BG II: Valygar, Jan and the seafood by ZuuKo26

I like this because of the character moment - Jan Jansen and Valygar Corthala are such a study in contrasts.

JAN. Hmm.  You know, all of this reminds me of my dear old mother.  Did I ever tell you of my mother, Valygar?

VALYGAR. I’ve no interest in hearing of your mother, gnome.  Or any mother, for that matter.

JAN. Oh, come now, surely it can’t all be that bad?  Mothers are the most benevolent force in the world, caring for you and cradling you from birth until death.  What could be wrong with a story about dear old mother?

VALYGAR. Let me tell you a story, Jan, about MY mother.  She fell to our family curse young, toying with magic, sinking half our family fortune into ancient texts and scrolls.  She was obsessed with it.  Even my father could barely drag her away from her studies.  She practically ignored me from the day I was born.  

JAN. Er …

VALYGAR. She didn’t regret her neglect until after my father died.  She became so anguished she reanimated him, and went insane trying to lavish attention on his zombie.  Ultimately she entered undeath with him, and I was forced to destroy them both lest they do more harm.  I was crying as I did so.  So how is that, gnome?  Is that the kind of story you were thinking of?  Does it compare to the wonderful story of your mother?  

JAN. Ah, no, no.  I think that is quite sufficient, thank you.

Happy Family

There is no closer bond in our life other than with relatives.
How bad a problem between family members can also be always a thought about it from both sides with a desired reconciliation.
We can never choose on our own family, only when we get married to swear the oath for trust, our in-laws also can become the family member of us.
A Successful family is when everything is well organized in harmony with each other, so that every problem can be solved peacefully.
It will be grandiose if everyone in the family can rely on each other in any circumstances, this also give us a soothing and relaxing feel.
The family love is something that can go to the extremes between members with a limitless desire for each other and it is indispensable in a family relationship.
It’s give and take among themselves but without having any thoughts to extract benefit from each other.
We only able to meet a few people in our life in which we can treat them the same as our family member, but with them we can develop a super good friendship and they are indispensable in our life.
When our family grows then several new members has been added which makes our life becomes more meaningful and the love play a major role with mutual respect.
We would never miss our family, because we’ve learned a lot of life experience from them with joy and fun thus we becoming the person we are now.
And now we can be very proud with ourselves because of the family members we have with us all the time through thick and thin.
Our thoughts will always with them, even when they are out of sight , they still conquered a place deep inside our heart.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen



WINFRIEDS WOONKAMER | JAN JANSEN | Alles over schoenen. Clarks, Uggs, maar vooral Jan Jansens op tafel in mijn woonkamer. Barok, experimenteel, surrealistisch, frivool, feestelijk en volgens de kenners absoluut haute chauffeer. Mijn gast is al 50 jaar ’s Neerlands enige echte en internationaal vermaarde schoenontwerper Jan Janssen. Als eerste niet beeldend kunstenaar (maar dat is ‘ie eigenlijk wel natuurlijk) exposeerde hij in het Stedelijk Museum. De Japanners vliegen hem voortdurend in om aan de hoogste academie aldaar colleges te geven. De grootste modehuizen maakten zijn ontwerpen na en dat doet hem niets. Naja, niets… Luister hier naar de uitzending vol smakelijke verhalen ('als een banketbakker die het over zijn taartjes heeft’) over schoenen en natuurlijk zijn fijnste soul & jazz platen. Vergeet de podcast niet, nog handiger (via Itunes, of anders). 

Foto’s: Astrid van Sterkenburg.


It does Not Matter how we Mess up the Past, as long as we Do Not Screw up the Present

For everyone, the past is passed, things may be repeated on certain times, but almost everything will never come back into our life.
So always looking forward to a better future is the main thing we need to reserve in mind and stick to it.
We must leave every past behind, just review things what has been happened to us, so it can be written as the history to set as a reminder gift for our future life.
We all can be improved from experiences through learning, but do not turn back to things which has already happened, because we cannot go back to the past again.
Let it be a lesson and rectify any mistakes we have made, so our feelings drawn improvise by the attitude, thereby we will be adopted to it.
Give expression of regret to the people and ourselves and let others understand that we know now on this point of time and perhaps not at the moment that we have done something wrong.
Proffer them an apology so that the book can be closed, then maybe we can continue a new chapter together in peace with joy.
We all make mistakes, either deliberately or unknowingly, and afterwards when we see the futility of it, we will have regret, but the lesson that we have learned will give the progress in our thinking.
Give each other enough space in life, because there are already enough problems in the world, so try to minimize the problems from us and talk more together if possible.
There are always events that will never have a solution, even being spoken with the sweetest words, but acceptance is the only way for termination of this.
It’s give and take in life, but between people its not easy to find a good balance, when we are satisfied and can accept with quiet and peace which shall prove the gratification.
We still live in the present, don’t ruin it, but we must make the best of it, let rest the past, because its has gone already, so our world will not decays, learn from it and improve to be better.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen