If the MCU used the ratios of my heart

Their movies would mostly be about how fucking fascinating the woman they keep putting into the periphery are.  Of course Natasha deserves her own movie, but I need all the Darcy and Jane.  Helen motherfucking Cho. Pepper goddamn Potts. Betty Ross. Beautiful cinnamon roll Wanda.  I could list all my favs (and encourage you to spam me with them because I fuckin’ love awesome female characters), but you get the idea.  GIVE ME THE WOMEN YOU ASSHATS.

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Femslash prompt: I would like to see #17 with Sif/Jane Foster, please?

17. Pregnant

“Pregnant? Are you sure?” Sif glanced down at the pregnancy test in Jane’s hand.  “I thought the Midgardian medic told us it would take longer?  It’s only been a fortnight!”  

“I guess it was just right place/right time…” Jane grinned widely and reached out to clasp Sif’s hand.  “We’re going to have a baby!”  

“A beautiful little one!” Sif beamed down at her beloved before leaning down to press a kiss to her forehead.  

Pass on your legacy to those who are worthy of the name Hero.
Happy 2017

My wish for 2017 is for all those reading this to be better than before. To be good. To encompass everything you’ve ever wanted.

Be as bold as Natasha.

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Be as cunning as Loki.

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Be as brave as Steve.

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Be as smart as Tony.

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Be as witty as Clint.

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Be as open as Bruce.

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Be as sweet as Pietro.

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Be as fearless as Sam.

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Be as strong as Bucky.

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Be as giving as Rhodey.

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Be as kind as Wanda.

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Be as wise as Vision.

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Be as selfless as Thor.

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Be as focused as Maria.

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Be as daring as Jane.

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Be as fair as Pepper.

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And if you are nothing else in 2017, be you

Happy New Year! (And sorry for the long post)


Who taught you that the value of a woman is the ratio of her waist to her hips, and the circumference of her buttocks, and the volume of her lips? Your math is dangerously wrong. Her value is nothing less than infinite.

your problematic favs on christmas:

NAT: the drunk af aunt who spills gov secrets and her drink but still looks classy af

VISION: awkward uncle who stands under the mistletoe in an ugly christmas sweater mumbling about symbolic foliage and its origins, wants to kiss Mysterious fam friend

TONY: wasted cousin from out of town who invited himself, spikes the eggnog with asgards strongest booze and trips over his own feet as he slurs and butchers Oh Holy Night

PEPPER: Wasted cousins wine drunk gf, rearranges vegetable platters to be symmetrical, smells good, only eats organic food

CLINT: second cousin twice removed, sneaks bites from the food before it’s time to eat, disappears into the woods for half a day with nothing but a bow and three arrows

WANDA: mysterious fam friend who carries a knife and tarot cards, speaks in metaphor, lives on spicy food

PIETRO: Mysterious fam friends twin, volunteers to do the shopping, finishes within less than 10min, uses a whole roll of tape to wrap a single present, buys expensive gifts, flirts with Hyped up espresso girl, won the olympics //track// for 3yrs in a row before quitting

BRUCE: acts like a 86 year old grandpa, comes in from out of town just to rage over the thermostat being touched and silently observe everyone, hogs the tv remote

THOR: super spiritual hot guy from out of town, invited by a cousin, unnatural height, broke a cup just by holding it, talks about the universe while downing alcohol like it’s water, never seems to get drunk

JANE: tries to explain physics to a group of children, it ends with them throwing shoes into the fireplace bc “she says it could be a portal” “i said no such thing”

DARCY: makes out with the santa impersonator, hyped up on espresso, talks too fast, friend of Physics (see: jane)

BUCKY: the hot grandpa who still looks 23, appears homicidal in fam pictures, sneaks off with his childhood pal during prayers, has kissed him under the mistletoe 6x and honestly he’s just rubbing it in the single relatives faces now, never married, may or may not have killed a man in 1943, dresses like he’s going to a funeral, listens to johnny cash

STEVE: hot grandpa’s pal, also looks creepily young, tells you to Watch your fucking language, claims he could kill a man with nothing more than a garbage can lid, prob isn’t lying, wears suspenders, still goes to the gym, owns a working record player

LOKI: that one snooty relative everyone avoids, makes babies cry by smiling at them, tells the kids santa isn’t real, insults hot spiritual man in another language, cops are called to break it up

SHARON: repackages store bought pies, pretends theyre homemade, watches It’s A Wonderful Life every year, dresses like she’s going to an office meeting, brings a gun to christmas dinner, small but deadly, leaves early with Gov secrets aunt

SAM: answers everything sarcastically, ex military, irons his clothes, swears a lot, argues about how to properly cook a turkey before taking over altogether, smells like soap and the outdoors, tells Wasted cousin to back the fuck off, leaves mid dinner bc he thought he saw a very rare bird, brings his pal riley who is also his secret bf but everyone knows

RHODEY: neighbor who tells the same stories every year but changes minor details, has too much spiked eggnog and knocks over the tree, butchers christmas songs with Wasted cousin, bonds with Ex Military Sarcastic relative over the future of aviation, no one knows his real name

SCOTT: fresh out of prison, spends the entire time oogling Hot grandpa’s pal, makes you look at a seemingly endless stream of pictures of his daughter, hates baskin robbins, has an ant farm, overly physically affectionate

WADE: tries to kiss his sisters boyfriend under the mistletoe, wears crocs with socks, brings a bag of chimichanga’s that he refuses to share, his plus one is his blind elderly roommate, blasts rap music at one in the morning, has a witty retort on the ready, shamelessly wears a lewd christmas sweater, winks at your mom, seductively eats candy canes while maintaining eye contact

PETER: 16yo nephew who collects comic books, designated amateur photographer, watches star wars religiously, climbs things he shouldn’t, thinks the 90’s are vintage, actually a danger noodle

((if you have a request lmk and I’ll make one for that character. this was fun))