Jane Aronson (b. 1951) is a physician whose expertise mainly concerns pediatric infectious diseases and adoption medicine. As part of this work, she treated and evaluated thousands of children adopted from disadvantaged countries, and travelled to orphanages all around the world.

In 1997 she founded the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, which helps provide better medical care for children living in orphanages outside the USA. The Foundation has a Rangers programme, which offers the opportunity for teenagers to complete training and work at such orphanages throughout European, Asian, or African countries. Some of the best-developed programmes take place in Bulgaria, Ethiopia, and Vietnam.

“When we were in Haiti she was dancing and singing and playing soccer and doing crafts and just sitting, and the kids just loved her. We told her, ‘If you love them then they’ll love you.’ They really got to know her and then they got to know what she does. Kids really get when you’re a celebrity. They want that role model. Amy stands for beautiful core values. She stands for goodness and seriousness.” - Jane Aronson, founder of Worldwide Orphans Foundation


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Newest episode of Smart Girls feat. Amy Poehler, Meredith Walker and special guest Dr. Jane Aronson (Founder and CEO of Worldwide Orphans Foundation).