sumo wrestling すもう (相撲)
Surfing サーフィン
Swimming すいえい (水泳)
Table tennis/Ping-pong たっきゅう (卓球) / ピンポン
Tennis テニス
Volleyball バレーボール
Water skiing すいじょうスキー (水上スキー)
Wrestling レスリング

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Check out what I just found!

Take a close look at Link’s right hand. See it? Here, let me zoom in a little…

Link’s Rito outfit has a three-fingered glove on it, which other characters lack! What is that, exactly? Allow me to explain!

On the left is the three-finger method for drawing a bow that you typically see in modern archery, while on the right is a method used in Kyudo, traditional Japanese archery. Archery gloves cover all the fingers in contact with the bowstring and arrow shaft, so as you might expect, Kyudo gloves cover the thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

The Rito are a race known for their archery skills, so part of the Rito outfit is a Japanese archery glove! That’s a cool little detail, which I imagine pretty much everyone missed. It probably speaks to how big a nerd I am that I noticed this.


弓道、きゅうどう Kyudo, Japanese archery

These girls are so badass. I wish I’d been able to do this at school! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a teenager with so much poise and focus as the first girl on this video, you can totally understand the meditative and Zen aspects of this martial art when you watch this.

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