Masterlist 1.0

Bolds are smuts, Italic are imagines and the ones crossed out are coming soon. 

Jai Brooks

You get jealous of one of his girl friends.

“You know she loves you.”


“It’ll Always be You”

Gypsy Beef

Next time don’t fuck on my bed!

We’ll be quiet

First Time


Mad for nothing (REQUEST FOR AALIYAH)

MDMA party

Cooking with my Boyfriend/Girlfriend tag

“What makes teeth full of wisdom what the fuck? 

Gypsy Beef part 2

Move in with me

“Im not like other girls!”

Gypsy Beef Part 3

Best if we keep it on the low

James Yammouni

Hate you, but I’m in love with you

Paint Ball hickies 

“Anything to make you Happy”

I could watch him all day (Short one)

Friend zone explanation 



“Don't worry, ill take care of him.”

I love you baby

Luke Brooks

Best Friends are honest to each other 

Road Trip

How would it feel?

MY boyfriend

It won’t even make a difference

Don’t go

Laters Baby

Daniel Sahyounie

“I’ve never done this before”

He’s Gone (This one sucks, i didn’t write)

Happy Birthday!

Casual Shower 

Why can’t you see what i do?

Beau Brooks



Shower Sex


Fuck you

Any time of day

I’m so lucky

Beach day

Too many hoes

Figure it out 

Janoskians Preference: You've Had A Bad Day

Daniel: You’ve honestly had it with everybody and everything. Today was not your best day at work. You work as an assistant at a recording studio - which is how you and Daniel met - and you just got a new boss. She was always asking for coffee and food and a bunch of random shit as if you were her slave; and to make matters worse, today Taylor Swift was recording. Why couldn’t she just record in the states? Why Australia? You really don’t like her - actually, you hate her - and she tried talking to you and making you do stuff for her, but you just made small talk and went on with your life. When you were on your way home, you got a call from your boss and she said that you needed to come in early tomorrow. When you hung up, you were at a red light and you felt like screaming at the top of your lungs.

You pull up into your driveway and walk into the house, slamming everything around. Once you finally change into some sweats and get comfortable you just scream. You scream so loud that you think the window will crack. “(Y/N)?!” Daniel yells from the bathroom. He was taking a shower. You start crying and he comes down in just a towel. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “I’ve just had a bad day,” you say. He hugs you tight and lets you cry on his shoulder. He gets dressed and you two cuddle on the couch for the rest of the day.

James: You know you’re about to be on your period. You’ve been getting mad really easily these past few days. The littlest things tick you off. You’re sitting at home watching TV and James comes home from shooting a Janoskians video. “You okay, babe?” he asks. You nod and continue looking at the TV. The reason you’re so pissed off is because you keep seeing hate in your Twitter mentions. Also because everything’s been ticking you off lately. Your mom called today, which didn’t make it better. She told you that you have to watch her dog since your parents are going on a vacation. The dog has been bothering you all day, so he’s out running around in the back yard. James comes back looking a little cleaned up, and he sits next to you. “How was your day?” he asks. You shrug. “It was shit,” you say nonchalantly. You finally look over at James, and you don’t know why but you start bursting into tears. “Oh my god. (Y/N), what’s wrong?” he asks as he rubs your back. You continue to sob and manage to say, “Everything’s pissing me off.” You pull away and wipe your eyes. “I probably sound so stupid,” you say with a sarcastic laugh. “You don’t sound stupid, (Y/N). You’re just having a bad day,” he says. He hugs you again and kisses you on the forehead. For the rest of the day he lets you cry, and you end up getting your period, so he goes out and gets you chocolates while you’re taking a nap.

Jai: Your cat ran away. Your grandma’s in the hospital, but you can’t visit because she’s in critical condition. You fell down the stairs and fell on your wrist; and now it’s swollen. Could this day get any worse? You move the ice pack from your wrist to the side table and groan. “I fucking hate everything,” you say to yourself as you get up to go get some bandages for your wrist. Jai’s out with the guys, so you don’t have a car to go to the doctor. You grab some water, but realize you used your bad hand. You drop the water bottle and clutch your wrist in pain as the bottle bursts on the floor. Tears rolls down you face and you slide down the fridge, covering your face with your hands and putting your elbows on your knees in the process.

