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Bolds are smuts, Italic are imagines and the ones crossed out are coming soon. 

Jai Brooks

You get jealous of one of his girl friends.

“You know she loves you.”


“It’ll Always be You”

Gypsy Beef

Next time don’t fuck on my bed!

We’ll be quiet

First Time


Mad for nothing (REQUEST FOR AALIYAH)

MDMA party

Cooking with my Boyfriend/Girlfriend tag

“What makes teeth full of wisdom what the fuck? 

Gypsy Beef part 2

Move in with me

“Im not like other girls!”

Gypsy Beef Part 3

Best if we keep it on the low

James Yammouni

Hate you, but I’m in love with you

Paint Ball hickies 

“Anything to make you Happy”

I could watch him all day (Short one)

Friend zone explanation 



“Don't worry, ill take care of him.”

I love you baby

Luke Brooks

Best Friends are honest to each other 

Road Trip

How would it feel?

MY boyfriend

It won’t even make a difference

Don’t go

Laters Baby

Daniel Sahyounie

“I’ve never done this before”

He’s Gone (This one sucks, i didn’t write)

Happy Birthday!

Casual Shower 

Why can’t you see what i do?

Beau Brooks



Shower Sex


Fuck you

Any time of day

I’m so lucky

Beach day

Too many hoes

Figure it out 


#76 Janoskians – We all love you*


You are friends with all the Janoskians boys and on your way to their house. It has been exactly three years since you’ve become friends and get excited when you get to the their house and see a note on the door. “We’ve got surprises for you… just come in” It signed by each boy and you take it off the door as unlock the door with the key that they gave to you for emergencies. You step into the house and turn the lights on, seeing rose pedals on the floor. You follow the rose pedals until you get to the dining room. James sits at the table and stands up smirking when you step into the room.

“Do you have any idea what’s about to happen to you, (Y/N)?” He asks and walks over to you.

“No.” You say and look at him confused. He chuckles quietly and then kisses you. You kiss him back even though you’re super confused. He puts his hands on your waist and lifts you up. James puts you down on the table and spreads your leads.

“what are…?” You ask as he takes off your shirt.

“shh, just let it happen.” James whispers and kisses you. He pulls your jeans down and then throws them to the other side of the room. He kneels down on the floor and puts your legs on his shoulder. James kisses your inner thigh and then your lips before starting to lick. He puts his hands on your ass and pulls you closer to him as he pushes his tongue against your hood. He licks up and down, side to side and makes circles. You are a moaning mess and then one of his hands moves up to your breast. He squeezes into your boob and starts to massage it.

“Fuck you’re so wet.” James mumbles and gives your clit a kiss before he stands up. You get up confused and James gives you kiss on the cheek. “Beau is waiting in the kitchen.” He whispers into your ear.

You take a deep breath and then leave the dining room. Arrive in the kitchen, you see Beau leaning against the kitchen island. “Damn.” He mumbles. You blushe as he takes your hand. Beau kisses you and then lifts you up, putting you on the kitchen island. Just like James he spreads your legs open and then pushes one finger into you. You moan instantly as he chuckles.

“You’re fucking wet. James did a great job.” He whispers and starts to push his finger in and out of you.

“Why are you doing this?” You want to know, shutting your eyes.

“Because we all love you (Y/N).” He says and attaches his lips to yours. You start to make out and Beau pushes a second finger into you. He starts to quicken his pace rubs your clitoris softly in a circular motion with his other hand. Beau slowly starts to increase speed.

“Don’t stop!” You exclaim and he doesn’t. He keeps on going it until you orgasms. You let out a scream and breath heavily as your thighs are shaking.

Then he pulls out of you and helps you stand up. “You should clean yourself in the bathroom.” He whispers into your ear and kisses your cheek. You bite your lip and then leave him alone. You go into the bathroom and see that Daniel is waiting for you, already naked

“What now?” You ask as you walk over to him.

“You’re still wearing your bra.” He says and puts his hands on your waist. “That’s about to change.” He chuckles and leads you into the shower.

“How?” You ask and admire his naked body.

