Shōun-ji–Analog by Rekishi no Tabi
Via Flickr:
Camera: Fuji Auto-8; Fujinon Lens 1:3.5 f=35mm *Originally taken on April 30, 2013. This was the first time I have shot with an analog film camera in maybe 14 years. To take this photo, I resurrected an old point and shoot autofocus Fuji Auto-8, that was purchased in the in the mid 1980s. Shōun-ji is a Zen Buddhist temple in the upscale area of Hiro-o in Tokyo that was founded by the daimyo (feudal lord) Kuroda Tadayuki, who ruled the domain of Fukuoka in North Kyushu. The temple was built to serve as the final resting place for his father, the famed late Sengoku-period warlord Kuroda Nagamasa (1568-1623).