Jang Hanbyul (formerly of LEDApple) has released the MV for “Dumb Love (feat. Linzy of FIESTAR),” the title track of his 1st single album.

1. 뭣 같은 Love Dumb Love (feat. 린지)
2. 봄이 왔어요 It’s Spring
3. 바람아 불어라 Let the Wind Blow
4. 뭣 같은 Love Dumb Love (Instrumental)

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Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like (`OneStar Covers` by 장한별 Jang Hanbyul)

Things I learned today from sitting next to Hanbyul and probably annoying him with stupid questions:
  1. Hanbyul likes Vegemite. (When I asked him what was in it, he said everything, and it wasn’t good for you).
  2. Hanbyul thinks he’s getting fat because he’s eating too much chocolate and his preferred variety is white chocolate.
  3. Everyone except Hanbyul and Kyumin get nervous before a live performance (though maybe someone should tell Kyumin-ah’s face that).
  4. For the Alone costumes the boys didn’t stuff their bras with anything, they’re just wearing bras with a lot of padding (which isn’t surprising because have you ever looked at the bras they sell in Korea? They’re like practically a fake pair of boobs because news flash, Korean girls are er… generally speaking lacking in that area.) Also, Hanbyul is totally into that dance. He did it for one if his MC bits too.
  5. For the Tokyo concert it’s going to be 1:30 hours (and “better” according to Hanbyul) and maybe only one member is going to do a girl dance.
  6. All the members write songs, and he hinted that for their comeback in August, some member written songs might be on it.
  7. They all work really fucking hard. Their band practice ended at 1AM last night, and they were in practice all day today even though Hanbyul wasn’t with them. 
  8. Hanbyul is a giant fanboy of the randomest groups and he sings along to songs he likes (it’s kind of nice though. God, boy has a nice voice). He sang a long to December and Bohemian, and totally danced to F.cuz and Girls Day. But I think he must watch Super Star K because he was SUPER excited about Ulalala Session. Before they came on, he turned to me and was like “OMG do you know who these guys are?” and when I was like uh no, but my friends do…he was all, “Super Star K! They’re the winners!” and He kept yelling I love you at them. And spazzing. And at one point he got up and danced/grinded with the tiny member. LOOOOOL. yeah. But I remember he was also really excited about John Park being on the show way back during the first taping with JP was promoting Falling. So deductive reasoning: Hanbyul likes to watch Super Star K.
  9. (This was from a few weeks ago but… in case you ever wondered) Hanbyul’s real name is Hanbyul. When He was in grade school he needed an english name so his parents chose Jason. His friends back home call him Jason, his parents call him Hanbyul, he likes both and calls himself both and signs things as both. 
  10. He’s really gracious with fans. When people tell him they’re his fans or give him presents he seems almost surprised and so very happy and sincere when he thanks them, and he always agrees when fans ask to take pictures or sign ( I feel bad because I’ve started an avalanche of people wanting signatures one time, and today I did it again with pictures… sorry Jason OTL). But he definitely appreciates fans, and it’s really nice. 

These are all things I’ve heard directly from Hanbyul’s mouth save for the ones where I’m expressing what I’ve observed in spending time with him.


Jang Hanbyul (formerly of LEDApple) has released an album preview of his 1st mini-album which is scheduled to be released on April 23rd.


Jang HanByul - Dumb Love


~ Main Masterlist ~ 

I should really fix up and edit this list, I missed some groups but I’m lazy, welp  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have said before that it would be easier for people to request than for me to write all of them down but since I keep getting asked, I decided to make a list.

So basically these are all the Kpop/Khh/R&B solo artists, groups in alphabetical? order that I keep up with and love and can also write for as well.