“By cleaning you.” Daniel says and pushes you against the wall. He turns the water on and unclasps your bra, dropping it onto the floor before turning you around. You are presses against the wall as he pushes his dick into you from behind. “Beau and James did a great job.” He groans into your ear and puts your hair to the side. He kisses your neck and starts to suck on it, leaving a hickey. You moan and hold onto your boobs as he starts to fuck you from behind against the cold wall. The water drips down on your skin and is cold against your hot body. Daniel starts to fuck you faster and squeezes your ass.

“ahh!” You scream and are a moaning mess. “Ahh fuck Daniel.”

“You like that, don’t you? You like it when you get fucked from behind.” He groans into your ear.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” You exclaim and feel yourself approaching your orgasm.

“I know that Beau made you cum. I heard you… but I’m not allowed to, (Y/N).” He whispers and pulls out. He gives you a towel and a kiss on your cheek. “Jai is in the office.” Daniel says and squeezes your butt one last time before you leave the room. You go upstairs, your clit burning to cum. When you open the door to the office, Jai is sitting behind the desk, naked.

“Finally.” He smirks and stands up. You walk over to him, not even closing the door and he takes your hand. “Bend over.” He whispers into your ear. You do as told and bend over the wood desk. Jai gives you a slap on your ass and then pushes his dick into you. You moan loudly, nearly scream as he starts to push himself fast in and out of you. He holds onto your hair and makes your whole body shake. Jai bends down as well, to hold onto your boobs. He massages them and stimulates your nipples.

“Ahh Jai!” You whimper and want to come so badly. “Please just make me cum.” You beg and he licks over your hickey.

“tell me, how gave that to you?” He groans into your ear and decreases his speed. “Tell me or I won’t let you cum.”

“Daniel.” you gasp.

“That bastard. It was my job to give you a hickey.” He mumbles against your neck. “I guess I’ll just have to give you one on the other side.” He says and sucks on your skin. You moan his name as he starts to hit your g-spot.

“Please Jai!” you exclaim and he starts to speed up. Within seconds you cum. You shut your eyes as your orgasm takes over your body. When he pulls out, you stay laying on the desk. Jai chuckles and lifts you up. “We aren’t done.” He says and carries you bridal style to the bedroom. He lays you down on the bed and kisses your cheek before he leaves again and Luke comes into the room.

“Hey cutie.” He smiles and hovers himself above you. “Just tell me when you want what.” He whispers and pushes his dick into you. It fills you out completely and you feel every inch of him inside of you.

“Faster.” You moan and he obeys. He starts to fuck you faster, holding onto your boobs. You hold onto his bicep and keep your eyes closed. “Faster Luke!” You scream. You and Luke start to make out and then change position. You’re on top and ride him fast. He lifts his hips up and pushes himself in and out of you. You start to ride him harder and faster, wanting so bad to orgasms again.

“Ahh Luke!” You moan. “Ahh! Ah! AHHH” You scream and then the door opens. The other boys come in and walk towards you. James and Beau stand on the right side of the bed and Daniel and Jai on the left side. Luke continues to fuck you as the other boys start to jack off. “Harder please!” You scream and Luke flips you around again. He fucks you harder than someone did ever before and massages your boobs until your orgasms. It’s black in front of your eyes as you cum. You’re whole body is hot and sweaty. When you open your eyes, Luke jacks himself. You open your mouth and he crawls up to your face. You take his dick into your moth and give him a blowjob until he cums in your mouth. You swallow and then give James a sign that he’s next. His eyes widen as he changes position with Luke. You give him a blowjob as well and then Beau and Daniel and lastly Jai. You swallow for each one.

“Thanks (Y/N).” The boys say at the same time.

“Thank you boys!” You smile at them and hope that you’ll get the same surprise next year.


