Japanese Soldiers


Storming the Shimada Clan. (PART 2)  (part 1 here)

When his heart had decided to leave his eardrums and return back into its chest 76 swallowed thickly.
The soft tinkering of the rain on the skylight and the occasional flick of a koi’s tail.

Somewhere he heard a Shishi-odoshi clonk loudly.

Someone was watching him.
Someone knew what he was up to.
Someone made it very clear he shouldn’t be doing this.

76 wiped the blood off his face, it wasn’t all a loss. He had a name and a vague location to work on.How far did this go? He could almost hear Gabriel behind him “Find all the pieces, work it like a puzzle, start from the outside, work your way in.”
Deep breath, one-two, exhale, three-four.The night was still young. He picked up his rifle and made his way back out, refusing to get his hand stamped upon leaving. 

Neon Noir Overwatch AU.

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You know how to break the stalemate of WWII FPS games? Let us play as everyone but the Americans and British, a campaign where you start as a Polish soldier holding the onslaught of the German army, only to be immediately relocated to try and contain the soviets; then as a Finn throwing molotovs at T-26′s, sniping cold and confused soviet soldiers, and shooting down bombers over your home city; then you move as a French soldier at the outskirts of Dunkerque, trying your hardest to hold your line while the BEF gets evacuated.

Then out of the blue you switch sides, now you’re a Japanese soldier invading Hong Kong, Singapore, The Philippines; now a German at Barbarossa, North Africa, an Italian in Greece, then now you’re a Cretan partisan shooting a fallschirmjagers, a yugoslavian partisan shooting at the SS, a french partisan kicking the germans out of Paris, and for the final missions, a Soviet at Kursk, an SS at Budapest, and finally, the same polish soldier you began as fighting for the soviets at the Battle of Berlin. 

Because fuck me, the Anglo side of the war has been done to death.