Japan glam

Alan Merrill of the Tokyo based Japanese glam rock band Vodka Collins. An American, Alan Merrill was the first person to sing in the glam rock genre in Japanese with the recordings “Sand Of Time” and “Automatic Pilot"a double a-sided single in 1972. The songs were part of the band’s "Tokyo New York” album (EMI 1973) and the recording is a classic still selling today in frequent re-issues in Japan. Photo by Koo Saito.


Front and back covers of a Japanese issued T. Rex compilation from 1986. The graphics tell a story of Marc coming back from the dead to join Mickey in the studio and bringing his main man in the spirit world, Oscar Wilde with him. There is also a wraith of Mick Ronson and Sid Vicious (I think, in the last box). I’m told this album is a super rare find.