*warning* most of these were written when i was like 15 so it’s mostly shit

* = most recent

• = most popular

+ = personal fav


Janoskians -

Preference #1 Morning After

Preference #2 Tickle Challenge  

Youtbers -

Preference #1 Your First Big Fight

O2L -

Preference #1 Your First Fight…

5sos -

Preference #1 Lay Me Down * +


Janoskians -

Beau Brooks - Jealous (smut)

Jai Brooks - Birthday  

Youtubers -

Joe Sugg - Lazy Day (smut)

Joe Sugg - Anniversary (smut)

Joe Sugg - Picnic Date

Finn Harries - Anorexia

Finn Harries - He Cheats

Finn Harries - He Gets Jealous +

Finn Harries - First Christmas

Finn Harries - The Morning After *

5SOS -

Ashton Irwin - Pregnant

Luke Hemmings - Daniel +

O2L -

Ricky Dillon - Girlfriend Tag

Sam Pottorff - Pregnant

JC Caylen - Just Friends *

Other -

Calum Hood and Beau Brooks - They Fight Over You

Luke Hemmings and Connor Ball imagine - Luke gets jealous:

pt 1

pt 2


Joe Sugg - How He’d Be in a Fight

Text Aus

5sos -

Calum Hood - Drunk Texts

Luke Hemmings - Fuckboy

Michael Clifford - Period

He Misses You on Tour - Ash Cal MikeyLuke +

Michael Clifford - He’s Your Roommate and Teases You About a One Night Stand

Michael Clifford - You Text Him HSM Lyrics +

Luke Hemmings- Matching Merch * +

(you can request things in my ask! i’ll write about anyone as long as i know them, but i don’t do personals, sorry)

Janoskians Preference: You've Had A Bad Day

Daniel: You’ve honestly had it with everybody and everything. Today was not your best day at work. You work as an assistant at a recording studio - which is how you and Daniel met - and you just got a new boss. She was always asking for coffee and food and a bunch of random shit as if you were her slave; and to make matters worse, today Taylor Swift was recording. Why couldn’t she just record in the states? Why Australia? You really don’t like her - actually, you hate her - and she tried talking to you and making you do stuff for her, but you just made small talk and went on with your life. When you were on your way home, you got a call from your boss and she said that you needed to come in early tomorrow. When you hung up, you were at a red light and you felt like screaming at the top of your lungs.

You pull up into your driveway and walk into the house, slamming everything around. Once you finally change into some sweats and get comfortable you just scream. You scream so loud that you think the window will crack. “(Y/N)?!” Daniel yells from the bathroom. He was taking a shower. You start crying and he comes down in just a towel. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “I’ve just had a bad day,” you say. He hugs you tight and lets you cry on his shoulder. He gets dressed and you two cuddle on the couch for the rest of the day.

James: You know you’re about to be on your period. You’ve been getting mad really easily these past few days. The littlest things tick you off. You’re sitting at home watching TV and James comes home from shooting a Janoskians video. “You okay, babe?” he asks. You nod and continue looking at the TV. The reason you’re so pissed off is because you keep seeing hate in your Twitter mentions. Also because everything’s been ticking you off lately. Your mom called today, which didn’t make it better. She told you that you have to watch her dog since your parents are going on a vacation. The dog has been bothering you all day, so he’s out running around in the back yard. James comes back looking a little cleaned up, and he sits next to you. “How was your day?” he asks. You shrug. “It was shit,” you say nonchalantly. You finally look over at James, and you don’t know why but you start bursting into tears. “Oh my god. (Y/N), what’s wrong?” he asks as he rubs your back. You continue to sob and manage to say, “Everything’s pissing me off.” You pull away and wipe your eyes. “I probably sound so stupid,” you say with a sarcastic laugh. “You don’t sound stupid, (Y/N). You’re just having a bad day,” he says. He hugs you again and kisses you on the forehead. For the rest of the day he lets you cry, and you end up getting your period, so he goes out and gets you chocolates while you’re taking a nap.

Jai: Your cat ran away. Your grandma’s in the hospital, but you can’t visit because she’s in critical condition. You fell down the stairs and fell on your wrist; and now it’s swollen. Could this day get any worse? You move the ice pack from your wrist to the side table and groan. “I fucking hate everything,” you say to yourself as you get up to go get some bandages for your wrist. Jai’s out with the guys, so you don’t have a car to go to the doctor. You grab some water, but realize you used your bad hand. You drop the water bottle and clutch your wrist in pain as the bottle bursts on the floor. Tears rolls down you face and you slide down the fridge, covering your face with your hands and putting your elbows on your knees in the process.

