What was going through my head when I decided to make this?!  I guess the reason would have to do with Frisk and how they remind me so much of two other favorite characters of mine. Now like, I’ve said before, Frisk’s gender is meant to be unknown, so in my point of view I see them as a girl. Probably because they remind me so much of Gaz from Invader Zim, Noodle from Gorillaz and… a little bit of Chihiro from Spirited Away, who I did not include because I didn’t know how to fit her in. First off this took me several days to work and I’m still not sure if it good enough. I wanted each girl to have something related to the type of media they came from. Since Gaz is from a TV show turned comic, I have her watching IZ on a portable DVD player, with the comics, DVD box and other things she likes at her side. For the comic, DVD and CD boxes, by the way, I did actually use the cover but instead replicated them by use the paint brush tool to mimic their colors and blending them all in. But Anyways, Frisk since she’s from a game is playing Undertale while surround by some of her friend things. And Noodle is listening to some of her own tunes. Hopefully this turns out okay, but till then enjoy! 

(Gaz)~Jhonen Vasquez
(Noodle)~Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett
(Frisk)~Toby Fox


At last I took one big, callused hand and slid forward so I knelt on the boards between his knees. I laid my head against his chest, and felt his breath stir my hair. I had no words, but I had made my choice. 


   [25 Days of Outlander]
   [Favorite Scotland Location]

   [Broch Tuarach | Lallybroch]

“You said ‘Broch Tuarach’ means ‘North Facing Tower.’”
“Well, it’s round. It doesn’t have a face.”
door faces north.”
“Ha. Frasers. I’m beginning to feel like– Like I– I actually belong here.”
“I knew you belonged here, with me, almost since the first moment I laid eyes on ye. That’s one of the reasons I agreed to marry you.”
~ Lallybroch [1x12]

“We returned to heal in the peace of the Scottish Highlands… the daily routines of Lallybroch worked like a tonic on our battered souls.”
~ The Fox’s Lair [2x08]

“He took me to his own home – Lallybroch, it was called. A beautiful place.” I shut my eyes again to get away from the look on Brianna’s face, and deliberately summoned the image of the estate of Broch Tuarach – Lallybroch, to the people who lived there. A beautiful Highland farm, with woods and streams; even a bit of fertile ground – rare for the Highlands. A lovely, peaceful place sealed within the high hills above a mountain pass that kept it remote from the recurrent strife that troubled the Highlands.
~ Dragonfly in Amber

I had never actually had a home. Orphaned at five, I had lived the life of a academic vagabond with my uncle Lamb for the next thirteen years…
It was strange, then, and rather wonderful, to wake up in the upper bedroom at Lallybroch, next to Jamie, and realize, as I watched the dawn touch his sleeping face, that he had been born in this bed. All the sounds of the house, from the creak of the back stair under an early-rising maid’s foot, to the drumming rain on the roofslates, were sounds he had heard a thousand times before; heard so often, he didn’t hear them anymore. I did.

~ Dragonfly in Amber

“On your feet, soldier. Take me  h o m e  t o  L a l l y b r o c h .”
~ The Devil’s Mark [1x11]


Alive, and one. We are one, and while we love, death will never touch us. […] He grasped my hips, large hands warm on my skin, and pulled me toward him, and the shudder that went through me went through him, as though we shared one flesh.

I woke in the night, still in his arms, and knew he was not asleep.Go back to sleep, mo duinne.His voice was soft, low and soothing, but with a catch that made me reach up to feel the wetness on his cheeks.What is it, love? I whispered.Jamie, I do love you.
I know it,he said quietly.I do know it, my own. Let me tell ye in your sleep how much I love you. For there’s no so much I can be saying to ye while ye wake, but the same poor words, again and again. While ye sleep in my arms, I can say things to ye that would be daft and silly waking, and your dreams will know the truth of them. Go back to sleep, mo duinne.
I turned my head, enough that my lips brushed the base of his throat, where his pulse beat slow beneath the small three-cornered scar. Then I laid my head upon his chest and gave my dreams up to his keeping.
- Ch.45 Damn all Randalls, Dragonfly in Amber