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It Slipped My Mind・出てこない

Do you ever have something on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t think of the name? 出てこない can express that. It sounds much more natural when speaking casually than it’s popular alternative, 思い出せない . Literally, it means, “won’t come,” (that’s how I remember it best; the word won’t come to mind).

So this is obviously a verbal expression, so naturally, 出てこない comes at the end of a sentence.

彼の名前が出てこない。kare no namae ga detekonai.
His name slipped my mind. (his name won’t come.)

漢字の読み方は知ってたけど、テストの時は出てこなかった。Kanji no yomikata wa shittetakedo, tesuto no toki wa detekonakatta.
I knew how to read the kanji, but it slipped my mind when I took the test. (knew reading of kanji but, during test it wouldn’t come.)

子供の時夢中だったアニメのタイトルが出てこない。Kodomo no toki muchūdatta anime no taitoru ga detekonai.
I can’t remember the name of the anime I was crazy about as a kid. (title of anime was crazy about as kid won’t come.)

It can also be used literally, like the words literally won’t come out, like this:

日本語の読み書きはできるけど、日本人と話す時は日本語がうまく出てこない。Nihongo no yomikaki wa dekirukedo, nihonjin to hanasu toki wa nihongo ga umaku detekonai.
I can read and write Japanese, but it won’t come out of my mouth smoothly when talking with native speakers. (can read/write but, Japanese won’t come out successfully when speak.)

Japanese 1
Part 1 of the complete and inspirational mission to Memrise Japanese. Learn to read Japanese Hiragana. Learn to introduce yourself in Japanese, get around Japan, and learn a bunch of useful colloquial Japanese expressions to make people smile. Learn to read over 100 kanji.

These will be added to my resources page, but I thought they should be made in a general post as well.

These courses are created and verified by Memrise, so they’re official courses. Japanese 1 is…well, Japanese 1, the bare basics. Japanese 2 is vocabulary and learning some idioms and expressions, and Japanese 3 has idioms and colloquial (and polite) expressions that are useful (e.g. Y’know what I mean?, Don’t worry).

Here is Japanese 2.

Here is Japanese 3.


Tokyo neon lights by Hal Skygene
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anonymous asked:

I plan on coming out to my japanese mother as ftm, do you know any famous japanese ftm people?

Haruka says:

Hey, fellow Japanese trans person! I’m a Japanese trans person as well, so I’m super excited to answer this ask.

Aya Kamikawa is a transgender politician, and she’s been a spokesperson for trans rights. While she’s not a trans man, she is a prominent Japanese trans person that your mom may recognize. Hiromasa Ando is a professional speedboat racer who came out and transitioned in 2002. The general public and the Japan Motorboat Racing Federation were both accepting, with the JMRF changing its rules so he could compete until his SRS at Okayama University Hospital.

This is a link of interviews (http://genderqueer.tumblr.com/post/832430431/interviews-with-japanese-trans-men) with Japanese trans men. While none of them may be famous, they might help you feel as though you have community. I know that knowing I had community was really important to me feeling confident enough to come out. I’d also recommend the book “Queer Japan” - it’s an anthology of memoirs of queer and trans Japanese folks.

If your mother speaks Japanese as well, it might be helpful to explain things in terms that she is familiar with. If that is something you’d be interested in, please feel free to contact me on my personal @angryqueerprincess.