Rescue Cat Cafe

I don’t know if you know, but Japan is home to a lot of animal based style cafes like Cats, rabbits, reptiles, owls, etc. Before I came to Japan for the first time 4 years ago I was crazy excited to visit a cat cafe (As I’m a crazy cat lady) but, something upset me about it. I noticed the cats were not…….normal. By that I mean their actions made me believe that they were given some kind of relaxation drug or something to keep them calm. Now, I personally don’t believe in that! 
If it’s to prevent accidents with customers then I say EFF the customers. Customers know that animals are their own kind. Customers know some animals may have sharp teeth, claws etc. So if they’re bit or scratched it’s their own fault. They must of done something to provoke the animal. IMO.
So when I moved here a year ago, I wasn’t in a rush to go to one again until a friend of ours bought us a ticket to go to a specific one in Namba near Dotonburi river. A little apprehensive until I was told it’s a cafe where they rescue cats and put them up until someone comes to make a new family member. I thought that was such an amazing thing to do. So I was super excited.
ALL of the cats had different personalities and didn’t come across as sleepy or under the influence of some kind of relaxant. 
Of course some of the cats were sleeping (They sleep for majority of the day) but there was an energetic one, a grumpy one, a cautious one, a sleepy one, a baby one, a quirky one etc etc

If you are interested in going I really recommend it. It was only a small place but definitely a place that deserves the money to upkeep the kitties. Just across the road they have the same shop but for rescue dogs. 

Check out the video: here