Suddenly, you hear something drop and you see through your tears that someones kneeling in front of you. You blink away your tears to see Jai. “What’s wrong?” he asks, immediately wrapping you in a hug. You hug back, but only with your right arm since your left one hurts like shit. The pain from your wrist keeps rising all the way to your shoulder whenever you make any movement. “I’ve had a really bad day,” you say. You show Jai your wrist. “I fell down the stairs and landed on my wrist,” you explain. He looks at it intently and takes you to the hospital. It turns out you broke it. As you get your cast on, Jai leaves. You’re confused as to why, but when he comes back with balloons and a teddy bear, you smile wide. They finally finish putting on your cast, and Jai is the first to sign. He takes you home and insists on taking care of you since he feels bad he wasn’t there to help when it happened. He also finds your cat, who was hiding in the tree in your backyard trying to kill some birds

Beau: Beau doesn’t really take many things seriously, but you hope he takes this seriously. You’re pregnant. And you know for a fact it’s Beau’s. You told almost everyone in your family, but all of them are pissed that you’re 19 and pregnant. Some called you a slut. You and Beau have been dating for 4 years.

Beau walks in the door to hear sobs coming from your shared bedroom. He drops everything and runs upstairs. When he goes into the room, he finds you sobbing on the bed with the test in your hand. You see Beau with a stunned face, and you throw the test across the room. It lands in the bathroom. “JUST BREAK UP WITH ME NOW. I KNOW YOU WILL AFTER YOU SEE THAT. JUST SAVE THE ENERGY AND BREAK UP WITH ME,” you yell. He looks frozen. “Wh-why would I break up with you?” he asks. He gets out of his shocked stage and rushes over to you, pulling you into a tight hug. You sob onto his shoulder. “Just look at what I threw,” you say quietly. He cautiously gets up and goes over to look at it. He looks at you, points at the test, and you nod. He picks it up and screams like a girl, immediately dropping it. “You’re pregnant?!” he asks excitedly. You think he’s mad and you start to cry even more. You hide your face in a pillow as he runs over and hugs you. “(Y/N), if you think that’s why I would break up with you, it’s not. I’m so excited! Why are you sad?” he asks. You shrug. “I’ve just had a bad day,” you say quietly. He hugs you again and you two decide that to celebrate, you do a twitcam. After the twitcam you two go to the movies and you forget all about why you were sad.

Luke: You and Luke are known for your short tempers. You guys always have tiny arguments, but you laugh it off 5 minutes later. So when you and Luke had a huge argument, you were surprised. You don’t even remember what it was about. All you know is today was the worst day. You got let go from your job - which wasn’t too bad of a job since it paid the bills - and you think you just lost your boyfriend. And to make it even more shitty, your best friend is moving across the world.

You sit on the couch silently crying as you watch pointless TV shows that you aren’t even paying attention to. Luke didn’t storm out like you thought he would. He locked himself up in your shared bedroom. You hear footsteps going down the stairs and you wipe your tears so he doesn’t see how much he hurt you. “(Y/N) I’m – oh my god have you been crying?! Was it because of me? It’s because of me. (Y/N), I’m so so so sorry,” he says as he kneels in front of you. You look down in your lap and shake your head. “I got let go today,” you whisper. You force yourself to meet Lukes gaze. He looks guilty and upset. You can see him beating himself up inside for fighting with you over the stupidest thing. “And (Y/F/N) is moving to California,” you say. He hugs you and lightly kisses your neck. “I’m so sorry,” he says against your shoulder.

For the rest of the night you two drink tea and watch your favorite movies while cuddled up on the couch. Luke won’t stop apologizing to you, no matter how many times you say “it’s okay”

Picture Preferance #2

Tweeted Selfie (Janoskians):


@(Y/T/N): Why so mad babe? x @Luke_Brooks


@jaibrooks1: Lazy day with my dork (;


@Brooksbeau: She stole my outfit we about to fight!