Suddenly, you hear something drop and you see through your tears that someones kneeling in front of you. You blink away your tears to see Jai. “What’s wrong?” he asks, immediately wrapping you in a hug. You hug back, but only with your right arm since your left one hurts like shit. The pain from your wrist keeps rising all the way to your shoulder whenever you make any movement. “I’ve had a really bad day,” you say. You show Jai your wrist. “I fell down the stairs and landed on my wrist,” you explain. He looks at it intently and takes you to the hospital. It turns out you broke it. As you get your cast on, Jai leaves. You’re confused as to why, but when he comes back with balloons and a teddy bear, you smile wide. They finally finish putting on your cast, and Jai is the first to sign. He takes you home and insists on taking care of you since he feels bad he wasn’t there to help when it happened. He also finds your cat, who was hiding in the tree in your backyard trying to kill some birds

Beau: Beau doesn’t really take many things seriously, but you hope he takes this seriously. You’re pregnant. And you know for a fact it’s Beau’s. You told almost everyone in your family, but all of them are pissed that you’re 19 and pregnant. Some called you a slut. You and Beau have been dating for 4 years.

Beau walks in the door to hear sobs coming from your shared bedroom. He drops everything and runs upstairs. When he goes into the room, he finds you sobbing on the bed with the test in your hand. You see Beau with a stunned face, and you throw the test across the room. It lands in the bathroom. “JUST BREAK UP WITH ME NOW. I KNOW YOU WILL AFTER YOU SEE THAT. JUST SAVE THE ENERGY AND BREAK UP WITH ME,” you yell. He looks frozen. “Wh-why would I break up with you?” he asks. He gets out of his shocked stage and rushes over to you, pulling you into a tight hug. You sob onto his shoulder. “Just look at what I threw,” you say quietly. He cautiously gets up and goes over to look at it. He looks at you, points at the test, and you nod. He picks it up and screams like a girl, immediately dropping it. “You’re pregnant?!” he asks excitedly. You think he’s mad and you start to cry even more. You hide your face in a pillow as he runs over and hugs you. “(Y/N), if you think that’s why I would break up with you, it’s not. I’m so excited! Why are you sad?” he asks. You shrug. “I’ve just had a bad day,” you say quietly. He hugs you again and you two decide that to celebrate, you do a twitcam. After the twitcam you two go to the movies and you forget all about why you were sad.

Luke: You and Luke are known for your short tempers. You guys always have tiny arguments, but you laugh it off 5 minutes later. So when you and Luke had a huge argument, you were surprised. You don’t even remember what it was about. All you know is today was the worst day. You got let go from your job - which wasn’t too bad of a job since it paid the bills - and you think you just lost your boyfriend. And to make it even more shitty, your best friend is moving across the world.

You sit on the couch silently crying as you watch pointless TV shows that you aren’t even paying attention to. Luke didn’t storm out like you thought he would. He locked himself up in your shared bedroom. You hear footsteps going down the stairs and you wipe your tears so he doesn’t see how much he hurt you. “(Y/N) I’m – oh my god have you been crying?! Was it because of me? It’s because of me. (Y/N), I’m so so so sorry,” he says as he kneels in front of you. You look down in your lap and shake your head. “I got let go today,” you whisper. You force yourself to meet Lukes gaze. He looks guilty and upset. You can see him beating himself up inside for fighting with you over the stupidest thing. “And (Y/F/N) is moving to California,” you say. He hugs you and lightly kisses your neck. “I’m so sorry,” he says against your shoulder.

