Shinto shrines hoping luck in many languages attract tourists:The Asahi Shimbun
Foreign visitors can count themselves lucky, or perhaps unlucky, that from now on at many Shinto shr

A new article by the Asahi Shimbun writes how Shinto Shrines, and Jinja Honcho, especially with the upcoming 2020 Olympics, want to take this opportunity to spread Shinto overseas and welcome foreigners into the faith.

“The shrine [ Zamajinja shrine in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture] has also held a gathering for foreigners to introduce them to aspects of Japanese culture. It also plans to set up a visitor center where it can introduce Shinto to visitors.“We want to keep actively spreading Shinto and Japanese culture,” said Shigeho Yoshida, a chief priest of the shrine.”


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crane game, Sennichimae, Osaka by jtabn99