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Some of the sketches I did on my 10 day trip to Nagoya and Tokyo with friends! I managed to pretty much fill up an entire sketchbook, which I’m quite proud of, I must say, haha. Sketching while traveling made every experience ten times more interesting. Can’t wait for my next trip!


For the First Time online
Unpublished Outtakes by Herb Ritts 1986/87

N-1 with Herb Ritts “Shanghai Surprise” on set
N-2 In Tokyo during the “Who’s that Girl World Tour
N-3 Backstage "Mitsubishi” & You can Dance session


SPOTLIGHT: Digital Portraits Illustrations by hi a.k.a. xhxix

hi aka xhxix is a Japan-based visual artist who combines photography, painting, and digital special effects to create stunning surrealist works. Armed with a vivid imagination and enigmatic personality, the mysterious Morimoe has been able to create images that look at the fragility of traumatized and abused youth.

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Dear Scandal in the spotlight users:
As you may know, SITS Japanese has stopped updating since April 2016, there was no new story and no Revance blog update.
However, SITS Japanese app updated a news today (29July 2016 JST) related to the current election:

Translated infomation under cut: (mobile phone only)

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So I’m reading up on Marimo because  I need some plants for my aquarium to help clean it up and-


It moves around the bottom of the tank like an animal and it can live for 100 years????

AND THE LEGEND- “Above all, the main reason for it gaining public favor would probably be due to the legend; once there lived a daughter of the chief of a tribe around Lake Akan. She fell in love with a commoner, but confronted opposition of her parents. She ran away with him and sublimated into Marimo. For that myth, in Japan, it has become spotlighted as "love plant,” which realizes true love and accomplishes one’s heart’s desire when it is given and taken as a present. It has crossed the ocean to reach Korea, welcomed by children, lovers and parents.“


even hoshino wondered why only lenalee’s legs were shown in that d.gray-man hallow poster that recently came out! i really don’t like what the hallow advertising staff are doing with lenalee, leaving her out from the merchandise and all. is she not popular in japan? they give the spotlight only for allen, kanda and lavi even though lenalee is just as much part of the team as any of them??? they’re definitely trying to appeal to the girl audience, which is nothing new and i’m not against it, but hell, i wonder if they’re going to downplay her role in the story as well :/