For the rest of the night you two drink tea and watch your favorite movies while cuddled up on the couch. Luke won’t stop apologizing to you, no matter how many times you say “it’s okay”

1. cuddling


when you’d come home from work upset and on the verge of tears, jai would always know before you’d have the chance to vent about your day and would welcome you home with open arms. you’d want nothing more than to change into a comfy sweater and cuddle, so that’s what you’d do. he’d hold you in his arms under the blankets and kiss you sweetly as you murmured thanks. he’d just hum in acknowledgement and hold you tighter.  


you were someone who procrastinated everything, including getting out of bed, and having a boyfriend like skip didn’t help one bit. you’d get in the habit of sleeping half on top of him while he was on his stomach, so when you’d wake up (usually after him), you’d rest your chin on his shoulder while he was on his phone, pressing a light kiss there, and just stay under the covers with him. he’d smile while feeling your heart beat against his back.


beau was tired and upset for whatever reason, retreating to your shared bedroom to be alone. being with you, he should have known that that wouldn’t be for long, because it wasn’t five minutes before you wandered in to find him face down on the bed. you lay next to him, lifting his arm with little resistance and wiggling your way underneath, whispering kind words to him and trying to make him smile.


as loud as luke could be with his brothers and friends, he was often very quiet while around you. this was especially true while cuddling. you two wouldn’t really talk. you’d lie entangled with him, playing with the hairs at the nape of his neck while he ran his hands up and down your sides. it was how you’d relax, feeling his chest rise and fall, and he’d be grounded by feeling your breath fan out against his neck.


you’d always sleep like this, face close to james’ and arms wrapped around him. when you couldn’t sleep, you’d kiss and talk quietly with him about what was on your mind, the universe, your future with him. meanwhile, he’d lightly trace shapes on the skin of your back, as he knew that the action helped you relax.


Jai Brooks Smut #9 (REQUESTED)

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content DONT READ IF YOU AINT INTO THIS STUFF

“Beau, Luke are you guys ready?” I say to them from down stairs. “Yeah give me a minute I’ll be ready” Beau says to me.

“I’m coming” Luke says running down the stairs. “Wow you look hot y/n.” Luke says looking at me. “Thanks Luke” I blush before taking a seat on the couch next to Jai. “Whatcha doing Jai ?” I ask him. “Nothing Just on Twitter, can Beau hurry the fuck up I’m getting bored.” He says before placing his phone down to lay his head down on my lap.

Beau starts making his way down stairs. “Alright let’s go.” He says while walking towards the door. We all follow behind him and get into the car.

“I love this song.” Luke says before turning the music up all the way in Beau’s car. We all sing along and laugh together until we arrive at the party. As soon as we get there, Jai and I go into the kitchen were the shots are being served. “Y/n let’s get so drunk tonight that we can’t even walk straight.” Jai says into my ear over the loud music. “Yes!! Let’s get fucked up!” I say to him.

After we took shots, we made our way to the dance floor. We start grinding on each other and for some reason, our dancing had a little more something in it. He was closer to me, his grip on my waist was more firm and his eyes were a darker shade. We were so wasted.

Jai pulls me in closer so that he can lean in to kiss me. His left hand was on my lower back and his right cuffing my cheek. He leans in and presses his lips against mine. The world around me completely stopped, almost like we were the only people in this room. This was the first time Jai and I kissed. All I felt were butterflies and the weight on my shoulders was lifted off.

The kiss was slow and passionate and lasted a while before he broke it. “Why haven’t we kissed before? You’re so good at it beautiful.” He says. He looked deep in my eyes before laughing. I laugh with him and we begin kissing again.

His tongue grazes against my bottom lip begging for entrance which I don’t give him at first. His left hand leaves my lower back to grab my ass. He squeezes it lightly and I give him access. His tongue massages mine and my hands go up to his cheeks. Luke and Beau notice us and run over to bother us. “Oh yeah get some y/n!” Beau says putting his left hand on my back and his right hand on Jai’s back.

I expected Jai to break the kiss but instead he just keeps kissing me, and I let him. “Use protection!” Luke says while messing with Jai’s hair. Jai still doesn’t budge, but he pulls me in closer. “I think we should go now so they can be happy.” Beau says.

“Jai lets go home now.” Luke says into Jai’s ear. He still doesn’t move away from our kiss. “Jai come on.” Beau says to Jai. Finally he breaks the kiss and he looks at me before taking my hand into his leading us into Beau’s car. Jai opens the door for me and I get it with him following behind me. As soon as we get in the car we start kissing again.

Beau looks in the rear view mirror and laughs. “Luke they’re still making out.” Beau says. “Yeah they’re fucking tonight, Look at Jai’s boner.” Luke says to get Jai to respond and he doesn’t.

