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By the way this brand is called PLUMPRIMO, in Japan is very hard to find plus size clothes, even more than in China, since most of the girls fits S or XS sizes. Plumprimo is giving bigger girls a chance to feel cute and confident with their beautiful clothes

Why Japan Is So Important to American Fashion

Racked published an article taking a quick look at the new “Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style” book by W. David Marx. If you’re interested in the post-WWII history of Japanese menswear, the book is definitely worth picking up.

Marx is an academic who lived in Japan and graduated from Keio University. He spent a lot of time researching the book, so there’s quite a bit of interesting stuff inside.

Review at Racked.com
☆ Japan Fashion List ☆

1: Lolita

2: Visual Kei

3: Harajuku

4: Rockabilly

5: Bosozoku / Baika

6:  Sukeban

7: Mahou Kei

8: Kawaii kei

9: Pop Kei 

10: Oshare Kei

11: Party Kei

12: Ganguro

13:  Coco-gyaru

14: Banba

15: Rokku Gyaru

16: Goshikku Gyaru

17: Pastel Goth

18: Kuro Gyaru 

19: Agejo / Kyabajo

20: Galaxxxy

21: Uchuu Kei

22:  Angura Kei

23:  Cyberpop

24: Pastel Grunge

25: Aomoji Kei

26 : Gyaru

27: Hime Gyaru

28: Fairy Kei

29: Cosplay

30: Seapunk

31: Webpunk

32: Larme Kei

33: Swankiss


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