 @danielsahyounie: I am the luckiest guy in the world look at this beautiful girl!


@James_Yammouni: @(Y/T/N) Makes me do weird things…..

He see's your cuts

Guys i will do James and Luke if you guys want me to its just these are really long so i didn’t want to put them all in one c;


“Hey Y/N!” I looked up from my laptop to see Daniel had walked into my bedroom.

“Hey,” I smiled at him. “How did you get in here?”

“You gave me a key, remember?” He laughed.

How could i forget that. I put my head in hands and sighed. “Yeah. I remember.”

“Well me and the boys are going to the beach, do you want to come?”

I nodded and went to grab some jeans, a top and a jumper then went to the bathroom to change. When i came back out skip laughed at me.

“You’re going to be so hot baby, wear some shorts?”

I shook my head. I can’t show my legs, arms or stomach with the amount of scars i have on them.

“I’ll be fine.” I muttered smiling at him.

“No you won’t. Go put these on.” He rummaged through my draws before pulling out my floral shorts.

I sighed before grabbing them off him and changing into them. I looked in the mirror. They covered a few scars. 

I opened the bathroom cabinet and searched for my foundation. Once i found it i pumped loads onto my hand and started rubbing it over my scars.

I gave up eventually. The foundation didn’t cover them completely but it hid them a little bit, 

“See, you’re going to thank me later when its red hot.”

I laughed as i grabbed his hand. 

“Come on then.”

When we got there i decided to put some sun cream on. Skip was right, i would have been so hot in jeans.

But what i didn’t realise was that the sun cream made my foundation rub off my legs.

“Shit.” I muttered under my breath. "I’m- uh going to go home and change. I’m freezing.“ I told the boys.

Daniel looked annoyed. "I’m coming with you.”

Once we were out of sight Daniel grabbed both my arms and turned me to face him. “Why are you doing this to your body?” He rolled up the sleeves on my jumper to see the cuts on my arms. “You are so perfect Y/N and you’re ruining your body." 

I just stood there, staring at the floor.

"Please don’t tell anyone.” I muttered.

“Only if you promise to stop.”

“I’ll try.”

“I’ll help you get through this baby. I don’t want to lose you.”


“Hey babe, do you want to go swimming?” Beau asked, playing with my hair.

“Yeah sure.” I smiled. I was in a good mood today. Beau slept over last night and we were still in bed. 

“Come on then baby, lets go out to the pool.” I smiled and hopped out of bed. I searched through my drawers until i found my high waisted red and white polka dot bikini. It reminded me of the fifties for some reason.

I got changed and went to find beau outside.

He was sat on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water. I slowly crept up behind him and pushed him in before erupting into laughter.

Once he came back up from under the water he glared at me before he started laughing too. 

I sat down on the edge of the pool, like an idiot, and beau grabbed my leg and pulled me in. 

“I should’ve seen that coming.” I laughed. 

Beau smirked and grabbed my waist, causing me to wince in pain.

He moved his hands away. “What the hell.” I looked down at my waist to see some of my cuts. 

How could i be so stupid? To go swimming when I cut the night before.

“Babe, how long have you been doing this?” He turned my arm around to check my wrists.

My eyes started to tear up.

“I don’t cut my wrists,” I told him. “th-three years.” Tears were rolling down my cheeks now.

He wiped the tears off my cheek. “Baby please don’t do this.” He was crying now. Great. Go and upset your boyfriend. “You mean so much to me, and if i lose you I don’t know what i will do baby. You have to stop ruining your body.”

“I can’t beau. Its - Its like an addiction.” I sobbed. “I’ve tried to stop but i can’t even go a fucking day. I’m messed up.”

“You will stop. I’ll do whatever i can to help you baby but you can’t keep doing this to yourself.”

He softly pressed his lips against mine. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I muttered before kissing him again.


I pulled my razor blade out of my jewelry box and walked over to the bathroom. 

Jai was out so luckily I could cut without him knowing. 

I sat against the bathroom door with my knees up to my chest debating whether or not to carry on ruining my body. 

But i couldn’t resist the urge.

Tears fell down my face as i slid the blade over my wrist multiple times.

