Jang Wooyoung

2PM: When you do aegyo


“Aish, why do you have to be so cute!?”

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*attempts to out-aegyo you as a joke* “I can totally do better!”

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*tries to tear his eyes away, but ultimately can’t* “Can’t you see I’m trying to work!?”

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“I didn’t think it was possible to find someone cuter than me, but here we are.”

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*watches you in adoration* “You’re so adorable. Only do aegyo for me.”

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*beats you with a smile unintentionally* “You’re super cute!! I can’t believe it!”

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leftmyheartinyokohama  asked:

2PM as dating profiles (on a dating site)

A/N: I took this as what their “About Me” (or description or what have you) would say… I hope that’s okay.

Jun. K. Profile Picture: Probably his dogs. Singer, songwriter, dancer. Father to two wonderful sons: Noopy and Denver. 2PM by day, soloist by night.

Taecyeon. Profile Picture: Either a rare Pepe or a really really nice selfie. Puns are my life. Meme-lover. Traveler. Rapper.

Nichkhun. Profile Picture: Selfie. Writer. California native. Quiet nights in with books or at the bookstore are the best.

Wooyoung. Profile Picture: Either nothing or some edgy meme. (Would have nothing, or would have a really cheesy pickup line or pun)

Junho. Profile Picture: His cats or a selfie with one or all of them. Cat lover. Singer. Songwriter. Save a drum, bang the drummer. (A/N: As far as I am anyways, he knows how to play the drums.)

Chansung. Profile Picture: Nothing or a simple selfie. I just want to put myself out there. I’m not too great describing myself. I want to hear about you.