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Aph reaction

Would you be able to do how the axis (+Prussia ) react to their s/o walking out of the bathroom with a razor cut that just won’t stop bleeding?

Germany: He’d be shocked at first, not because of the blood or the wound, but the fact that it’s a razor cut. He’d help them right away to stop the bleeding, but his s/o would have to answer some tough questions afterwards like if the cut was an accident or not.

Prussia: His first instinct would be to stop the bleeding. After making sure the bleeding is stopped, he’d realise what has just happend. He’d pray for both of them that the wound was just inflicted by accident.

Italy: He’d be shocked before frantically searching for something to stop the bleeding - but honestly, he’d be under more stress than his s/o.

Japan: He’d react instantly and help them by stopping the bleeding. He’d seem calm and very collected and he’d know what has to be done. But, just like the German Brothers, he then is focused on the origin of the cut.

and it’s done!! (after nearly a whole month omg) 

this is the third time i’ve done this: 1//2   and i’m very happy with my improvement - i’ll probably do a comparison post soon

please let me know which characters you want to see individually 

here it is on redbubble 

America: This Animal Crossing game is way more awesome than I thought it would be!!

Japan: Do you like all the cute neighbors I-

America: It’s like pure capitalism!

Japan:.. capitalism?

America: You can sell a mosquito, dude. A mosquito. And make money. That’s- That’s beautiful.   

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this is the second time in doing this , this fandom is dYING FOR REAL