I dropped the blade on the floor as i sobbed loudly.

“Y/N. Let me in!”

I felt the bathroom door pushing me slightly.

“No! No, Jai, you can’t come in okay.”  

He wasn’t supposed to be home. Not yet.

The door finally budged and Jai rushed into the room.

He looked at me then at the blade on the floor. Suddenly his arms were around me as he sat next to me on the floor while i cried.

“You’re- you’re not supposed to - to be home yet.” I stuttered. “You’re not supposed to know.”

“How long have you been doing this babe?” He asked.

“A year, ish. I can’t remember.”

“You have to stop okay?”

I nodded. I know i have to stop. I’m trying to stop but the urge is too strong.

“It’s addictive.”

“What would you do if i told you I self harmed.”

“I’d tell you that you needed to stop and i’d cry because i can’t stand the thought of you being hurt or hurting yourself.”


“Jai i’m trying to stop! I’ve been trying for so long but i can’t. I- I need help.”

He kissed the top of my head. “I’ll get you help baby. I’ll do whatever i can to help you stop.”

“Thankyou. I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you too.”

Janoskians Preference: Waking Up Next to Him in the Morning 3/5
  • A/N: This is my first preference for The Janoskians so in advance, I'm sorry if it's bad, haha. Anyways enjoy guys. Love you! xxx ~Courtney
  • Beau: You felt two warm fingers trail up and down your right thigh. Laying beside you was your boyfriend of three years. Up and down his fingers went. His soft touch soon made your eyes open to the morning sun. "Good morning beautiful," he said in a very raspy morning voice. You turned around to face him, "morning handsome," you responded. Every morning Beau would always be right by your side to say good morning to you. He was the last one you saw when you fell asleep at night, and the first one you'd see when you opened your eyes in the morning. Mornings were your favorite part of the day. Waking up next to Beau reminded you how lucky you were to have a loving companion like him....
  • Luke: Your eyes slowly break open as you wake to the sun's morning glow lighting up your entire bedroom. Only a thin white sheet covers your naked body. Last night you and Luke went out with some friends, and like usual, the night ended with some fun in the bedroom. Lying beside you was your still very exhausted and asleep boyfriend Luke. Ever since you could remember, you've always woken up before him, but you didn't care, you loved watching him sleep. You lay facing him, playing with his curly locks. Eventually he opens his eyes, yawns, stretches out his arms, and pulls you onto his chest. "How long ago did you wake up," he asks. "Not too long ago," you smile, kissing him on the lips. "You hungry? do want some breakfast," he asks. You nod your head and smile, "you can go take a shower and I'll get started on breakfast." "Or, we can both take a shower... together.. and cook breakfast.. together," he replies before taking you up into his arms, bridal style, and carrying you into the shower. Mornings with Luke were always romantic and fun..
  • Daniel: "Babe... baby... [Y/N]... BAAAABE," hollered your boyfriend Daniel as he shook you awake. "Daniel, stop," you yelled back at him, pushing his arm away. "Come on beautiful, let me see that gorgeous smile," he coos as you keep your head buried into your pillow. "Don't make me do it! I'll tickle you 'till you shit if you don't wake up," he laughed. You kept silent, pretending you were asleep. "I know you're faking, babe. I'm not that dumb," he laughed. "Pleeeeeease wake up," he kept whining. "Babe, I'm seriously so tired. You force me out of bed every morning. Can't I just lay here a little longer," you say into your pillow. "Okay okay," he said, with a sigh while getting out of bed. "Where are you going," you asked, bringing your head up from the pillow. "I'm gonna take a shower. You can join me if you want," he replied while stepping into the bathroom and shutting the door. Moments later you heard the shower faucet turn on. You got up from the bed, and completely stripped down, then headed into the bathroom to surprise him. You opened the shower curtain and slipped in without him even noticing. He was standing under the water, washing some soap out of his hair. When he opened his eyes, and saw you standing before him completely nude, he couldn't help himself but continuously stare you down from head to toe over and over again. He pulled you into his embrace, and whispered all the things he's going to do to you. "I knew you wouldn't be able to resist me," he growls into your ear.
  • Jai: No one even comes on my blog who cares. But Jai is a sweetheart and I love him.
  • James: James is cray cray but he cute. I'm not digging the cheek piercing tho... but atleast he cool. :)
Janoskian preference: Favorite thing to do together

JAI: You two loved to go to random stores where they had security cameras and perform little skits in front of them. Sometime you two would bring props or dress up and put on accents, usually people around you guys just stared but you guys never really cared. 

