This is my favorite Maura scene out of all four seasons, and it’s probably the most underrated moment in the whole show. This is who Maura is: the speaker of the dead, the voice of the voiceless. This is her in her true element, doing what she does best. She cares so much about each and every person on her table, and the pain of their collective past is something that she carries with her forever. She knows their stories, and she knows who they are. She knows them better than any of the detectives, and to watch her heart breaking in this scene while she struggles to uncover the truth is so moving. Sasha Alexander IS Dr. Maura Isles, through and through. 


So I did some research upon hearing that she would be the one taking over Rizzoli and Isles and you guys, the news is wonderful!  Not only was she the producer for an entire season of Ellen, but it was the season where both the character Ellen and Ellen Degeneres the actress/comedian came out.  ANNNNNDDDD SHE WROTE THE EPISODE WHERE ELLEN COMES OUT TO HER PARENTS (view here)


  • r&i fans:hey. where's bass?
  • r&i writers:oh yeah, the turtle--
  • r&i fans:--tortoise.
  • r&i writers:right. um... ZOO!
  • r&i fans:um, ok. what about jo friday?
  • r&i writers:oh shit. uh... we found her original owners!
  • r&i writers:original...? we thought she was a stray? wait... original owners? it's been like 5 years--
  • r&i writers:--UFOS!
  • r&i fans:what?
  • r&i writers:hey, we're going to see jane's apartment this episode!
  • r&i fans:really?! great!
  • r&i writers:just kidding! FIRE!!!!!!
  • r&i fans:....

This video is literal perfection.

*me and my nanna watching rizzoli and isles*

Nan: “Are the blonde and brunette together?”

Me: “No,  nanna. I wish they were.”

Nan: “So why the hell do they write the characters as if they’re about to tear each others clothes off in the nearest elevator or do each other on the blondes autopsy table?”

My nanna understands.