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so i have luke’s selfie as my wallpaper on my phone, and like a couple months ago my brother noticed it and he asked me what was luke’s name and so i told him, and he then told my dad about it, i found out not long after my brother told my dad about it because, we were having dinner one day and my dad just suddenly asks me “how is luke” and i was like “what?” and he says “how is luke? luke. your boyfriend, luke” and i choked on my food, i’m not even kidding. and i asked my dad who told him about luke and my dad simply just pointed to my brother and said “your brother did” and just then i remembered my brother noticed my lockscreen, so i just played along and ever since then, each time we have a family gathering, a chorus of “how’s luke?” is just being thrown at me like they all think luke is my boyfriend, more like I WISH, and so yesterday my dad told me he wanted to meet luke and so i went into my brother’s room that has a printer in it, and i took my computer out, and told my dad to follow me if he wanted to see luke, so then i printed out a picture of luke from my computer and i showed it to my dad and he asked me why was i giving him that and so i told him that he just said he wanted to meet luke earlier so and he legit just starts laughing and pats me on the head and literally said “you’re funny, but im serious i want to meet him” WHAT I TRIED TO TELL MY DAD THAT LUKE ISNT MY BOYFRIEND BUT HE DOESNT BELIEVE ME BUT IF HE SAYS SO IM MORE THAN HAPPY but every time my family mentions about luke it seems so real and it makes me so happy but then it hits me like seconds after, that its not real, and never will be and then there is me, drowning in a pool of my own tears im done bYE

Luke Brooks Airport Imagine

*Your Point of View*

You haven’t been able to sleep all night knowing that Luke was going to have to leave you in just a few hours to return back to Melbourne for a few weeks.

You have to stay here to spend the holidays with your family and you still have to go to work. You keep thinking about the lonely weeks after all of your family leaves after the holidays and the empty house without all the boys, without him.

That thought causes you to quickly sit up from bed and throw the covers off you. You glance at Luke sleeping like an angel and you smile to yourself with tears welling up in your eyes.

I will not cry, I will not cry, you promise yourself. You manage to hold back the tears for now, but you know you can’t look at him sleeping in his bed–no our bed–anymore.

You force yourself to look away from him and head to take a long soothing shower that will hopefully make you feel more relaxed.

You step into the shower and allow the warm water to cascade down your body and seep into your skin. Your tense body instantly relaxes and your mind goes blank. No thoughts on how the boys are leaving or that you won’t see Luke for weeks.Everything juts goes blank.

Suddenly you hear the bathroom door open and someone enter.

“Hello? Someone’s in here,” you call out.

Just then someone steps into the shower and wraps their arms around you causing you to scream and flail about.

“(Y/N) baby calm down its just me,” Luke soothingly whispers in your ear. Your body instantly relaxes and you turn to look at his smiling face.

He leans in and kisses you on the forehead as tears begin to well up in your eyes and you look away from him.

“(Y/N) whats the matter,” he gently lifts your chin making you look him in the eye.

“I just don’t want you to go.”

He looks down at our feet and then back up at me, “I know baby, I know. I don’t want to go either. But let’s not think about that right now and let’s just enjoy our time together.”

“Ok,” you smile and nod in agreement.

“Now will you hand me that shampoo,” he laughs and points to the bottle to your left.

You pick the bottle up and squirt some in your hand and you run your fingers through Luke’s hair and scrub gently while gazing deeply into his eyes, never breaking away. While your hands are rubbing his locks with soapy bubbles you lean forward and place gentle kisses on his right and left eyes and then on the right and left corner of his lips before chastely kissing him full on the lips. His eyes remain closed during each of these sweet actions as if to savor the moment and your loving touch that he will be missing for weeks and weeks.

You take his body and place him under the water’s stream and watch his muscular arms run through his hair and the soap slide off his chiseled body. 

“Come here,” he says after he finished washing the shampoo from his hair. He grabs the luffa and places your sweet vanilla scented body wash on it and gently wipes it over your skin, kissingthe spots just before wiping it with the luffa.

“I love you so much (Y/N).”

“I love you too Luke.”


You’re walking down the stairs when your eyes catch sight of the bags lined up at the door causing you to stop dead in your tracks.

“Morning (Y/N)” Beau says flashing you a warm smile.

You hear Luke coming down the stairs behind you just as you flash a smile back to Beau, “Morning.”

