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Kate Moss x John Galliano Wedding Dress

I don’t think there will ever be another wedding dress that embodies boho-chic to perfection as the dress John Galliano designed for Kate Moss for her wedding to Jamie Hince in 2011. It took 701 hours to embroider the dress and 253 hours to complete the veil using 270,000 gold sequins, 120,000 foil paillons and 2,800 pearl beads. If you’re in London stop by the Victoria and Albert Museum to witness the glory of the dress in person.

In 2000, I was in another band and she was staying in the apartment below. She would sit outside my window and listen to me play guitar, a bit like a stalker. When we first met, she was painfully shy. She’d grown up in a skate scene in Florida so she wasn’t really aware of any bands. It felt incredible to be able to introduce her to the music I loved. She absorbed it all and loved it all. The first time I saw her perform was like watching Patti Smith for the first time. This awkward little sparrow on stage just had so much confidence and was obviously so comfortable performing. It was fascinating. I thought if I was going to be in another band it was going to be with her. She’s my best friend and has been in every aspect of my life.
                                         —written by Jamie Hince on Alison Mosshart


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