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How would the Axis react to a random smol bean coming in to the U.N. meeting room while playing Pokémon GO and them just bein like "I'm sorry my dudes but there is a fucking Charizard here and I'm not losing this opportunity."

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Japan, Prussia and Italy would have one of those “oh shit waddup” moments. He would whip out his phone to see if there was one there. Yes, he is a giant pokemon nerd, what do you expect. Romano thinks everyone is crazy, but secretly checks it out for himself

“Now, about the global warming issue…” Germany started with, this meeting was crucial. Well, he was about to introduce the topic when a human walked in.

“You may have the wrong room.” Germany states.

“Oh, I’m not lost, there’s a Charizard in here.” The person replies back, swiping at their phone to try to catch a virtual dragon. Germany just kinda…watches. He sees many other countries pick up their phones to check if Charizard was indeed in that room. Ugh, the meeting is done for now, he’ll have to re-address the issue another time.

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May I ask how Italy, Japan and Germany react to their s/o being messed with by the BTT?

Italy would think it was kinda funny but would tell them to quit it if his S/O seemed to be getting annoyed or didn’t like it. 

Germany would tell them to quit fucking around with his S/O or else there’d be hell to pay. If they didn’t mind, then he would just keep an eye on them. 

Japan wouldn’t know what to do. He’d ask them if they were alright and maybe try to separate the two groups. 

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If the 1p an 2p were leaning on the wall, but they didn't notes that the wall said WET PAINT

Wait-what? *gets off the wall and sees they’re back is covered in paint* … Haha-oops, I’m such an idiot.: America, 2p America, 2p China, 2p Germany, Prussia, Me

*Notices and gets off the wall quick* Oh no-hope they don’t get mad or anything-: Canada, England, China, Japan, Italy, Germany, 2p Prussia, Spain

*notices and literally jumps off the wall* My clothes! *god dammit* : 2p England, France, Romano, 2p Romano, Austria

*notices and gets off the wall* …Oops, oh well-: 2p Canada, 2p France, Russia, 2p Russia, 2p Japan, 2p Italy, 2p Spain, 2p Austria

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How would the 1p Allies and Axis (you don't have to do all of them. Chose who you feel like.) react to their child telling them that they "see dead people."? Lmao. Will they fite their kids? Send them to Church? Give them up for adoption? Lol.

America: He’d find it interesting. He’d be curious to whether his kid is completely serious or not, but he’d probably still be too freaked out by the idea of ghosts to ask too many questions. He’d be praying his kid is actually just messing around.

England: He’d be intrigued, but still concerned, nonetheless. Seeing dead people isn’t exactly normal. He’d probably contemplate calling an expert in the paranormal field to ask for advice on the situation. 

France: He’d tell them that ghosts don’t exist, but he’s really just scared that there are dead people watching him. He’d probably consider sending his kid to a church just to be in the presence of Jesus for safety.

Russia: He’d be fascinated by it, but still sceptical. He isn’t a believer in the paranormal, but he’s open minded to it. While he isn’t really scared by it, he still finds it weird. He’d have questions related to the subject.

China: He’d tell them it’s bullshit, and ask them if they feel alright. He strongly believes the paranormal is just fake, and all of the ideas around it came from someone who was never not high. He’d think his kid was out of it.

Germany: He’d lecture them on how it’s all impossible, but the truth is, he just really doesn’t want to accept the paranormal. He’d definitely fight his kid over the matter, determined to prove them wrong.

Japan: He’d be scared. He’d end up calling a paranormal specialist to ask if his kid is normal. He has a strong dislike for the paranormal and he finds it all just terrifying. He’d hope his kid was just fucking with him.

Italy: He’d be interested, and he’d have lots of questions about these “dead people”, but whatever answers his kid gives him will probably just scare him. He’s pretty scared of the paranormal. He’d probably consider sending them to some church group, for the same reasons as France.

Italy x Japan doujinshi “Art club” hetalia yeshs

read right to left.

dafuq. you probably don’t even understand what’s going on in this. uhm yeah, my doujinshis will always be cringey so.. yeh. anyways, all credits go to me except for the characters, they’re made by the original creator of hetalia, himaruya.

Some Of The Best Hetalia Lines In The History Of Ever™


“Please close your legs.”

“Am I Catholic or Protestant?…God, I don’t know…”

“Oh thanks a million, next time why don’t you just stab me in the chest wITH A SPATULA”

“Wow I look exactly like you, a big douche-bag.”


“Winter can suck my jingle bells!”


“I once killed a man with his own mustache and a grape.”


“My milkshakes bring all the boys–” “TO HELL WITH YOUR MILKSHAKES”