“C'mon babe I’ll make you some breakfast,” Luke intertwines his fingers with yours and gently pulls you down the rest of the stairs with him.

You wipe your face with a napkin having just finished Luke’s fantastic pancakes. Luke has already gone upstairs to finish packing, knowing not to ask you or tell you about it since it would only upset you more. You clean up your plate and head out towards the pool where the rest of the boys are sitting.

“Aye (Y/N) decided to join us,” James calls out causing the rest of the boys to turn around and smile at you. You smile weakly back with a deep pit in your stomach while glancing at these boys that have become your brothers.

“Of course I did. I want to spend as much time with my boys as possible.”

 "We’re gonna miss yo-“ Jai begins, but you cut him off.

"Not now. If you start saying things like that now I’m going to cry.”

“Shit, ok no doing that,” Daniel raises his eyebrows causing you to giggle.

“Ok everyone the van is here to take you to the airport so load up,” Ronnie says in the door frame of the back door.

You and the rest of the boys link arms and head inside and through the house together when your heart stops at the sight of Luke coming downstairs with his bags. It had suddenly become so real seeing him with his bags all packed and walking down the marble steps.

“C'mon (Y/N),” Beau said pulling you along with him and into the car. Luke puts his bags in the back of the car and takes a seat next to you, remaining completely silent. He intertwines your fingers and gently kisses the back of your hand, cuddling you close to him for the whole car ride.


You and Luke walk hand and hand to security and suddenly stop short knowing that it was time to say goodbye.

The boys all go around giving hugs to Jacob who is also staying in New York for the holidays and as the goodbye becomes so real to you, tears well up in your eyes but this time one escapes and falls down your cheek. The boys all turn and look at you and their own eyes glisten with small tears as they come forward and attack you with a group hug. More tears fall down your cheek and the hug dissolves and you go to each of them and hug them one by one.

“I’m gonna miss you so much (Y/N),” Beau extends him arms.

“I’m gonna miss you too lil sis,” James hugs you tightly.

Jai kisses you on the cheek and hugs you tightly, “I’m gonna miss you (Y/N). I don’t know what Luke’s gonna do without you with him, but I’ll try to keep him happy while you’re gone.”

“Thank you Jai. Look after him please,” you give him one last squeeze.

“I will don’t worry about it (Y/N).”

“Ayee (Y/N) I’ll see you in a bit alright. Smile cunt,” Daniel giggles and squeezes you and shakes you about causing a small laugh to break through the tears.

“Alright we’re going be right over here so you two can have some private time,” Ronnie pointed over to the right and Luke nodded in affirmation.

At last your eyes turn to Luke who you saved for last. His eyes were already brimming with tears causing you to burst out crying once more.He aggressively pulls your body into a tight hug as if he would never let you go.

“I’m going to miss you so much Luke,” you sob into his shoulder.

“I’m going to miss you so much too baby. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you. You are the reason I smile and laugh everyday, you make me the happiest man in the world and you make every moment worth it. Without you by my side I won’t feel like myself because I know that you hold over half of me in your heart. I won’t be complete without you by my side. But I promise you (Y/N) that I’m going to facetime you everyday and I’ll text you every moment I’m awake. I’ll stay up really late or wake up really early just so I can call you and speak to you because I don’t give a fuck about the time difference. All I care about is you.”

“I love you so much Luke. Have fun on your trip and spend as much time with your family as possible. Don’t be sad, have a good time for me. Make this time apart worth it, okay?”

“Okay baby,” Luke leans down and presses his lips to yours with such immense passion that you are left breathless.

“Now go before I breakdown crying again,” you gently push him towards the boys as tears well up once again in your eyes and his eyes.

He reluctantly walks towards the boys who are getting on line for security checks. You watch as the boys wrap their arms around Luke and you see his body shake with what you know is a sob. Tears begin flowing like a waterfall again and you can’t take it anymore.

“I love you,” you whisper low enough that only you can hear and you turn and walk towards Jacob who is waiting for you at the exit.

*A/N: wow wow wow I really like how this came out! Thank you to whomever suggested it. It made me actually get emotional at times! Let me know if you enjoyed it! (Sorry it was so long. I like longer ones because then you can really imagine things). If would you like to request an imagine, you can submit whatever you’d like into my ask. So request away!