Pass on your legacy to those who are worthy of the name Hero.

I really need the credits scene on Ragnarok to be a close-up shot of sensible boots walking down an alley and stopping at the remains of Mjolnir, then a woman’s hand picking up the handle, the pieces slowly reform around it as it’s lifted into the air, we see glimpses of the red cape, flowing hair, and helmet amid flashes of lightning, and then Mjolnir, whole once more, lifted high, and Natalie Portman’s voice saying “the world will always need a Thor” and then Thor will return end movie

what I desperately crave is more friendships between marvel women.

Natasha and Wanda have regular movie nights together (Natasha loves action comedies and Wanda likes fantasy or scifi best. They have a list with movies that fall into both genres)

Maria and Pepper hang out after business meetings and drink wine when Tony has been particularly extra. You can’t tell me that Betty Ross, Helen Cho and Jane Foster don’t meet up over science business. Darcy has tagged all pictures of them together as #yeahsciencebitch!

Sharon and Natasha go to the same gym. They spar as often as possible and keep track of their scores. Wanda also tags along sometimes to pick up some of their moves.

All the ladies have a groupchat where they can exchange workplace gossip and bitch about their dramatic male coworkers. Lady Sif and Gamora are somehow in that group, too.

MCU Women of Color Recast

I was inspired by @zamnwilson and @unclesteeb, who made a list of women in the MCU recast as women of color. So here’s my list!

Sofia Boutella as Natasha Romanoff

Lucy Lui as Pepper Potts

Stephanie Beatriz as Maria Hill

Aishwarya Rai as Carol Danvers

Janelle Monae as Sharon Carter

Angel Coulby as Peggy Carter

Diane Guerrero as Jane Foster

Tatiana Eva Marie as Wanda Maximoff (I wanted to use Alina Serban but I found this great picture that just scremed Scarlet Witch)

Gabrielle Union as Hope van Dyne

Jaime Chung as Lady Sif

Aja Naomi King as Jessica Jones

Sanam Saeed as Trish Walker

Gina Rodriguez as Karen Page

Q’Oriaka Kilcher as Bobbi Morse

Alexandra Grey as Jemma Simmons

Fan BingBing as Angie Martinelli

Genesis Rodriguez as Dottie Underwood

Michaela Coel as Darcy Lewis


Three days ago, while you were fiddling with your comets, I was holding a mortal woman in my arms as the cancer that had ravaged her brain slowly consumed what was left of her life. All I could do was listen as she prayed. She prayed to all the gods. And there are so very many of them spread across this cosmos, are there not? And oh, how each loves to boast of their own majesty and almightiness. Yet where is that woman now? Tell me, in what heaven does she reside? None of them. Because no god bothered to listen of care. If that is what you think it means to be a god, then you and all your teachings are welcome to do as the poor woman did. And vanish from these reamls forever.

The Mighty Thor (2016) #16

Happy 2017

My wish for 2017 is for all those reading this to be better than before. To be good. To encompass everything you’ve ever wanted.

Be as bold as Natasha.

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Be as cunning as Loki.

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Be as brave as Steve.

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Be as smart as Tony.

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Be as witty as Clint.

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Be as open as Bruce.

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Be as sweet as Pietro.

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Be as fearless as Sam.

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Be as strong as Bucky.

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Be as giving as Rhodey.

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Be as kind as Wanda.

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Be as wise as Vision.

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Be as selfless as Thor.

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Be as focused as Maria.

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Be as daring as Jane.

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Be as fair as Pepper.

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And if you are nothing else in 2017, be you

Happy New Year! (And sorry for the long post)