Calendar drabbles

Last year I made a calendar for my friend that had a block of white space on one side that I utilized to write short Mulder/Scully fics for her.  Some correlated to the month, some didn’t.  It occurs to me now that maybe someone else would want to read them.

A Winter’s Tale
“January is the cruelest month,” Mulder said.
“Why do you say that?” Scully answered.
“I don’t know, it sounded appropriate.”
Scully shivered.
“You cold?” Mulder asked.
“A little.”
Mulder held open his overcoat and jerked his chin at her. “Nice and warm in here.”
Scully lifted her right eyebrow.
Mulder jerked his chin again with a smile. “Get over here, Scully,” he said.
Scully stepped closer into the warmth of Mulder’s jacket and he wrapped her up in his arms.
“Better?” Mulder asked.
Scully hummed a response.
The night was quiet.
“What are you thinking?” he asked.
“January’s not so bad,” she said.

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Can’t get enough of Bethyl? Neither can we! We will be hosting the first annual Bethyl Alternate Universe week January 24-30.

We hope everyone will contribute; be it in fics, gifs, edits, art, videos or whatever else you come up with! Just be sure to only post your own original content and to please use the tag #bethylauweek so that we can see everything and reblog it here on the network.

The main prompt for the day is bolded and we’ve included some suggestions for each day. You are free to use the suggestions or anything else you come up with!

Sunday January 24//fairy-tale AU

Maybe Beth is a mermaid and Daryl sees her from his ship? Or perhaps Daryl is a werewolf and Beth runs into him on the full moon. Is one of them royalty under a curse that can only be broken by true love’s kiss?

Monday January 25//time period AU

What would happen if Beth and Daryl met in the fifties? Or in the future? Maybe even in the Victorian age? 

Tuesday January 26//crossover AU 

See how Bethyl would act in another established universe such as the Harry Potter series or the Hunger Games. 

Wednesday January 27//canon AU

Still set in the zombie apocalypse but with canonical facts politely(or angrily) ignored. What do you think would have happened if Daryl never opened the door for the dog or if Beth had gotten out of Grady with Noah?

Thursday January 28//college AU

Are Beth and Daryl both students? Maybe one is an instructor? You tell us!

Friday January 29//Rivals AU

Beth and Daryl are at odds with each other because they both work for rival companies or maybe they are competing for the same competition. Maybe its even something as simple over a contest of who can eat the most donuts, it’s your choice!  

Saturday January  30//Anything you want!

Got an AU idea that we didn’t cover? Share it with everyone today! 

January ('Tween the Dream and the Real)

He could just go, if he wanted.

That’s what was terrifying about it all. If he wanted, if he truly wanted to, he could just give it all up and leave everyone and everything behind without so much as a goodbye. What was stopping him? He had a car, and some money, and God he certainly had the desire. It always came at this time of year, when the year was changing in the depths of a pale bright winter, that longing to give it all up and vanish. Something about the newness of it all, the possibility, the weight of anticipation that would linger for months until the coming of a spring that would leave him feeling undone and unsatisfied, it made him ache.

But to throw a handful of possessions into his crappy old car and start driving, now there was a thought. To load up the Civic with its busted tape deck and AC that liked to think that it worked but wasn’t fooling anyone, to weigh down the underinflated tires with just enough to keep him clothed and fed for a while as he drove and drove, it was the most seductive thing he could imagine. No more classes, with professors who forgot him and assignments that didn’t matter, no more work, with a thousand dishes to be washed and no money to show for it, no more lonely nights spent painfully alone in an apartment he could barely afford to heat. Just the road, the whistle of the wind both wild and free, and his own thoughts to keep him company. God, think about it.

He would strike out west like the adventurers of old, seeking out the open spaces and the mountains and the endless possibility in between. He would forge new paths untrod by generations of 24 year old losers before him, discover a brave new frontier of unguided exploration, fulfill his dreams like he so obviously wasn’t doing right now in the mindless grind of school and work, school and work, school and work and nothing more. And when the road stretched out before him, sharp as an arrow in endless flight as it winged straight and true through rolling seas of grass into distant mountains, he would feel complete.


Oh there were a thousand buts. But what about school, and all the work he’d put in to get here? What about money, that pesky thing he slaved and slaved for and never had enough of? What about family, and the people who called themselves friends, and the responsibilities that came with both? For every daydream of zooming down an open road away from his worries there were two realities that stepped in to drag him back down to earth. No matter what he told himself, he knew the truth of the situation. He couldn’t just leave, no matter how much he wanted to.

And yet when the pallid January sun shone down on him with no warmth at all, when the wind whistled through the city buildings and avenues to ruffle his hair with the promise of freedom, when the sky and the road and the journey called to him, the tiny flame of rebellion that never left him sparked itself into life again. And in those moments, when the terrifying, heady danger of a brand new year surged within him, Tanner could smile to himself and whisper a private truth that was both affirmation and promise.

“I can’t just pack up and leave. Not yet.”

A January Tale.

I drew this one at the very beginning of the challenge, on February 19, but had not posted it here yet. So here it is.

I like how I got different scenes of the stories in one drawing. Not sure about how the Darkness came out, it looks a bit too solid and distracting. Maybe I should re-draw it with my newly discovered Dry Brush technique…

This looks like it might be a nice comic cover though, with the black extending to the back cover.