1NB; 2Eyes; 15&; 4Ten; 9Muses; A.Daily; A.de; ANDS; After School; AOA; Apink; April; As 1; Asha; ATT; Apple.B; Baba; Baby Boo; Badkiz; Bambino; Berry Good; Bestie; Billion; Black Queen; Blackpink; Blady; Blity; Bloomy; Bolbbalgan4; Bonus Baby; BP Rania (Rania); Brave Girls; Brown Eyed Girls; Bubble X; Bulldok; CLC; CocoSori; Cosmic Girls (WJSN); Crayon Pop; C-Real; Cupid; Dal Shabet; Davichi; D.Holic; DIA; Dorothy; Dream Catcher; Dia Girls; Dice; Elris; EXID; f(x); Fiestar; Flashe; G-Friend; Gavy NJ; Girl’s Day; Girls Generation (SNSD); Girls Girls; Gugudan; GP Basic; Hello Venus; Heymiss; Highteen; Holics; Hint; H.U.B; Hotties; I.B.I; Icia; I.C.E; KGirls; Kiwi Band; Laboum; Ladies Code; Laysha; Lipbubble; Loona (I know it’s not the full group yet but..); Lovelyz; Lime; Lip Service; Live High; Lovecubic; LPG; Mamamoo; Marmello; Matilda; Melody Day; Miss A; Momoland; Miss $; Moxie; N.Topic; New-A; O21; Oh!Bliss; Oh My Girl; Okdal; ODD EYE; Pitapat; Playback; Pristin; Purfles; Pascol; Pocket Girls; PPL; Pungdeng-E; Queen B’Z; Queendom (Sixth Sense); Red Sun; Red Velvet; Rubber Soul; Secret; Sol-T; Sonamoo; Stellar; Sunny Days; She’z; Six Bomb; Sunny Hill; Switch; S.E.S; S2; Taurine; The Lush; The Shorties; The Starz; Tren-D; T-ara; Tahiti; Twice; Two X; Tweety; Unicorn; Various; Verry; Vetty L: Vivid; Wable; Weki Meki; Wanna.B; Wa$$up; Walking After U; Wings; Year 7 Class 1


100%; 14u; 24K; 2am; 2pm; 5nl; 5tion; 5urprise; 6 to 8; 8loop; All Star; A.C.E; A.Cian; A-Jax; Afos; Alpha:bat; APL; Ashgray; Astro;  APeace; AxisB; Alphadict; B1A4; B.A.P; B.I.G; Be.A (K-Much); Beatwin; B.Heart; Big Bang; Bigflo; Bigstar; Black6ix; Blanc7; Block B; The Boss (DGNA); Boyfriend; Boys Republic; BTOB; BTS; Busker Busker; B:Skit; Brown Eyed Soul; Click-B; CNBlue; Circus Crazy; Cross Gene; Cra’Beat; Code V; D.I.P; Day6; DBSK/TVXQ; Double Eight; Drug Restaurant; Dynamic Duo; Electroboyz; Epik High; EXO; F.cuz; FT Island; Got7; Great Guys; HeartB; High4; Highlight (Beast); Honeyst; Hotshot; Halo; iKon; Imfact; IMGL; Infinite; INX; JJCC; JYJ; The King; KNK; L.A.U (LU:KUS); Lunafly; MAP6; MAS (M.A.S 0094); M.Fect; Madtown; Masc; Mblaq; Monsta X; MVP; MyName; MXM; N.Flying; N.Sonic; New Town Boyz (NTB); NCT; Nell; Nu’est; Offroad; ONF; Paradise; Pentagon; Phantom; Rion Five; Romeo; Royal Pirates; Seven O Clock; Seventeen; SF9; Shinee; Shinhwa; Snuper; SS501; Super Junior; Teen Top; Top Secret; Sechs Kies; The East Light; Topp Dogg; Troy; TRAX; Type:b; Turbo; Trei; Target; U-Kiss; Uniq; Up10tion; Varsity; VAV; Vermuda; WeAreYoung; Victon; Vixx; Voisper; Vromance; VX; Waeb; Winner; Z:ON  

Solo, Co-Ed:

