I went to Ikebukuro to see a movie today, and I went over to Animate to kill some time before it started. I was very surprised and delighted to see that the front was all decked out in Kuroko no Basket! Also, holy shit, today was the first day of the Kurobasu Ichibankuji prize thing. Animate. Was. Packed. It was crazy! The lines on each floor were completely wrapped around the aisles! The kuji prize is a postcard, and if you get lucky you could win posters clear files or if you’re SUPER LUCKY a really big fabric tapestry with everyone on it. It also comes with a code for a voice download online. Each try is 300 yen and comes with two postcard/bromide cards. More info on it is here.

ALSO apparently there are Kurobasu gashapon machines around here somewhere? I went to K-Books and Lashinbang and saw a TON of Kagamis for sale. A couple Riko and one Nigou. Man, nobody really likes Kagami do they :cccc I looked all around Sunshine to see if I could find the machines but I didn’t see any? Though maybe they were covered by the sea of fangirls at Animate? I really really reallyyyyy want one of the Kuroko keychains aaaaah.

If anyone wants one of the Kagami keychains I can go back though, they’re selling for around 300-600 yen depending on where I get them. This one is for kaeilash <3 (or if you want to do the kuji thing)


I returned home from my 10-day Japanese adventure late this afternoon, and it was quite the odyssey. I’m still rather tired from it all, so it will be a brief picture update this evening. I’ll post a proper wrap-up for those who want it probably sometime tomorrow, so until then, to all a good night!

(I’m going to be tagging all my holiday posts with “Japan2012” for future reference, hopefully this will not conflict with any existing tags.)