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Japanese Rockers The Telephones Look to Hang it Up (For Now)

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For Telephones guitarist Akira Ishige (@akiraishige), the last decade has gone by in a flash.

“We’ve done nothing but this band for 10 years,” he says. “The year we made our mainstream debut, we probably saw each other for 300 days out of 365 days — maybe more.”

After 2015, Akira and his bandmates — Seiji Matsumoto (@seijimatumoto), Ryohei Nagashima (@ryoheeey) and Nobuaki Okamoto (@nobu_thetelephones) — will have to get used to not spending time together, as the Japanese rockers are set to take an indefinite and much deserved break. For bassist Ryohei, it will be a chance to try things outside of the daily grind of touring and band life.

“I spent the most sensitive years of my life playing for this band,” he says. “All of us have never experienced having regular jobs and being out in society — we want to have a fresh take on things and experience the hardships that we haven’t had the chance to experience.”

Though the members are set to go their separate ways, Ryohei states the obvious: music is and always will be a part of who he is, even when it’s not his full-time job. “I don’t dedicate all my time to music, as I love fishing and other outdoor sports,” he says. “I became a musician with the mindset that music is not necessarily everything for me. I don’t have to be heads down about music. I want it to be something that casually keeps flowing into my life.”

–Instagram @music

  • いいんですか?
  • RADWIMPS 4 ~おかずのごはん~

RADWIMPS - Is it Alright? (いいんですか?)

Every single reituki fanfic
  • Ruki:runs out of house from the family that disowned him in his fashionable designer pants
  • Reita:drives out from yakuza headquarters with the blood from his former victims
  • Ruki:pulls the hem of his t shirt down innocently as he smiles innocently with innocent eyes as he reaches the middle of a flower field
  • Reita:throws his motorbike to the ground in the middle of the field and runs manly against the smaller man grabbing him very manly and kissing him in a manly manner
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