Evil Kimono Tricks Gullible Priest into Destroying Half a City

As a Japanese legend tells it, a priest in Tokyo was able to tell when spirits were present. In February 1657, the priest knew he had to remove evil spirits from a kimono that he believed to be cursed. Three teenaged girls had owned the innocent-looking garment, and all three had fallen ill and died. As the fathers of the young victims watched, the priest solemnly set a torch to the kimono But just as the cloth caught fire, a fierce wind came up.

The evil wind swept the flames out of control until they ignited the wooden dwellings of the city. Before it was extinguished, the infamous “long-sleeved kimono” fire killed more than 100,000 people and left three-quarters of Tokyo burned to the ground.


Pontochō by TokyoViews
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Team 7 Deserved The Ending Episode dedicated for them!

Naruto Manga : Chapter 1 Cover 

Introducing Naruto Uzumaki, the hero, with TEAM 7, which will make their first introduction in Chapter 3 and become the heart of the series. 

Naruto Manga: Chapter 699

Team 7 Back Together!

Naruto Manga: Chapter 700

Everyone gets equal amount of screen time. It also showed the readers how Naruto has become the 7th Hokage, something which has been his dream and goal since Chapter 1

Naruto Gaiden : Kishimoto’s last original work

Team 7 reunited as adults and still being the most baddass Shinobis and NEO Sannin! The manga ended with Uchiha Family photos, which shows the main rival and the heroine: Sasuke and Sakura, with their daughter Sarada, which inherited Naruto’s dream of becoming the future Hokage!

Kishimoto Masashi showed us over and over again in his manga, through his drawing, how important TEAM 7 is for Naruto story. They are not just main supporting roles which can be replaced by just anyone, that’s why Kishi always ended up getting back to them and tell their story, be it individually, or together as a Team. 

So, how come the Anime ended with a Wedding episode which isn’t even centered around its main characters? Sasuke appeared for like how many seconds? And Sakura only get to say one word? It didn’t even tell a story about Naruto who finally reached his dream to become Hokage.

You don’t need to be Antis of certain characters to be pissed off because of this.


Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979) // Shin Godzilla (2016)

A pleasure boat is found abandoned and adrift in the ocean just outside a major city. Upon investigation, recent signs of habitation are found within the craft. The authorities’ investigation is cut short by the sudden appearance of a gruesome monster, kick-starting the events of the movie.


Shisendo in Autumn 詩仙堂の秋 by Patrick Vierthaler