LUKE: You and Luke had an old pair of boots that you would take around town and take pictures of them and made a blog called “A Day in the Life of an Invisible Man” which got a lot of hits.

BEAU: Beau and you would dress up as superheros together and walk around town stopping silly crimes like jaywalking or littering. Sometimes little kids would ask to get a picture with you two thinking you were real superheros.

SKIP: You and Skip would walk around town all day looking for the best climbing trees and climb to the top of all of them and then take a picture of you two kissing in them. You guys had hundreds of photos of you two kissing in trees. 

JAMES: On a Saturday night when you two didn’t feel like going out anywhere you guys would rent a movie that you two both had never seen before then set it on mute and then improvise the dialogue. Although that usually only lasted for half the movie cause you two would be making out for most of it. 

Cuddling - Janoskians Preference

Beau - You and Beau were just going to have a lazy day in since he just got back from Europe. And, of course a lazy day meant lots of cuddling together and watching America’s Next Top Model. So, that’s what you were doing. All cuddled up together on the couch with your head lying on Beau’s chest occasionally sharing a kiss while the commercials in the background were playing. Then, when it was on you had heated arguments about who deserved to win and who didn’t. The arguments usually ended up in a tickle fight between you two. Those days are what you loved most about your relationship with your one and only, Beau Peter Brooks

James - The boys all decided that it would be “fun” to go camping together for a whole weekend in the woods. But, all of their “experience” from ‘Janoskians v.Wild’ didn’t help very much when we all seriously wanted to go camping. So, here we were all cuddled up with one another trying to absorb some warmth since no one could get a fire to start at all. When James realized that the rest of the boys were cuddled up to you as well he immediately knew he wasn’t gonna let that happen. So, he picked you up and moved you over where none of the boys were and engulfed you in a big hug that lasted all night long. And, you were the warmest of all the boys there.

Jai - You and Jai both were not morning people at all. So, when the boys all busted into your room at 9 in the morning with a video camera filming you lets just say neither of you were very happy with them. “awwww look at Jai and Y/N all cuddled up together, I bet Jai got some last night” which wasn’t true. Needless to say Jai just rolled over to you and hid you and him both under the blankets as the boys stood there and terrorized you until they figured they had enough footage. “Finally” you mumbled into Jai’s bare chest. He just kissed you on the forehead and mumbled a “Thank god” into your hair.

Daniel - Here you were, in the emergency room yet again because of a stupid challenge the boys decided would be fun to do. This time they thought they would try to do park-core, which is basically running and climbing and jumping buildings and other structures. And, Daniel being the special seed he is missed a step while trying to jump onto a window ledge from the roof of the house and missed. So here he was with a broken foot. The hospital insisted that they keep him overnight just in case. So, now you were sitting in an uncomfortable hospital chair as Daniel laid in pain. “C'mere Y/N” he whispered. So, you climbed in the bed with him and shared the most awkward, yet loving cuddle ever.

Luke - The boys were all inside yelling over who was going to clean the piss up out of the bathroom floor that magically appeared while the boys were playing a riveting game of Fifa. Luke had no part in it this time, since you both were out buying groceries when the crime occurred. So, to get away from all of the yelling and horrible stench of piss in the house you both went onto the rood and laid while looking up at the stars. The lights of busy LA were in the background as you stared up to the heavens just talking and cuddled up to each other. There was rarely a time where you could just do this without the boys teasing you, so you took advantage of it and cuddled nice and close while looking at the stars, and you could have stayed in that moment with Luke forever.

14. he teaches you how to pennyboard


“Are you doing ok?” Jai asked, letting go of your waist as you struggled to balance on the penny board. He was standing on the pavement, and he chuckled as your hands immediately flew to his shoulders for support.

