So my first day in Japan Expo wasn’t what I expected xD since I was a bit sick from the heat so I wasn’t in the mood to take photos and all ^^’’ 

I mostly spent the day at the booth of my dear spanish friends, I went to see again Rachel aka Racyue and went to buy some merchs I wanted >w<

Amazing MH & Korrasami posters from Ladygt <33333
Lovely Nezushi doujin (with free bookmark and card) from Inma

I count buy more merchs tomorrow ehehehhe I already saw some things I would be happy to have <3333

Also, I’ve been so much spoiled (in advance) for my birthday >//////////////<

A MH doujin from my queen of fluff Rachel >////<
Clearao keychains + clearao & Renao pins by my adorable momohiis  <333 (see her online store HERE!!)
A Mikayuu keychain by the lovely worstclonesup <333 (see her online store HERE!!)



Click for English. Abby joked this in 2013, after she and Sawa both said they wanted to have another match, but now it came true lol. (Especially fitting since Abby can tell the future now haha). 

Nalu Week Day 2: Gratitude

Nalu week day 2: Gratitude

“I can’t believe that people actually write, read and like this stuff!”- Lucy said as she was reading some “Nalu week” fanfictions. She just got out of the shower and got an impulse of reading more.She got curious as last time she saw all the girls of the guild reading some fanfictions of her and Natsu. The first fanfic that she read was title “ Nalu week day 1: Wander” and it was about an AU fanfic, where Natsu and her were living in the meji era of Japan. This time as she was scrolling down the web page she found something that caught her attention.

“Nalu week day 2: Gratitude”

With her computer in her lap, Lucy began to read, until she remember that her rent was due today. She quickly stood up and prepare herself for a quick solo mission that could give her some money. Ready, Lucy went to the guild, completely forgetting about her turn on laptop.

Just a few minutes after Lucy’s departure, a pink haired boy entered Lucy’s apartment by the window.

“Lucy, you here?”

No one answered , and as he looked around he notice Lucy’s turn on computer, he got curious as to what the blonde will be doing with her laptop. He took a quick glance and notice the title:

“Nalu week day 2: Gratitude ”

And without any regrets , Natsu began reading.


“Hey! Has anyone seen Lucy?”-Natsu yelled as he entered the guild.

“Not really, I haven’t seen her for a two days actually”- Mirajane said with anxiety. The guild came back together after the one year of separation. Natsu, even if he acted like he didn’t know, he perfectly knew about Lucy’s changes. It’s not like the blonde was angry at them. She was just lonely and sad. Natsu knew she needed time. But Natsu didn’t have patience and not having the relationship that he had with his partner a year ago was killing him.

He needed and now.

Without further due, Natsu went running to Lucy’s apartment.

When Natsu arrived at her aparment, he feared the most. He could’t smell her scent.He quickly got to the window and open it, just to find that his nightmare was true.

No one was there

Natsu quickly looked around to find clues about where she may be. He finally found it:

A note. Why did this felt familiar, he asked himself. He quickly open it and he terrified began to read:

Dear Natsu,

Probably, you will be the first to find out about this letter, so please pay attention.
No, I am not mad, I just have trouble with myself. I still doubting about my friends at Fairy Tail, even thought I know they are great people, I am still doubting about our friendship. I don’t deserve such great people in my life, so until I can fix myself, I won’t be coming to Fairy Tail, I don’t know how much it will take, so please ,just take care of everyone for me.


After Natsu read the letter, he stared running out of Lucy’s apartment, without controlling his emotions and while the streets of Magnolia were covering his pain Natsu yelled:

“Idiot! If you leave, I’d be so lonely!

~The end-

After reading the fanfiction, the reaction of Natsu was….nothing. Exactly, he could’t do anything.

After a while, Lucy , who was tired and sweating, finally came to her apartment. Luckily , she found a three easy missions that could pay her rent. She entered her her dormitory and there she found Natsu… Staring at her laptop’s screen. Natsu suddenly turned around and stood up. Without warning, he passionately hugged her, and quietly, even if he tried to controlled himself, he still let out a few cries.Lucy surprised still didn’t know what to do. So, she hugged him back and softly padded his head and back.

"Thank you Lucy, for not leaving me”

To be continued in Nalu week day 3!

A/N: I know it was kinda short an cliche, but I am writing this as the day passes, so yeah, hope you liked this and see you next time!

  1. chiisai-fukurou said: It is funny that Japan that has 7 times the annual rainfall of the UK is considered to be a sunny place :D I like the Japanese rain though :3 Also the sun shines more often in Japan :D Here the sky is grey most of the time :|

It does? o.0 Maybe Japan’s rain tends to be concentrated in rainy season and typhoon season, so it feels less than the UK’s?

PS: South Africa is one of the sunniest countries in the world. :)

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Time and Date: 12:41pm , 2015-07-02

Average Hours of Sleep: Lately? 9 hours approximately

Birthday: 10 November 1997

Gender: Female

Sexuality: I say heterosexual but…. I haven’t really experienced anything so let’s just say I’m open to possibilities of discovering something new

Height: 5′2

Favourite color: Gold, white and baby pink

One Place That Makes You Happy: My car

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep Under: 1-3… but if it’s too hot, I just use a sheet

What are you wearing: A black crop top with high waisted flower patterned shorts

Favourite Beverage: Orange Juice

Favourite Meal: Anything made by my Mom, or any Asian style of cooking (particularly Chinese and Korean (( and ramen holy crap )) )

Last Movie You Watched: My graduation film

Dream Vacation: Japan in the spring time (I’d say Korea but I’m moving there anyways) 

Dream Wedding: Simple, elegant, really personal and surrounded by the people I love most (I’m really cheesy with these things pls don’t judge me) 

Dream Pet: A harmless bear (trained or what not) 

Dream Job: ESL (English as a second language) Teacher in South Korea, alongside my best friend and moving from East Asian countries, and translating on the side, teaching English and tutoring on the side, and perhaps even self publishing and selling my art online

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Philippines wants to strengthen ties with Japan

In the face of the aggressive expansive behavior from China on sea, the Philippines seeks to strengthen its military ties with Japan and buy military equipment from Japan to stock its own poorly-equipped forces.

I’m interested in how the other nations in the region will react to this. It begs the question if it’ll turn into a China vs. the Others situation. That is, if other nations such as the Philippines, Taiwan and Malaysia can forgo their own territorial squabbles to form a united front.