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Dr. Dog on Jamplify!

Indie music is a tough genre to define. With so many different sounds and influences, the label “indie rock” is broad at best. The indie sound can change from album to album, or even song to song, which is why the term suits Dr. Dog so well. The Pennsylvania based quintet has the feel good melodies reminiscent of classic doo wop rockers, such as the Beach Boys or The Zombies, while still containing a fresh and uniquely organic sound. The clean melodies found in songs such as “The Truth” or “The Breeze” mimic in style, those found in many classic 60’s jams. Just as the indie genre implies however, this is only one of Dr. Dog’s influences.

While the 60’s doo wop sound is the spine of Dr. Dog’s work, they are also heavily influenced by 90’s college radio rockers. This lo fi sounding, self reflective group of bands made a significant impact on the members of Dr. Dog. The lyricism and subject matter of Dr. Dog’s songs echoes the work of popular 90’s underground bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and Pavement. The strong live performances of these older groups can be seen in Dr. Dog’s dedication to delivering quality live acts at every show. Dr. Dog combines a love for classic feel good harmony with meaningful songwriting, making them one of the most unique “indie” bands around. Check out Dr. Dog’s refreshing style in the video below and be sure to help promote their new tour on Jamplify. The top promoter at every stop WINS TWO FREE TICKETS! 




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Joel Crouse - If You Want Some

Music video by Joel Crouse performing If You Want Some. © 2013 Show Dog – Universal Music, LLC

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