We arrive at the house and Beau opens the door for us because Jai and I were still Making out. He gets out the car and he falls. We both laugh at what just happened and we walk inside still laughing. Luke and Beau are in the living room getting ready to play Fifa and Jai and I are stumbling our way into Jai’s room.

When we reach the bedroom, Jai playfully pushes me down on the bed. He takes off my shirt and unclasps my bra then takes off his shirt. The whole time we’re both laughing for no reason. I sit up to unbuckle his belt to pull down his jeans. His erection is visible through the material of his boxers. He lays me down gently before pulling down my underwear. He spreads my legs and presses his tongue against my clit.

“Fuckkkkk.” I moan. He licks faster and starts fingering me. “You like that y/n? You like my fingers inside you don’t you?” He says looking up at me. “Jai I need you now.” I moan.

He stops and pulls down his boxers. He positions him self at my entrance and then pushes himself inside me. He starts thrusting into me really hard and fast. “Fuck Jai don’t s-stop.” I moan. “You’re so tight.” He says. “Ah sssshit.” He grunts.

He reaches down to run my clit and thrust in my even faster and deeper, getting me closer to my high. “Jai” I moan. My hands scratch his back leaving marks. We finally cum together and we end up having round two, round three and so on.Minutes turn into hours until we pass out.

The next morning I wake up in Luke’s room for some reason. I hear people arguing in the other room and I figure it out that’s Luke and Jai. I notice that I’m not wearing any clothes and then I see condom wrappers all over the bed. I put on my panties from the floor and grab a towel to wrap around me so I could hurry to Jai’s room without anyone seeing me.

As soon as I get into his room I drop the towel and grab a pair of his boxers to put on and his shirt to put on.

I leave the room to go calm them down. “Boys stop its too early for this” I say groaning holding my head. “Y/n go back to sleep I didn’t mean to wake you.” Luke says to me. I shrug and go back to Luke’s room and lay down.

“Next time don’t fuck on my bed you asshole!” Luke yells. “I didn’t know I was in your room you cunt I was drunk!” Jai fires back. “You better wash my fucking sheets that’s so fucking disgusting.” Luke says. “I will, I already said I’m sorry I woke up and I knew I wasn’t in my room.” Jai says.

“Whatever just don’t do it again, I mean I’m happy that you guys are I guess together now i don’t know because you guys were all over each other last night.” Luke says.

“Okay, I’ll wash your sheets.” Jai says

Jai comes back in the room and lays down next to me. “You know what we did last night?” He asks me. “Yeah, I mean well I it was Luke at first cause I was in his room with condoms all over his bed.” I say to him. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I was drunk and if you don’t want to speak to me again I understand.” He says to me.

“Jai I don’t remember all of last night but I remember how I felt when you first kissed me last night, I love every moment. So don’t apologize because I loved it.” I say to him. He smiles. “So what does his mean?” He asks. “I don’t know how did you feel when we kissed?” I asked him.

“Honestly the same way, I couldn’t believe I was kissing you and I didn’t want to ever stop. Some thought in my head told me I would have the chance again so I didn’t let anything stop me.” He says. “Well you can if you want.” I smile. He smiles back before leaning in to press his lips against mine. The kiss was short because again we were in Luke’s room.

“So does this mean we’re together or something?” I ask. “Only if you want to be, because of course I want to be with you but it’s up to you.” He says. “Yes I do want to be with you.” I answer him.

“Okay. But I need to redeem myself and ask you in a better way. Maybe dinner tonight?” He smiles. I nod and we laugh together. “Ok so now we have to leave Luke’s room soho can wash his sheets.” He says laughing. “You were so wet last night.” He winks.

“Jai!” I say laughing and then I swat at his arm. He laughs and kisses me again.

New Years Party (Multiple Fandoms)






8. you walk in on them wanking

requested by: janocanunot

WARNING: this contains nsfw content

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Jai Brooks Imagine #5 (REQUESTED)

“Y/n go ride a bike over there.” He points to the bikes while we’re walking through the halls or target. “No Jai you.” I laugh. “Come on you’ll be so cool if you do it!” He laughs with me. “I’ll ride them with you.” He says. We walk over to the bikes and we purposely choose kid bikes. Jai picks out a bike that he can barely fit into and he falls from it being so tiny. We both break out in a laughing fit.

