Fushimi Inari, Kyoto by Denise E.


JPN12_0259 by Denise E.


Vending machine invasion by Denise E.


Pictures from the special Gintama exhibit at the top of the Animate building in Ikebukuro! They had Gin-san’s bike and helmet! I WANTED TO TOUCH IT SO BAD aaaaaaah. Also all these super awesome huge cardboard cutouts, and a photo area where you could take a picture behind the barbed wire fence, like Hijikata. There were also really nice cosplay outfit samples, original anime cells, story board sketches from the final episodes (sob), and there was even a wall where you could write your own little message or drawing on a post it note and stick it up with everyone else.  Sadly the only area where photos were allowed was the very front, but it was still very awesome. I’m glad I was able to catch it on my last few days in Tokyo. There was also a nice big well stocked area with JUST Gintama merchandise!


Back in America now (boo hiss), but I still have a bunch of pictures I haven’t uploaded. Here are a couple from Hachiko crossing in Shibuya. We hit up the shiny new Animate there and holy shit it’s so much more well stocked than Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro Animate is like a goddamn feeding frenzy ground for fangirls, things sell out lightning fast there, but in Shibuya THEY ACTUALLY STILL HAD MAGI THINGS and the glorious Moyashimon beer glass I’d had my eye out for.

Speaking of Magi things, the giant screen on the outside of the Q-Front building at Hachiko crossing was playing the Magi PV! That means hundreds of thousands of people walking across that crossing every single day are seeing it! SO COOL. I wish I’d been able to catch video or a picture of it, but we didn’t notice until we were actually ON the train leaving. Pity! But congrats so much congrats Magi and Ohtaka-sensei!