“I’m fine.” You hissed back, focusing on keeping the board underneath your feet. Jai chuckled when you attempted to lift your hands from his shoulders, only to let out a startled squeak and bring them right back down at the first shift of your balance.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.” You huffed, not ready to admit defeat. “Just let me hang on to you for a sec.”

He rolled his eyes fondly. “Alright, babe.”


“Daniel I swear to God,” You squeaked, and Daniel grinned. You were standing on the ground next to Daniel’s penny board, looking down on it like its entire existence was dedicated to making you fail. “If you don’t help me get on this thing, I’m not going to do it at all.”

“I’m here, babe. Now c’mon.” He told you softly, stepping closer and putting his hands on your waist. You hesitantly stepped on the board, making an uneasy noise as it moved underneath your feet. “Good!” He praised, pressing a kiss to your nose. “Now, will you fall if I let go?”

“Probably,” You admitted, sucking in a sharp breath as you shifted your weight slightly and it moved again.

“Well it’s a good thing that I’m not going to let go then, yeah?” He asked, and you smiled at him.


Beau was attempting to teach you how to penny board, and after an hour of practice, you had only gotten to the point where you could balance without moving. Unfortunately, you weren’t able to push off yet, something having to do with getting your feet right on the board, and it was frustrating.

“Please, just try one more time.” Beau begged as you threatened to give up for the millionth time.

Huffing out a “fine,” you got back on the board and attempted to do what you had been trying to for the last several minutes. You got rolling, and maybe Beau was some kind of good luck charm, or maybe you were slowly discovering that practice really does make perfect, but you were able to push off and get your feet back on the board!

You bailed successfully and grabbed the board, running back to him with a grin on your face. “Did you see that?” You asked excitedly, practically jumping onto him.

“I did!! Amazing job, babe!” He cheered. “Now let’s go find a hill and really have some fun.”

You stared back at him, stunned for just a moment. “You’re crazy.” You shook your head, handing the board back to him. There was a day to do something stupid and possibly die, but it wasn’t that day.


“This is the one, I can feel it.” Luke told you as you shifted the board across the ground with your foot. You had been trying to balance on his penny board with no luck so far. “C’mon, you’ve got to want it, Y/N.” He added when you looked at him uneasily.

You finally did as was suggested and hesitantly put one foot on the board, but as soon as you raised the other to meet it, the balance shift caused the board to shoot out from beneath your feet, causing you to raise rather ungracefully on your hip.

As you let out a groan, Luke was by your side in a second asking if you were ok. While it hurt like a bitch, you still brushed him off, sitting up with a pained huff. “Are you sure I couldn’t like, just sit on my butt and scoot around?” You asked, and Luke laughed. “I mean, I’d still be on it, right?”


After several minutes, a bruised knee, and a scrape on your elbow, you were still just as determined to get up on James’ penny board. You stepped up, but quickly lost your balance and had to jump off to avoid hurting yourself further. You cursed to yourself, looking up to where James was smirking at you. “Why do you find joy in my pain?” You asked with an exasperated laugh.

“I’m not a sadist, princess.” He grinned.

“Then help me!” You whined.

James only winked. “But you’re cute when you’re all flustered.”  You rolled your eyes. He was such a doof sometimes.

[sorry this one is short! i’m trying to get my feet back under me because i haven’t been writing consistently for a number of months!! feedback is always appreciated xx]

❁Janoskians Preferences❁: You have a bad dream about him.

Jai: I woke up covered in sweat and gasping for air. I looked around my dark bedroom taking in my surroundings. I looked beside me to see my boyfriend peacefully sleeping. I laid back down trying to fall asleep but it was not use I was too scared. I laid there shaking and silently sobbing trying not to wake Jai. Suddenly I felt him move behind me. “Baby are you okay?” I quickly turned around and cuddled into his arms sobbing into his chest. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He said while comforting me. “I had a horrible dream” I mumbled into his chest. “Aw baby it’s okay in here for you..” He held me throughout the whole night whispering sweet nothings in my hear until I finally fell asleep peacefully.