The thing is, I’ve had a crush on Jai for the longest. No I haven’t told him because he friend zones me all the time. “Oh my god Jai!” I laugh. Jai starts laughing so hard he cries. A target employee that looks about our age walks up to us and stares at us. “I’m sorry I’m sorry.” He gets up laughing. When he composes himself he takes a better look at her. She’s got long brown hair and green eyes, her lips are full and she has the perfect body.

“Oh hi, um my friend and I were just messing around and uh yeah.” He stammers. Why is he acting so weird? “It’s fine I came over her to laugh at you actually.” She smiles. He smiles back at her and scratches the back of his neck. He looks at her ID before speaking.

“Melissa? Is that how you say it?” He asks. “Yeah Melissa, what’s your name?” She asks. They’re literally flirting right in front of me, and he’s drooling over her. She’s acting like I’m not even here. “I’m Jai, do you want to hang out sometime maybe?” He asks smiling. “Yeah I’d like that, maybe tonight? My shift is almost over anyways” She smiles back. She grabs a note pad from her jeans and writes her number down before giving it to him.

She walks away and he’s still looking at her. “Jai? Hello?” I wave my hand in front of him. “We should go home now ” he says without looking at me. He starts walking towards the exit door with me following behind him.

When we get home he’s still smiling from meeting that girl. “Ill be right back I’m going to text her.” He says walking in his room. I lay down on the couch and hold back the tears that are fighting to come down. “Y/n I have a date tonight at 7!"he says to me from his room. "Cool.” I reply. I check my phone to see that it’s only 5.

Jai walks back into the room on his phone. “Alright I’ll see you later, bye.” He hangs up. “Y/n that girl, I seriously can’t get her out of my mind.” He says smiling. “Yeah I bet.” I mumble. “I’m going to get Starbucks After the date and I’m going to the flower shop, do you want to come?” He asks. “No I’m fine I’ll just stay here or whatever.” I say without looking at him. “You okay?” He asks coming over to me.

“Yeah I am, can you get me a Carmel frappe ?” I ask him. “With extra Carmel just how you like it, I’ll be back soon.” He says kissing my forehead before leave the house. I sigh and let everything come out.

My tears stream down my face and I pull the blanket from behind the couch and snuggle into it. I guess I wasn’t the only one at the house because I can hear footsteps coming towards the living room.

“Y/n are you okay?” I hear Luke say. “No but I’ll be okay.” I say pulling the blanket over my face. He gently pushes me over closer to the couch so he can lay with me. He wraps his arms around the blanket that’s wrapped around me. “Y/n what’s wrong?” He asks. “Jai, he met this girl at target and he has a date with her. ” I say.

“Why are you upset about that? You guys are best friends. Oh wait you like him don’t you?” He says. He holds me tightly and comforts me letting me cry softly. “I’m sorry y/n, I’m pretty sure he’s oblivious to your feelings.” Luke says rubbing my back.

“He’s friend zoned me without even noticing.” I say. He pulls the blanket off my face and looks at me. “You are a beautiful girl and I wish you knew that. Whatever happens he’ll always be here for you and he’ll always love you.” He says.

“He won’t love me the same way.” I cry. His face turns into a sad frown. “You love him y/n? I’m so sorry.” He says holding me. “Well what does the girl look like?” He asks me. As if on que Luke gets a text from Jai,it’s a picture of the girl from her Instagram.

“Well you’re prettier than her so he’s blind” he says lighting up the mood. “Thanks Luke.” I smile. “Jai said he’s going to go pick the girl up and take her out now. You know what let’s just forget her.” He says sitting up.

“So no more crying and embrace your beautiful ness. Let’s do something That’ll take your mind off this.” He says lifting me up and carrying me into his room. We end up doing a you now and the fans of course make me feel so much better. “Alright guys it’s time for us to go now so thanks for watching and we’ll be back with more Luke and y/n time!” He says before blowing a kiss to the camera and turning it off.

