Currently on view as part of Self- Interned, 1942: Noguchi in Poston War Relocation Center, through January 7, 2018:

Isamu Noguchi, Noodle, 1943-44, Botticino marble Pine wood base

Photo by Kevin Noble

Private collection, on long-term loan to The Noguchi Museum

Yuri!!! on Ice characters +  birthday

January 7 Guang Hong Ji

February 14 Chris Giacometti

March 1 Yuri Plisetsky

April 30 Phichit Chulanont

June 6 Seung-gil Lee

July 8 Emil Nekola

July 15 Jean-Jacques Leroy

August 2 Leo de la Iglesia

August 18 Kenjirou Minami

September 13 Sara and Michele Crispino

October 31 Otabek Altin

November 29 Yuuri Katsuki

December 25 Viktor Nikiforov

December 26 Georgi Popovich

Another friendly reminder

I just looked for some yoi fics in English (cause I’ve run out of russian fics lmao) and found a bunch of fics about Christmas, so I post this

Otabek and Yurio would definitely not celebrate Christmas together

Actually, Otabek wouldn’t at all as christianity is not really spread among people of Kazahstan (they’re more likely to be muslims, actually)

To speak about russian people, we can celebrate it, but it’s not on December, 25th (it’s on January, 7), also it is definitely not the most important holiday and it’s also very unpopular among teens so Yurio probably wouldn’t, too. Here in Russia we celebreate New Year as people in Europe/US celebrate Christmas, so if you wanted to write a Christmas fic or draw something, please, keep in mind that they surely could celebrate the New Year, but not Christmas. Also fireworks, presents, christmas tree and everything you associate with Christmas we apply to the New Year. 

To add more we have some traditions and dishes that are the most important part of a celebration. For example, russian salad is called Olivie (like French “Oliver” and often tenderly called olivieshechka) and you won’t find a russian who doesn’t cook that for New Year. There’s also a terrible dish called holodets that consists of meat and jelly-like frozed boullion. Though not everybody likes it, the dish is sure to be on the table at celebrations. The arguments about it being a good or disgusting dish between family members are also always there. Children dislike it a lot, so I can imagine a picture where Lilia/Yakov/Viktor says it’s nice but Yura and probably Georgi and Mila would argue. 

Also we have some films a russian can’t imagine New Year without, the most popular is Ирония судьбы или с легким паром (the Irony of the Fate, I suppose…) and I bet my ass every adult watch this every damn year. Viktor definitely would. Children don’t watch it that much, but teens surely can. 

I know it’s a bit late to post this a month later Christmas but here we go

You can also always ask me something about russian culture or language or anything you need :)