James: I held his bleeding body in my arms as I watched his eyes slowly close. “NO!” I cried hysterically. “NO PLEASE JAMES DONT LEAVE ME!” I sat up in my bed quickly looking to my left and right looking for his body. “James!? JAMES?” I quickly got out of bed and ran downstairs looking for him, hoping it all really was a dream. “James!?” “In the kitchen.” I ran tithe kitchen straight into his arms. “What’s wrong princess?” He said holding me. “Don’t ever leave me please.” I cried to him. “What’s are you taking about babe?” “Bad dream” I sobbed out. We stood there all night in the kitchen just holding each other until I calmed down.

Daniel: I woke up surrounded by a pool of sweat in my bed. I hate having these kinds of nightmares. My boyfriend was off in Australia visiting his family while I was stuck in Los Angles by myself. I needed him now more than ever. I needed to see him so he could comfort and tell me it was all a dream. I grabbed my phone and texted Daniel hoping he was awake. I turned my laptop on to see that he was on Skype, which meant he got my text. I connected at soon as I could and waited until his face showed up on my screen. “Baby what’s wrong?” He instantly said. “I had a bad dream again.” I said as I sighed. “ are you sure you don’t want me to come back, because I will.” He asked. “No baby it’s okay it’s only 1 more week” “you sure?” “Positive.” That while night we spent talking and laughing until I fell asleep while Daniel watched me from his Skype.

Beau: I violently knocked on the door in the middle of the night freezing in my pajamas not caring who heard me. I felt relief the minuet I felt someone open the door and saw beau standing there rubbing his eyes in just his boxers. I instantly wrapped my arms around his waist. “(Y/N), what are you doing here in the middle of the night?” “Can I come in please.” “Of course, of course.” We went into his bedroom and laid in his bed. “Now, what’s wrong?” He asked. “I had this terrible dream that you got run over and you went into a coma and and and..” I stuttered out. “Sh shh.” He said while holding me and rubbing my arm. “It’s all okay I’m here and I’m not going anywhere okay?” “Promise?” “Pinky.” He said. I stuck my pinky out. “What?” He said confused. “Pinky promise.” “No I use lips to seal the deal.” He winked and leaned in.

Luke: I woke up screaming Luke’s name. I couldn’t stop screaming. I needed him, I needed him so badly. I was laying there in bed just crying waiting for someone to comfort me. I heard someone come into the dark room and turn the lights on. I saw beau standing at the door frame holding a bat. “(Y/N)! Are you okay?” “Beau please hold me.” I sobbed out. He let the bat drop and he ran to my side to hold me. “What’s wrong sweetheart?” “I had a bad dream about Luke.” I cried out. “Want me to call him?” “Yes! Please!” 20 minuets later Luke arrived from the store. He ran up to or bedroom to come and check up on me. When he opened the door I was still crying into Beau’s arms. “Baby? What’s wrong? What did you do to her!” He yelled. “Luke!” I ran into his arms. “ I had a bad dream and we tried calling you but you wouldn’t answer and so Beau was comforting me, but I really needed you.” I held onto him not wanting to let go. “I’m here, it’s all okay I’m here.” He stayed with me the whole night never letting me go. I was finally at peace in his arms.

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Janoskians Preference #1 What He Loves Most About You
  • A/N: Just a quick imagine to get things started :) xx
  • Luke: He loves your patience and confidence. He loves how no matter how angry or pissed he gets you will always be calm and patient and help him get through it. He also loves how much self respect you have for yourself and how much you are proud to be you.
  • Beau: He loves your bad side. He find it endearing when you tell him you can't hang out because you're grounded or you have detention. He loves having his very own bad girl to take care of and watch over.
  • James: He loves how shy you are. He finds it so cute when you're around new people and you just sit there awkwardly playing with your hair and looking down. He also loves it when you blush.
  • Jai: He loves the way you're so active and friendly with his fans. He loves when you tweet and hang out with the fans. The fans love you and you love them back :)
  • Daniel/Skip: He loves how short you are. Daniels not the tallest and he finds it adorable how he has to look down at you. He finds your height so cute and adorable/