Luke and I start watching a movie and 30 mins into it Jai comes home and he’s with Melissa . “This is my twin brother Luke and Y/n you met her already.Jai says coming into Luke’s room.

"Jai I think you and y/n need to talk I’ll show Melissa around.” Luke says before walking up to Jai. Luke whispers in Jai’s ear before Leaving his room with Melissa.

“Why are you upset that I’m going out with her y/n?” Jai asks sitting down on the bed. “Dammit Luke, look jai. I was sorta upset that you and Melissa went out on a date.” I say to him. “Well why? I like her a lot.” He says . “Yeah I know, but I just feel like there’s someone else maybe.” I say without looking at him.

“Well don’t you want me to be happy?” He asks sitting down next to me. “Yes but Jai.. I can’t explain.” I say shaking my head. “Just tell me. You can tell me anything.” He says touching my shoulder. “Jai I can’t because every time I try to you friend zone me.” I say. “What?” He questions.

“Jai you’re to blind to realize what’s in front of you” I say to him. “Y/n I’m confused with what you’re trying to say.” Jai says. “Jai how can you possibly go out with her. You saw how she just acted like I was not even there? And you forgot I was there too?” I say.

“Y/n I’m sorry that I forgot about yo-” I interrupt him. “Yeah please don’t apologize cause you always do.” I say getting up to walk away. “So you can just enjoy your date with her, I’ll be spending time with Luke.” I say Trying to walk away from him but he grabs my arm and pulls me back.

“What’s your problem? Do you not like me being happy? ” he asks. “Jai I’m in love with you.” I say tears threatening to fall. “You love me?” He says shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me I wouldn’t have gone out with her!” He whisper yells. “Jai because if I did you would’ve friend zoned me like you always do!” I yell.

“ you’re my bestfriend y/n, I don’t want to hurt you.” He yells back. “You hurt me already by flirting with her in my face and flaunting her around.” I yell. “I’m sorry y/n! I didn’t know. So you can’t fucking blame me!” He fires back.

“You think this is easy for me to see you fall for her? It hurts and this isn’t the only time. It hurts every time a girl catches your eye so you know what I’ll just try to move on.” I say trying to leave the room. He pulls me back again.

“I never said it was easy! I had to move on from you a long time ago because I fell in love with you the first day i met you!” He shouts. “The very first moment I laid eyes on you. I knew that you were going to be mine but it didn’t happen.” He says, his voice hushing down.

“You think it’s easy for me when I just found out that the girl that I fucking love the most in this world is hurting because of my stupidity? The girl that I can’t imagine a world without. That girl is you, it’s always been you no matter what anybody says it’ll always be you!” He whisper yells,his eyes widening in realization of what he had just said.

He turns around so he’s not facing me anymore and puts his hands in his face and let’s out a huge breath.

“Jai.. You love me?” I question. He turns back around and caresses my cheek. “Yes y/n I’m love with you. I always have been, I just hid my feelings because I didn’t want to break this friendship like you said. I didn’t mean to hurt you I’m sorry.” He says. He steps closer to me, closer and closer.

His lips are inches away from mine, he closes his eyes before resting his forehead against mine. “You drive me crazy. The way you smile, the way you laugh, they way you look at me. I’m head over heels for you.” He says taking his other hand and placing it gently on my cheek. My hands rest against his chest. “You take me to a whole new world and I can’t get enough of you.” He says.

“I just want to show you how much I love you, words can’t even explain how much I do.” He sighs. “Show me.” I whisper.

He pulls back slightly looking into my eyes before looking down at my lips. His eyes close and Slowly, he leans in and pecks my lips. He starts to kiss me passionately.

Our tongues move in sync together and The world stops. He breaks the kiss and looks at me. “I’ll be back.” He says before disappearing. I stand there dumbfounded and I sit on Luke’s bed. 5 mins later her walks in.

“Luke is taking Melissa home. I’ll have to explain every thing to her later.” He smiles. “Explain what.?” I ask. “That I finally got the girl that I’ve always wanted.” He says. He helps me stand up and he hugs me tightly. His face nuzzles into the crook of my neck.

“I love you y/n, I’m sorry for being stupid.” He says. “I love you Jai.”

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