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It hurts me- Luke Brooks Imagine

You sat on the bed behind the computer while Luke did a twitcam. “Yes y/n is in the room with me,” Luke said, answering a question. You looked up from your phone and Luke glanced at you. You smiled and blew him a kiss. You phone signalled a notification. From Twitter. You clicked the box and the screen filled with hate.

“Bitch die Luke’s mine.”

“Luke could do so much better.”

“I hope you see this ugly bitch.”

“You don’t deserve Luke.”

“ He deserves someone pretty.”

“ Fuck you.”

“Gold digger. You only want his fame.”

You tossed your phone at luke. He picked it up and scrolled through the endless messages. He abandoned his twitcam completely and pulled you into his arms. The tears welled up in your eyes. “They hate me," the words came out of your mouth like you were being choked. "Shhh baby it’s okay none of what they said is true," Luke whispered. You cried into his chest, his arms locking you to him. Beau and Jai who had apparently been watching the twitcam, came running in the room. "What happened,” Jai asked, kneeling next to the bed. Luke handed him your phone, Jai and Beau’s eyes soaked in the messages. “What the hell,” Beau said, finishing reading. “This is bullshit,” Jai mumbled, gritting his teeth. “I know," Luke whispered, rocking you against him. "Luke do you have anything you wanna say to the viewers about this hate y/n’s getting,” Jai said, turning the camera back towards Luke. “Yea I do. It seriously needs to stop. It doesn’t just hurt her. It hurts me. Honestly guys i’m not stupid I think if she was in this for my fame I would’ve figured it out by now. It’s not cool it needs to stop. She make’s me happy. Fans say all they want is me to be happy. If she left me cause of this hate I would definitely not be happy. She is a beautiful, smart, sweet,  and wonderful girl, I don’t see why you can’t see that. I love her. Just accept it,” Luke said, looking down at you in the end. You had stopped crying by now. “Yea seriously guys just lay off,” Beau said. “You're not a real fan if you hate on y/n,” Jai said, “oh yeah I went there.” Luke leaned down and kissed you softly. “I love you baby and I would take a bullet for you,” Luke whispered, kissing your lips again. 

Preference 1: Morning After

Jai: You woke up and turned over to snuggle into Jai, but he wasn’t there. You heard footsteps heading up the stairs, so you sat up in bed and threw his shirt over your head. He walked through the bedroom door with a tray of food. He smiled when he saw you were up and set the tray in front of you. “Good morning lovely,“he said to you.
"Good morning, Jai.”
“Sleep well?” He asks, slipping into bed next to you.
“Yes, actually. You?”
“Yeah, fine.”
You two finished breakfast before he took the tray and paced on the ground.
“You look good in my shirt,"he said, smirking, while pulling you in and kissing you tenderly. He pulled you into his lap and pulled away. "I love you,"he said, stroking your cheek with the back of his hand. "I love you, too.”

Daniel: I woke up to Daniels lips pressing lightly on mine. “Good morning, babe,"he said, smiling at me.
"Good morning.” I started giggling when his fingers lightly grazed my sides and he kissed my nose.
“Last night was fun.”
“Yeah, you should sleep over more oft-” you heard a door slam outside and your eyes widened. You jumped out of bed and looked out the window to see your parents home early from their vacation. “Crap, my parents are home. If they find you in here, they’re going to flip shit.”
He gulped, before getting out of bed as well as you both started getting dressed. You heard your parents enter the house just as you had finished. You pushed Daniel towards your window. “There’s some footholds in the side of the house, this is how I always sneak out,"you explain to him.
"Ok,"he says, half of his body out of the window.”
“Bye y/n,"he waves at you.
You lean in and kiss him,"bye Daniel.” You run back over to your bed and jump under the covers as your mom is starting to open your door.

James: You woke up with his arms wrapped around your waist. Your head was pounding and you didn’t have a clue where you were. “Y/n?”
James? You thought. You turned around in his arms and looked at him confused. You looked down and noticed you were both wearing very little clothing. Your eyes widened and you looked back up at him, and he immediately removed his arms from your waist, with the same expression on his face. “Did we..” You started to ask, not really wanting to finish your sentence.
“I-I think so. I vaguely remember last night,"he said, holding his head. "Um,"you stuttered, getting up and pulling your clothes on,"this never happened, agreed?”
“Agreed,"he said, looking at you guiltily.
"No one needs to know, ok?”
“Yeah, definitely.”
“Ok, well, bye,"you said awkwardly before rushing out of the room.
"I can’t believe I fucked my best friends girlfriend,"he muttered to himself before burying his face in his pillow, feeling the full effects of his hangover.

Luke: You woke up to an empty bed. You could smell bacon coming from downstairs, so you got out of bed, threw on Luke’s shirt, and walked groggily down the stairs. You walked up behind him in the kitchen and wrapped your arms around his waist, watching him finish breakfast. "Good morning babe,"he said chuckling as soon as he felt your arms around him.
"Good morning.”
“Good, breakfast is almost done.”
You removed his arms from him and went to get each of you a glass of orange juice while he plated the food. He brought it over to the table and you set the orange juice down.
“This is delicious,"you said, devouring your food.
"Thank you,"he said, smiling.
You were half way through the meal when you heard him mutter,"oh fuck,"while looking at the clock above the oven.
"What is it?”
“The boys and I are filming a video today and I’m late,"he said, before getting up and cleaning up his plate.
"Here, I’ll do it. You go get ready,"you said, taking the plate away from him. He smiled at you and ran upstairs to get changed. When he came back down, about to leave, he walked up to you, pulled you in by your waist, and kissed you passionately.
"What was that for?” You asked, giggling, after you pulled away.
“I just really love you,"he said, looking into your eyes.
"I love you too, Luke.” He kissed you again before going to meet up with the boys.

Beau: You woke up to Beau kissing your neck gently. You nuzzled your head into his neck and cuddled closer to him, his body enveloping you with his warmth. His scent radiated off of his body, the smell making you feel at home.
“Good morning, baby.” He said, stroking your hair.
“Good morning,"you said into his neck, making him chuckle. You just stayed like that for awhile, enjoying each other’s presence. "Last night was fun, yeah?”
“Yeah, it was.”
“Wanna do it again?” He whispered, biting your ear gently and kissing down your neck and collarbone. You just nodded, before flipping you two over and straddling him.
When you both walked down stairs, it was 2 in the afternoon. You decided to just watch movies and play video games all day, ordering Chinese takeout later that night, having a wonderful lazy day together.

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