Japanese Lesson 16 Notes part 1-2 - Specific Time Words 

*this is a very informal-crash course Japanese lesson I have thrown together for some friends, I am not a Japanese teacher or fluent speaker

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Of all the apps I use on my android phone, this is my go-to for “I only have a few minutes, but I can squeeze in some Japanese practice instead of just zoning out and drooling.”

There are four modes of study - kana, kanji, vocabulary, and grammar. I’ve never used the kana mode because I don’t need practice there, but I have used all of the other three (and I actually just loaded up the kana mode to see if it was as good as the others, and it totally is). 

Basically, it’s a multiple choice test, only it’s more fun because the balloons get faster and faster AND FASTER AND ALSO THEY MAKE A HAPPY SOUND WHEN YOU GET THEM RIGHT AND IT’S A REWARDING SORT OF SOUND. 

Let’s say you’re in the vocabulary mode. On the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a word or phrase in English. Then, from the top of the screen, balloons will start falling and they’ll be holding banners of various Japanese words. Your job is to click on the correct balloon. The more you get correct, the faster the balloons start falling. If you make a mistake, they’ll go slowly again.

OH! AND HOW CAN I FORGET? For the Kanji and Vocab modes you can pick your vocab set based on which JLPT level you are aiming for (or just which level you’d like to study). And on grammar? Ooh yea, it lets you choose between studying particles (super hard, but wonderful practice for me), counters (also excellent), and transitivity (omg, I need this so much and it’s helpful like whoa).

All in all, I highly recommend this app. It’s a great way to jam a little more targeted practice into your busy day.