Jamie Antonelli


Jamie Antonelli - Divine (MK Remix) (by NervousRecordsNYC)

Last night I had a vision of a disco in the sky; I saw angels and saints dancing together; like a mystical dream it clouded my mind but I remembered to move, I remembered that groove; I remembered the thumb of the bass and the pump of the kick because my heart was almost outside of my body and I felt free, I felt joy, I felt things I never thought I’d feel before.

It was deep, it was soulful, it was techno; it was disco, a kaleidoscope of sounds; it was truly underground; it was an essential mix in the cloud; we got to dance and sing out loud; and everybody loved everybody else.

There was no hurt; there was no sorrow; there was no pain; and like children we danced, and we laughed, we played, without a care in the world, without a flicker of despair; it was all about house music.

It was that thing that we shared; a tribal feast of rhythm; a ceremony of sound; in my mind, I must have went to house heaven, ‘coz nothing is that divine.”
— Jamie Antonelli

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