Janet Hubert


At this point I’ve just retroactively decided Blacktress Janet Hubert didn’t even play Original Aunt Viv, The Only One Who Matters.  Everything she writes always reads the way bitter tastes.  My face squinch all up like a baby eating a lemon as soon as I read anything she has to say.

Let go and let god, Aunt Viv.  Relax, relate, release.  Twenty-five years is a very long time to hold a grudge, and that can’t be good for your insides. This is how you get a stomach ulcer or chronic constipation.  She holding on to this feud with Will harder than Alphonso is holding on to media relevancy (he really do be doing the absolute most with the least) and nobody even remembers, knows, or cares what it was about!  

I just want Blacktress Janet Hubert to find some happiness, find some business, and find some way to get over it because she makes me tired.


Aunt Vivians Dance Audition - Fresh Prince of Bel Air