Of Flame and Steel (4.)

Prompt: Ghost!Darcy

Pairing: Darcy Lewis/ Bucky Barnes

Warnings: Light cursing,

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There was a dead silence that came over the small group; both Wanda and Jane were looking back and forth between the space where Darcy was and James. Steve had a heavy set frown on his face, and pulled away from Wanda to place a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“Buck, there is no one there,” Steve glanced over to Darcy, and then back to James.

James’ eyebrows furrowed and he said “What’re you talkin’ about, she’s right there.”

“What does she look like?” Wanda didn’t want to look into his mind due to all the suffering he’d received from others trying to tempt it. 

“Wanda!” Steve chastised.

“Let him answer,” Wanda hushed Steve, and they fell silent looking to James. Shifting his weight to his other leg, he wrapped his arm around his middle. He studied Darcy for a moment before answering.

“Brown hair, blue eyes, red lips, she’s short. She’s gotta red hat on, and swe-”

Jane spoke up for the first time in this exchange, interrupting him in a heated voice, “Shut up! I don’t know what kind of sick joke you’re making, but it isn’t funny. Darcy is gone; dead!”

Jane’s voice broke, and along with it, Darcy’s hope. Jane used her sleeve to wipe her eyes before tugging her overthrow closer to her body, and storming off to the elevator. Wanda followed Jane, but not before throwing a stern glare at James. Darcy watched the doors close as Wanda threw her arms around Jane’s hunched form.

Of course, Jane wouldn’t believe him, she’s a scientist. Darcy rubbed her hand over her eyes, and sighed. That just made this so much more difficult. Darcy turned back to James, who obviously had no clue what was going on. James looked to Steve, who had disapproval written all over his face.


“She’s right there,” James stared at Darcy and whispered, “She’s right here, I swear, Steve.”

Darcy nods, “I’m here.”

Steve looked to where Darcy was supposed to be, but only saw air, “No, she’s not, Bucky.”

“They don’t see me,” Darcy shrugged her shoulders and frowned.

“I see you,” James’ voice raised slightly, and he looked to Steve, “I see her!”

Steve put his hand up in a nonthreatening manner and started to humor him, “Okay, Buck. You see her. How about we go down to medical, and find out why you see her? You can tell me about her while we are walking.”

James shivered at the mention of the medical wing of the tower, but let Steve lead him to the elevator nonetheless. Steve pressed the button waiting for the elevator to come up and leaned back against the wall watching his friend’s eyes glancing to the left. James kept his eyes on Darcy, who walked with them. Darcy wanted to know why he could see her too. Thor couldn’t even see her and he was a god. 

“Is she standing next to you, Buck?” Steve frowned at James’ nod and asked another question, “She saying anything?”

Darcy smirked, “Tell him that I said that I introduced him to Harry Potter.”

“She introduced you to some guy name Harry Potter,” James repeated.

“No! Its a book,” Darcy groaned and brought her hand up to her face. The elevator doors opened now, but neither of them were paying attention.

“Apparently, its a book.”

“And I told him he was a Gryffindor,” 

James’ eyebrows furrowed and he said, “You’re a Gryffindork.”

“Dor,” Darcy corrected, “Although dork would fit too.”

“Door or dork?”

Darcy frowned, and walked to the nearest glass, which was inside the elevator, saying, “Come here, I’ll show you.” James followed her into the elevator, as did Steve, who was looking pretty pale. James watched as Darcy scribbled on the glass wall, spelling it out as she went, “G-R-Y-F-F-I-N-D-O-R.”

Steve, who couldn’t see Darcy, watched as ice formed on the wall out of nowhere in Darcy’s handwriting. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, and immediately took a photo of the ice, before making a phone call. “Dr. Banner, can you get down to medical, bring Tony with you,” Steve paused, listening to Bruce’s reply before thanking him and hanging up. 

Both Darcy and James were both looking at him, although he could only see one. Steve looked to the place he vaguely thought Darcy was and said, “Darcy, write on the wall the first nickname you called me.” 

“She’s not right there. She’s more to the right,” James commented. Steve turned accordingly and repeated what he said. Steve was currently looking down at her boobs, but Darcy shrugged it off, he couldn’t actually see them anyway. Darcy wrote next to the already melted Hogwarts’ house. When she stepped back, James cracked a smile at the word on the wall. 

“Captain Beefcake,” Darcy proclaimed proudly.

So in case some of you guys haven’t heard the recent news regarding Thor 3- as of now Natalie Portman/Jane Foster is NOT returning to reprise her role as Jane.

But Marvel does have a actress by the name of Tessa Thompson (who is a woman of color) who’s rumored to play Valkyrie. And given the recent and ongoing fiasco that is the Stucky fandom…PLEASE protect Tessa and Valkyrie at all costs, of course she’s already getting some negative feedback from the Jane/Thor stans.

You know it will get worse- so I encourage you guys to call them out on their bullshit on sight, thank you.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky having a HUGE crush on Jane Foster, because oh my god Steve she's SO smart she's an ASTROPHYSICIST, steve, can you believe??

He meets her first at a party which T’Challa is throwing for his friends on the floor of an upscale hotel that shows a good deal of the city that Bucky spends a huge amount of his time risking his neck for. Jane isn’t looking a the city, she’s looking up. As if by its own will, her hand writes scrawling equations across a page of a midnight blue notebook.

“What’s up there?” Bucky asks.

“Everything,” she responds simply, and just like that, he falls in love a little.

He buys her book after, and reads it in one sitting. When he was first getting interested in this stuff, black holes were a new thought, exciting and incomprehensible. And what Jane has built on those is remarkable, genius.

“She’s going to Wakanda, you know,” he says breathlessly to Steve. “She’s going to study with some of the greatest minds in science at the university there. You know like T’Challa graduated from there, and the lady who discovered wormhole travel, Shing’ale Moru. Did you know that Wakanda has some of the best spots for astronomical observation, because they’ve all but eliminated light pollution? You can see galaxies and supernovas and stuff. So cool.”

Steve smiles a little, and goes back to his paper.

Bucky catches Jane again before her trip to Wakanda. It’s at another function which is being held by the Hayden Planetarium and she’s just finished a talk about the Einstein-Rosenberg bridge which was met with thunderous applause. Bucky’s enrolled in a college course regarding the stars and celestial bodies, and it’s all because of Jane. He comes up to tell her so, but all that comes out is:

“I really liked your book, would you sign it please?”

He’ll get better at this eventually.