“Yalnızlık hayal peşinde koşup da doyurulmamış susuzluktur”

Kobo Abe - Kumların Kadını

“What in heaven’s name was the real essence of this beauty? Was it the precision of nature with its physical laws, or was it nature’s mercilessness, ceaselessly resisting one’s understanding?’‘ 

Kōbō Abe - The Woman in the Dunes 

Görsel :  Shoji Ueda

I went to Kyoto Hushimi-Inari shrine. I also went to there last autumn. I found this terrestrial globe with small color magnetic balls in front of restaurant. I understand that people all over the world visit this restaurant and attach color ball on this terrestrial globe. I was pleased to find that this restaurant is loved by people around the world.

“Bilim ve sanat bir kuşun kanadı gibidir. 2 kanadı kullanabilen toplumlar uçar, özgür olur. Uçamayanlar ise Tavuk olur.”


Görsel :  Eliza R. Scidmore for National Geographic

TOFUKU-JI Temple in Kyoto, Japan. The gardens arranged at the four quarters around the building of Hojo were laid out in 1939. This gardens are expressed the simplicity of Zen in the Kamakura period with the abstract construction of modern arts. I cut out the scene with a fish‐eye lens and I think the beauty of this garden is confined effectively.