24Hours; #Gun; Ailee; Aisle; Ali; Alice Vicious (Livii); Anda; Akdong Musician (AKMU); Aoora; Andup; Alexander; Allen Kibum; Bada; Baek A Yeon; Baek Ji Young; Ben; Boa; Basick; Benzino; Bewhy; BIGONE; Babylon; BB; Cheetah; Cheska; Crush; Cifika; Chung Ha; Clazziquai Project; Chae Yeon; Cosmic Girl; Chancellor; Choix2; Chungwan; CJamm; Crucial Star; Dia; Dean; Dok2; DPR Live; Dabit; Damiano; esNa; Eddy Kim; Eden; Eric Nam; Flowsik; Fat Cat; G.Na; Gummy; Gilme; Grace; Giri Boy; Gray; Ha:tfelt; Hayana; Heize; Hyuna; Hoody; Hong Jin Young; Han Seung Yeon; Heyne; Hwang In Sun; I; IU; I’M; Im Boreum; Ina; Ione; IVY; J-Min; Jina_U; Johee; Juniel; Jang Hanbyul; Jenyer; Jessi; Jessica; Jay Park; Jero; Jungiggo; Junoflo; Joo A; JYoung; Jeon Soyeon; Kang Sira; Kasper; K.A.R.D; Kevin Oh; K.Will; Kahi; Kan Mi Youn; Kim Hyun Jung; Kim Juna; Kim Nayoung; Kisum; Lee Hi; Loco; Lucy; Lady Jane; Lee Hyori; Lee Jihye; Lee Junghyun; Lee Michelle; Lyn; MFBTY; Minzy; Mintty; Mad Clown; Megan Lee; Miwoo; Moon Hyuna; Navi; Nicole; NS Yoon-G; NC.A; One; Park Boram; Paloalto; Primary; Park Jiyoon; Park Soojin; The Quiett; Rain; Roy Kim; Ryu Sera; South Club; Shannon Williams; Sam Kim; San.E; Seven; Simon Dominic; Sik-K; Suran; Sam Kim; Seo In Young; Shin Jihoon; Shin Zisu; Solbi; Son Dambi; Soyumi; Stephanie; Sunmi; Tymee; Theories of Youth; Togeworl; Thunder; U Seung Eun; Uhm Jung Hwa; Urban Zakapa; Vasco; Verbal Jint; Walwari; Wax; Younha; Yangpa; Yoon Mirae; Yoo Seungwoo; Z.Hera; Zion T; Zhang Liyin; ZIA; Z-UK

Disbanded: 😔

10x10; 1PS; 2ne1; 4Minute; A6P; AA; A-Prince; The Ark; A.Kor; A6P; Able; AGirls; Airplane; Alice White; As One; Atomic Kiz; Awe5ome Baby; B.P.Pop; Bay.B; Blast; BTL; C-Clown; Chocolat; CSJH The Grace; DMTN; D-Unit; Dimepiece; Evol; Excite!; F-ve Dolls; F1IRST; FameUs; Five Run Strike; G.IAM; G.I; GLAM; Hidden; History; I.B.I; I.O.I; Kara; Kiss & Cry; The Legend; Lucky J; Led Apple; LC9; LoveUs; M.Crown; MIXX; M.I.B; M.I.K; M.Pire; Minx; MR.MR; MyB; NewUs; 021; Rainbow; Roadboyz; SHU-I; Sistar; Speed; Spica; SUS4; Tiny-G; Underdog; Vividiva; Wonder Boyz; Wonder Girls; ZE:A; ZPZG


Boys24 (Unit Black); DayDay; Golden Child; IZ; IM; Mei Mei; MyTeen; Wanna One; Acemax BLK; BeBlossom; Heart; J-Peace; J2KC; Kinie.K; Seeart, Spectrum

And yes:

1) I’m multi fandom af

2) I keep up with all of them or at least try

3) I’m trash, I admit it

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I hope I didn’t forget anyone 😂 More groups will be added as they debut and I finally learn their names~

why did I spend so much time on this?